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What makes you believe there is an afterlife?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Wanttobelieve, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Ah, OK - I thought you were making a new point. :)
    Ah - I did wonder if that's what had happened as we'd been discussing synchroncity elsewhere. I even started to write my response in that vein until I checked my quoted piece because I couldn't remember writing it recently - that's nothing new as I grow older!! :D
  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    I'm reminiscing about a dream I had years ago during the darkest time of my life, where I was running down a long hall almost 'playfully chasing' an androgynous looking being. I am however guessing this entity was more than likely a woman. She was built very athletic, tall, with short pixie hair. Very beautiful face.

    She kept trying to guide me down this hall to look at something that appeared to be on some sort of a cubed wall. Once we arrived, what she showed me looked like a map of some sort. She pointed to me, then she pointed to a specific location on the map. I looked at the map and none of it looked like an actual map that we would know of on earth. It appeared to be a ‘blueprint’. After she was done showing me this, she led me down yet another hall and opened a door. When she opened the door, the light shined very brightly and I was engulfed with some sort of knowledge that I only hope that I’ve kept throughout these years. It felt mostly like I was truly loved but not like here on earth.

    I looked around and saw children blowing bubbles into the air but the bubbles never popped. The bubbles that these children were blowing got bigger and bigger and the rainbow hues within them got brighter and brighter. Everyone looked so content.

    I also (astrally) encountered animals laying casually in fields; specifically white tigers. When I would approach them, it was always near deep water which some folks here may know I have a fear of deep water and drowning. These white tigers which perhaps may be a totem for me, swam with me in water during my travels.

    Some may or may not know, but I almost drowned when I was little. If reincarnation does exist, it may have happened to me before, but fortunately I learned how to swim this lifetime but very reluctantly as it was mandatory to learn how to swim in the school curriculum I was in. Coincidence? I think not:)

    Lastly, I would like to say that folks here on earth are helping me which is what perhaps my guide(s) are trying to teach me. I wouldn’t trade my experience here on this earth for anything else. Not anymore at least. I learned how to endure life through my daughter. I’m still learning tolerance and patience through other people. The positive has certainly out weighed the bad. Every drop of tear that I’ve made in a bucket was well worth it.

    I’ll end it at that. :)
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