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What makes you believe there is an afterlife?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Wanttobelieve, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Wanttobelieve

    Wanttobelieve New Member

    Hello, I just signed in. I´m 43 years old, I live in Vienna. (And I usually speak German, please forgive me my English mistakes.)

    I lost my Dad 18 month ago, my grandmother (Dad´s mother, age 102) 2 and a half years ago. I wish very much I could believe that both somehow still exist. I cannot stop looking for my Dad, hoping I somehow will find him.

    Problem is, I´m a sceptical person.

    I was brought up with the belief that humans have a "soul". I lost this belief when my Dad died.

    - I have seen people and animals die, but have never witnessed a deathbed phenomenon.
    - Whenever I get to know a person who has been resuscitated I ask him or her: "Did you experience something?" Answer was always: "No. I think when you are dead, then you are dead."
    - I did not get any "signs" I could believe in. The doctor called in the middle of the night and told me my Dad had just died. (It was cancer.) Clocks did not stop. Both dogs were snoring in my bed. I did not see any white butterflies other than those that come from caterpillars in the cabbages. I did not hear voices or receive strange messages. No rainbows. No feathers. I did not hear Dad´s favourite songs.
    - I think I smelled him a few time, but I am afraid this is just remembrance. When I brought up a baby crow this year, I could suddenly smell my tame blackcap. That blackcap died 18 years ago.

    I watched various psychic performances on Youtube. Also, I visited a "divine service". These people do NOT talk to deceased persons. They use mentalist tricks, cold reading and such. Most aren´t even very good. My Dad was a magician and I have seen really good mentalists at magical congresses. Dad explained the tricks to me. He also showed me how to "influence" a pendulum, how to know which card will be drawn from a deck... Such things.

    I never believed in any god.
    I´ve given pseudomedicine a number of chances (mostly because I did not want to argue with doctors who obviously believed in supernatural healings.) Acupuncture did not have any visible effect on me or my pets. Homeopathy never worked because I´m a non-believer. I´m collecting minerals and I know stones do not have any influence on my health, not unless they are called "uranium dioxide". I refuse to spend any more money on pseudomedicine and, of course, I very much doubt there is a "qi" or an astral body.

    I wish I could believe that my Dad is in "heaven" and that some day we will meet again. But I can´t. I miss him, I feel alone. I dread the day when Dads old dog (Labrador, 15 years) will die.

    What is it that makes you believe in an afterlife? Please tell me, I really want to know.
  2. Teri

    Teri New Member

    Hello - I understand what you’re saying. I’ve read a lot of books in the afterlife and it wasn’t until I met with a medium that I completely believe. My mom passed two years ago also from cancer, it was devestating as it was unexpected. I’m still having a problem coping with her loss feeling empty and just needing my mom. I went to a medium because I was desperate to “talk” to my mother. This medium knew nothing about me nor had ever met me. My mom came thru and “talked” about things only her and I would know... the divorce of my brother, a pair of shoes I never liked, a broken figurine in the wall unit. I’ve found pennies in my winter boots, white feathers on my car windshield - in fact my brother saw a flash of white light in their kitchen. Family members have had visitation dreams and describe in detail their meeting with Mom. I’m still waiting for my visit... it does go against my catholic upbringing but I do believe there’s more to life than just dying and it’s all over. Signs are there you have to be open to seeing little details, sometimes you miss them. I do believe my mom is with me everyday, I talk to her as if we’re having one of our conversations. I do find comfort knowing that. I hope you will find comfort in my reply. :)
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF - afterlife forums :)

    I don't see being sceptical as a problem. ;) It's natural - of course - to miss our loved ones and to want to find them again.

    It's a shame you've lost that belief but beliefs can be very shaky things at times. I'd guess that inside you never accepted that idea so it wasn't really a part of you. Death can test our resolve but those who understand and accept our survival beyond death often cope better when faced by it.

    me neither!

    That person, of course, didn't die.;) But some who have had experiences that injured their bodies severely and recovered have told different stories and those stories have affected their outlook greatly and positively. Near-death experience is not a major part of ALF's main forums or threads but we have had members who did experience life-altering events.

    me similarly - Our baby son dies almost in my arms and our lives changed forever that instant. But just like in your world the clocks didn't stop, there were no magical signs and when we arrived home empty-handed, my wife without the baby she had carried for 9 months, this world was turning just as it had before we'd left home 18 hours earlier.

    I wasn't with you so I can't comment on what you saw but that's not the case with mediums. (not psychics, sensitives or showmen)

    Belief or lack of belief won't change anything.

    Many such techniques are nonsense and it sounds like you've not been impressed by anything you've found. Perhaps time to change tack?

    I don't believe in an afterlife. I'm totally confident that one exists and - for that matter - so does a 'forelife'. But my experiences would probably not persuade for you or make you a 'believer' and that's just fine. My guess is that others' experiences won't either and for you to feel confident, for you to feel persuaded about the things members here on ALF or elsewhere speak about, you may have to do some personal research. How do you feel about that?
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Teri's experience has helped her and my next suggestion would be that you visit an evidential medium yourself. When I say a 'medium' I don't mean a psychic, sensitive or channeler. If you do go down that route, ask the practitioner exactly what (s)he will try to do. It's not a ' psychic reading' that you should be looking for so if there's any emphasis on telling you about life or the future or asking for a question that will be answered I suggest you look elsewhere.

    A medium should ask you NOTHING about yourself or who you are hoping to hear from etc. You should not tell her/him any details about yourself - a medium doesn't need anything. In response to a medium's questions your answers should be yes, no, I'm not sure or I don't know for example and you should not volunteer information.
  5. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    What made me believe in it is a long story with basic points to it.

    I was porn into a household of pure evil.

    I was put into a hyper religous household that concluded I was the devil..... Their behavior left me highly skeptical of all religion.

    I went somewhere else with a chick who wanted to screw with my emotions.. she did convince me to embrace my athiest tendencies.

    That was not truly me though. I left and embraced my anti religious tendencies.

    I met some satanists and their freewheeling lifestyle and antics rubbed off on me. I was finally loved.

    I fell in love with a Christian woman who brought me into the undecided sector.

    I came here, because all religion is about is lifestyle and death and I had matured considerably and finally found a good lifestyle (think into the wild) now all there was was the afterlife

    I came here

    I was amazed that so many others had the same beliefs I did. I took the silver birch rule to heart and have never left.
  6. Wanttobelieve

    Wanttobelieve New Member

    Thank you, Teri, I hope your mum is with you!

    I´m from a Roman Catholic background, but I never believed in God (or Gods. Or Godesses.)

    Your guess is not correct. I used to believe in "souls" as did every human since the Stone Age. This has nothing to do with a certain religion or the belief in a deity. Humans cannot easily accept that they will cease to exist some day. But I noticed that older people rarely believe in life after death.
    My Dad and Grandma did not believe in life after death. Both were afraid to die.

    There is no proof. I accept facts, not beliefs. Buddhists do not believe there is no permanent, immortal self or soul. Australian Aborigens believe that you have more than one soul and that souls can die.

    I agree. If this universe was created by an alien being, this being must be VERY strange and very likely is not inerested in me, my habits or beliefs.

    As I said, I won´t buy such nonsense anymore.

    Mac, any good mentalist will do just that and will be able to tell you the colour of your underpants and the number of your bank account! This is an art! But it is NOT supernatural and it does NOT proof an afterlife.

    We do not have many mediums here and those I saw - presumably very good ones - all used mentalist techniques. I saw some stage mentalists who were much better, almost unbelievably good in "reading your mind" or "talking to the spirits", but they did not claim to have any unusual powers.

    I wish I could belive in mediums, but if they really had such abilities, they could easily win the prizes for evidence of the paranormal.

    @Signs: If a feather falls down beside me, there is either a moulting bird on the roof or a falcon has killed a dove. If I found a cigar end or a playing card on our doorstep, THAT would be a sign. But this will not happen.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Nothing actually proves there's a life after death but those prepared to look may find what others have found and be moved to see things differently. Some will find personal evidence whereas others will find impersonal, empirical evidence. We each have the choice to either seek and accept or seek and reject.

    Confusingly you've quoted a piece in which I describe what a medium should be able to do and then liken it to a 'mentalist' whatever that means to you. If the practitioners you call mediums are what you also refer to as 'mentalists' then I suspect you've visited frauds or psychics. It's an unfortunate situation you don't have many practitioners in Vienna but you're being unfair to dismiss all those you haven't visited who live elsewhere. It is, of course, your prerogative.

    I tried to offer you a way to change tack. Sadly you seem not to be interested so I'll leave things at that. Good luck with your search for belief.
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  8. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    If you must, take a Kierkegaardian approach to death. In your case that might help.
  9. Bob

    Bob New Member

    Well , I met a woman on Dec. 12, 2003 and she told me she was married and her husband died exactly 3 months before I met her. He had cancer and she told me she and her daughters saw him have a deathbed vision in a hospice room the day he died. He said he saw Moses and the angel Gabriel and he said " I see them" and " Oh I'm getting a new name?" He had his eyes opened and he was not under the influence of pain killing medications. He knew who he was and he knew his wife and daughters were in the room. I fell in love with her and I believe God guided me to meet her so that I would believe in eternal life more. Before I met her I was focusing on strictly the scientific view of materialism and not spiritualism . Some interesting coinsidences I've discovered.. My grandfather was 33 when my dad was born.. My dad was 33 when I was born... Jesus Christ was crucified at age 33...
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  10. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    So... I understand everything, but may you please elaborate on meaning of the Christ part please?

    Are you tying it in to inherent holiness?

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