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what it implies

Discussion in 'Telepathy' started by mac, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Telepathy is mind-to-mind communication. In the world of the spirit telepathy is the usual form of communication and it can also be the way communication happens between a medium and the spirit she communicates with.

    It can also happen between incarnates - humans - but it is not widely reported and where it is the communication is often basic and simple.

    Certain magicians may claim to have telepathic abilities but such claims should be viewed with caution - magicians are entertainers, their acts intended to confuse and amuse.
  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    Telepathy is a natural human ability, in my opinion and experience, which different people have to varying degrees.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's a possibility.
  4. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    As of what I know, inner guidance we receive from our spiritual guides or adepts is telepathic. Clear, distinct and unambiguous.
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Would that we were all thus privileged......
  6. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    hahaha! it’s not a frequent communication but yes, unmistakable when it happens. Your jaw may drop if Miss Hepburn or Cupid choose to share what they know!

    A close friend of mine is connected with the Godhead trinity, which we call Hirayangarbha, within which is Hirayanyalok. I can share some audio’s about his experiences if you like but two problems ... file size (Dropbox can take care of that) and secondly, most are a combination of Hindi and English, so that could be a challenge. Of course lastly, I don’t know if it would be of real interest.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Whatever any individual has experienced it has more relevance - perhaps sole relevance - to that individual. I have no idea what the individuals have experienced but speaking solely for myself there's little makes my jaw drop save for sometimes the near-unbelievable inhumanity of some individuals towards others. However I'm not being dismissive because neither of those individuals have actually told us anything and my jaw might indeed drop if they did. ;)

    We also don't know if any of it would be of interest but this thread is about telepathy so perhaps you could give a flavor of what you've been referring to?
  8. UnseekingSeeker

    UnseekingSeeker New Member

    Telepathic communication from adepts? Quite straightforward.

    One 2-3 year old example:

    early morning routine of a silent prayer
    conspiring with a God to become a soothsayer
    seeking blessings for family
    by enhancing their endowed enableability

    an unmistakable resounding voice centreless
    indisputably from the That Oneness
    ‘You have no family! All are mine’
    ‘Pray alike for one & all, in stillness align!’

    ‘Do you want karmic closure quickly or slowly?’
    being a coward at the core, I requested ‘gently!’

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