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What is the “appropriate” age to start working on your abilities?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by Auras, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    The answers to the questions you ask, Josh, should be found when one looks deeper into life, death and what follows. ;):)
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It's certainly worth trying any meditation aid to see if it helps you. I liked the imagery Tony uses and the overall content and feel of the audio. Relaxing even without wanting meditation. Worth downloading to play offline on a phone or an MP3 player - I've just done it for myself - thank you!
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  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    This one has a different feel:
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  4. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Hello friend,

    Fortunately, being a medium has nothing to do with age and maturity :) There are lots of children who have made valid communication with the other side and expressed certain communications towards the receiving party. Unfortunately for some reason due to dogma, stigma, religion, personal beliefs, (etc...) as one gets older there is a tendency to lose that ability. We also grow up to have jobs, families, stress, mixed with other human ‘issues’. So the ability of communicating with the other side of the veil may get stifled at times as we age, but it never goes away.

    For some however that’s not the case. Why? It can all simply boil down to what they’ve charted before being reincarnated here. If one charted to be a medium, it may come easier to them to be a vessel as opposed to someone who otherwise didn’t chart it but may have chosen it as an option line. Then there are the rest of us who by no means carry an ounce of mediumship in our DNA on a conscious level, yet we can develop these skills by remaining spiritually open and continuing research on various sites like this.

    Lastly, I don’t think I need to mention that our dreams is another form of communication with the spiritual realm. (Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself :) ) Mediumship can happen on all sorts of level of consciousness. Dreaming being predominantly on a subconscious/astral level you can learn to develop your skills of mediumship that way. Since I was presuming you were talking about mediumship on a conscious level, I didn’t initially mention dreams and astral travel. However the more I began to ramble, I figured I would throw that last bit out there ;)

    Well anyways I hope this encourages you. Feel free to reach out if you need more advice.
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  5. Auras

    Auras New Member

    It great that you decided to mention the astral travel part, well kinda weird as today I have been reading “The Phase” by Michael rudaga, It is something That I would love to experience but I’m a bit sceptical about the information he has shared, it seems too easy and effortless to be true.

    As for dreams, I used to practice Lucid Dreaming a while back but since I have a girlfriend it was hard to do any nightly practices so I just stopped. I learned a lot though, just even showing a tiny bit interest in our dreams it can dramatically increase our recall, As time went on I would experience something called a “False awakening” which at the time it CONFUSED me so much lol, to this day I still don’t know what causes a False Awakening.
  6. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Howdy again!

    False awakenings can happen abruptly during:

    A. Lucid dreams when you are consciously aware of your astral travels.

    B. Sleep paralysis. This is a state where you are between both consciousness and astral form. During sleep paralysis your astral body is still outside of your physical body, however your brain in a physical body recognizes what is happening. Basically you’re halfway inside of your body either during your projection or during the return to your body. Certain people who have dealt with sleep paralysis have felt like they can’t move and may perhaps think that an entity is trying to violate them during these episodes including feeling like hands were touching them or seeing a faint shadow in front of them. What they don’t realize is that nothing is trying to hurt them. What’s happening is that their astral body is returning back to their physical body only their brain is consciously aware of what’s happening. Normally when we sleep the transitions are seamless. However regarding sleep paralysis it can be a horrific experience if one is not educated about what is truly happening.

    So back to you mentioning astral travel, we all do it predominantly most nights or days depending on your sleep schedule. However some people are more susceptible to remembering than others. (I consider it a gift to not remember sometimes). For me, it can be very exhausting waking up not having felt like I’ve slept due to the constant running around I do in my dreams. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.

    I’ll leave it at this. I get the feeling I’ve gone off topic again :)
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  7. Auras

    Auras New Member

    Luckily enough I have not experienced sleep paralysis, well at least I don’t think I have, or I’ve forgotten that I have lol.

    “Lucid dreams when you are consciously aware of your astral travels”

    This is interesting, Lucid dreams/dreams in general only happen in REM sleep but I thought astral
    Projection doesn’t need REM to happen? Or have I got it wrong?

    I don’t mind talking about this, it’s a nice conversation so keep on going!
  8. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    That may be a question better asked for Mikey. I wished Jurgen Ziewe was a member here because he can explain it better than I can. Have you looked up his research? He’s a teacher who specializes in astral travel. I’ve created a thread here if you want to give it a look.

    The whole REM debate has always twisted my brain a bit. I think it may vary from person to person but I seem to dream and project at all sorts of times during my sleep. More so predominantly towards the early mornings after I’ve woken up a couple of times in the mid night.
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  9. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

  10. Auras

    Auras New Member

    I will get back to you when I get online tomorrow, time for sleep! Can’t keep my eyes open any longer! :D

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