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What do those closest to you

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by ravensgate, Jun 14, 2018 at 5:37 PM.

  1. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    feel/think about your interest in spiritual matters? Do they share your interest? Has your interest caused any frictions, disagreements, etc.?

    My sister tells me that she has difficulties with spiritual topics because they "conflict" with what her church's teachings are in regards to life after death, reincarnation, and so on.
    My brother in law is more of a "Que sera sera" type of man. He says spirituality remains a mystery and no-one knows for sure, and there wouldn't be much point worrying about it because we all die and only after we die, if we continue to exist, should we concern ourselves with it.

    In our household, spirituality is my baby only; can't say my immediate family members share the same curiosity. I think my daughter may be a bit scared of it, really. Several years ago she had an experience that had quite the impact on her, but she does not want to talk about it, does not want to go over it because - as she says - she has "better things to do", plus she doesn't want me to pick her brains :rolleyes:

    Mac, will you please move this thread to a more appropriate subforum if you think it'd be a better fit? Thank you.
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's just fine here, raven. :)

    As I mentioned elsewhere I'm the one doing 'this stuff' after 34 years but there's only me who's 'in the know' as far as I know. I don't conceal my approach to life but rarely do appropriate occasions crop up to have a conversation about it. Sometimes I trail an intro if I see an opportunity or when someone appears to be asking without asking-specifically. But mostly, it seems, folk need just to focus on everyday issues, focus on getting through the week with a few pound/dollars left, focus on getting kids to school, focus on keeping their jobs.

    Can we wonder if folk are not much concerned what happens at and after death, even though some have had 'experiences' they don't understand and/or they don't want to talk about? Often they're scared of death, scared of ghosts and spooks, scared of the dark..... But trying to reassure them needs someone persuasive, with great verbal communication providing sound evidence and simple information, someone with the ability to reach such frightened and unsure individuals.

    I'm not selling my own persuasion but within it we used to have just such individuals; now I don't think we have any longer. :(
  3. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    My and Michels closest friend communicates with Michel by her own just perfectly. Sometimes she gives messages for me from him when im too sad and can not hear him. Michels best friend saw him on his own birthday standing and smiling (and Michel did not seem to be transperent or whatsoever). Also he feels vibrations around but he block this a little as he say be himself he is not feeling comfortable because he does not understand this and needs more knowledge before. My mother who had beautiful contact with Michel gets lots of signs from him and whenever she calls me she first ask whats new from Michel. All of people i mentioned never had experiences like this before. I mean same as me we were just living our lifes here not thinking too much about spiritual stuff. The only connecting point from what i see is that we all never doubt about continuation of life after passing from this life and that Darwins evolution theory is not the complete answer.
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  4. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Monika, in your post you mention that Michel's best friend saw him on his birthday; that must have been quite the experience for him/her. How did you feel about it?
    I wish more of us were able to see, at least once, a departed loved one. Many will have visitation dreams, and that may be enough for some; however, I suspect that for many, to see a loved one in plain daylight might be more comforting. Still, for some, the doubt may remain, and in such cases, I'm afraid there is little that could convince them the experience was real. I wonder if our failure to believe in the sighting/hearing/signs may cause the departed ones to "give up" trying to communicate with us/ tell us they are doing just fine?

    Some 8+ years ago, when someone very close to us died, one of his friends saw him in the light of day, and he got quite scared. I asked his friend to tell me what happened, and this is what he relayed. He'd been asked to do some electrical work at his former house - which was vacant. While working, he thought he heard someone walk in, so he went to look. Walking down the hall he saw his friend, and he looked quite solid, nothing "misty" about him. Well, he dropped his tools and ran out of the house. He did not return to finish whatever he was doing 'cause the sight of his friend shook him up quite a bit! I'd like to add that the deceased made regular contact with another friend of his, and this friend also felt very uncomfortable (he told me it scared him). However, he said that hearing his friend's voice and seeing him (he saw him just a couple of times) made him a believer in an afterlife. You see, these young men were all part of a group (whose name I forget), of atheists who believed all paranormal events could be easily explained. Sadly, the young man who saw and heard his friend on various occasions died some 3 years ago.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, Monika :)
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  5. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    I do understand why Michel showed up to his friend and not to me. If i would be able to see him standing in front of me for one time i would spend rest of my days begging him to do this again and again and again. I would not be satisfied anymore with any other form of connection and communication. We are both learning a lot about this. If he would have show up for a friend who communicates with him it would have been same. She would ask him over and over to show up again. This would make her and me unhappy if he would not show up. Meanwhile for me it is completely logical why he chose his friend to show up. This man is much older then Michel, was kind of fathers or older brothers figure in Michels life. Their friendship was very very strong all the time. This man has strong psychology but also sensitive. Great combination to be able to keep clear mind after seing Michel and being able to see him. After this happened it took for him several days before he could say this for me. But he did. And Michel was sure that he will say this to me. And as you said that people can get scared he got scared too. But just for a moment. And not because of Michel. He lives alone and of course he does not expect anyone standing in kitchen when he turns to put something to fridge. If there would be someone alive coming and standing behind him silently he would become same scared. Its the moment of "unexpected" i guess.. he never said that he got scared because he saw Michel. Of course he said he screamed what a f.... at first very loud but very soon this feeling of "unexpection" (sorry i dont know if there is such word but maybe you understand) turned to happiness to see his beloved friend who showed up on birthday. Anyway, this experience did not afect him in any wrong way :)
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  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's just loosely related to your account, raven, but in my early days I was organiser for a psychic/medium friend for a time. I got to know her quite well - no, not that way although I later learned that our friends thought it was that way! :rolleyes: - and always found it curious she was afraid of being in the dark.

    It's totally understandable that a layperson would be startled if a spirit-individual were to appear unexpectedly but I found it bizarre that a medium (as she claimed to be) would be afraid in the manner she was. But maybe what we're taught to be afraid of as children goes in at such a deep level there's no overwriting that information later when we learn more about what's what?

    By contrast, another friend, one with no experience or apparent understanding, was overjoyed when his late wife appeared to him full-form and couldn't stop smiling when he told me all about it. I can still picture his face and hear his voice telling me what had happened. He was blown away and ecstatic in equal measure and became the most thoughtful, reflective man. A total contrast to how he'd been before.
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  7. GoldDustWoman622

    GoldDustWoman622 New Member

    Myself , my youngest daughter - 17 yesterday , my way older daughter who does not live with me but is a funeral director, and our roommate we have had forever ,all believe in a spirit world very strongly most if not all of our lives - we just didn't think we would experience this one so soon - he was so close to all of us . My son's don't and just figure I am out of my mind with grief .
    The closer we get to moving ( mid of next month ) the louder spiritually it gets in here. I have had another dream , but things are moving around a lot which is just not normal for any of us . My youngest keeps seeing what she believes to be him walking down the hall a lot . Roommate was at the sink this week when he thought he'd wrecked the microwave to look back to see a jar of orange marmalade fly up then off the counter in the kitchen . We were talking about the uptick in these incidences of stuff moving when we were all going somewhere in the car this week . Trying to make some sort of rationalization about it, and we passed a building in part of town we aren't usually in and in HUGE WORDS painted in black on this building was " THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS COINCIDENCES "
    Our roommate same age as he was and male sees him most . Sometimes a ball of white energy, once he could just make out an arm in this ball of energy. Twice just after he died as a see through person ( one of those times I saw him too ) . Always in the doorway to my room.
    I sleep under the blanket he passed under . They gave it back to me . I lost some medicine I have to take or I will get very sick . We were all really worried as no one moves that bottle off my nightstand, there are no little kids here that may have moved it and we turned this house upside down . I was going to have to call my Dr.. The next morning under that blanket the bottle was lying across the toes of my foot ??? Balanced under a cashmere blanket , so it's heavy . Things like that have been a regular thing here lately . I think alot of this happens because we DO believe there is another spirit life .
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