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what do they feel?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by mac, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    With the events in Paris, France, still making headline news on all the major news channels, and having just finished reading 'Flying High In Spirit', my wife made the following, simple observation in question form.... She said "I wonder what those terrorists (killed by French security forces) feel after they reach the so-called afterlife." It's a simple thought which isn't easy to answer with certainty.

    Based on what's been taught they will cross over as much-the-same characters they were when they left the incarnate world - it's likely they'll feel much-the-same as they did here on earth. On their arrival we can expect they'll be met by those who care for them - their family, friends or other cell-group members. One might wonder how those discarnates would feel about the hateful killing carried out by their loved ones. How will they show their love knowing what their family member has just done? Oh sure they may see the situation from a different perspective of greater understanding but will they - would we - be so spiritually advanced that we could just forgive them?

    And would we incarnates be able to show unconditional love towards one of our own family had they behaved as the terrorists have, I wonder? How would it feel to us if we went to meet our family member on their passing? What would we say about their actions?

    Another teaching is that like-attracts-like in the world of the spirit. Newly arrived terrorists may be attracted to other terrorists who have still to reconcile the hatred they felt towards their fellow humans, those whose spiritual development is 'on hold', their hatefulness still similar to what they felt before their passing.

    I don't suppose we'll get to know what happens until we've passed and maybe made the effort to seek out the actuality of such situations....
  2. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Established Member

    This is also something that I have thought about in regards those that knowingly commit such atrocities- How do they or others (family, friends) in the afterlife initially reconcile themselves with such behaviours? Possibly as you say, like attracts like and those with a very low vibration might be held (through their own level of vibration) in some type of temporary purgatory (?) with those of similar vibrations. They might also be in such bewilderment at reaching the afterlife that they would be open to some form of non-judgemental care and support to guide them through this transition. There seems consistent reports of a life review which we all are meant to participate in, perhaps it is here where individuals face their own actions and how this had impacted on others by feeling their emotions and thoughts from another perspective. I have also read that it is possible to feel such self hatred and guilt or possibly be in such strong denial of their actions that their vibrationary rates lower in such a way that they are drawn to a place to match such emotions. This is often described as a place devoid of light with 'gnashing of teeth' - sounds pretty scary to me! Whilst we are told that there is no such place as 'hell', it does seem possible to create a type of personal hell for yourself (mind created). Even with this possible worst case scenario of a personal hell, there does seem to be some indication of guidance from those in the higher vibration levels ( support workers) who are constantly trying to reach out for those in this predicament.

    How will they feel? I think shock, possibly elation especially if they might still hold on to certain dogmas or beliefs. Disappointment, anger at not achieving their particular heavenly goal (martyrdom and the reward of 72 virgins!)... regret, guilt, fear. Forgiveness for themselves would also be a necessary part of a process of healing in the afterlife too in order to fully adjust to this new/ old 'life'. I feel that their loved ones and friends in the afterlife would not be as judgemental possibly because they themselves have been through the 'process' already. However, they might still feel a sense of sadness rather than anger?

    I would be very interested to hear other afterlife accounts of this type of scenario.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2015
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Mac and Cat, a few of my medium friends have been getting second-hand accounts of what happens to the terrorists, and it is not pleasant. I gather that as soon as they leave their bodies they feel all the pain that they have caused, they learn that reality is nothing like they were taught, and often they beeline to the lowest level. I'm going to try to get better information, but for the most part they don't seem to have a Summerland arrival at all, but rather they get hit with reality as soon as they are out of their bodies.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Those are interesting notions but sound more like the emotions of incarnates or lesser-spiritually-evolved discarnates.

    Why would terrorists feel such emotions immediately after they leave this dimension? From what we have learned elsewhere traumatic transition from this world is often accompanied by a feeling of bewilderment. Fundamentalist religious extremists would, I suggest, be the last ones to quickly register the differences between what they'd been brainwashed about in their incarnate existence and the reality of the etheric dimensions.

    As for making a beeline for the lowest levels why would they? Their religious teachings would have taught them they would be rewarded as martyrs for killing unbelievers in the name of their god. That would be what they expected and if it didn't happen surely they'd wonder why and look for something they recognized? Do we really think such individuals would change in the blink of an eye and head for regions that wouldn't provide it? I'm far from persuaded....

    In time, however, even such brainwashed individuals may see how very wrong they had been but would it be likely to happen almost immediately and without any help and support? I think not.
  5. dopier

    dopier Established Member

    Though I refrain from calling anything reality, as I believe it's most probably subjective as it relates to my understanding, I think your point is one many others seem to have confirmed. Jurgen Ziewe is one such reference whose information I give a lot of credence to and a section of his latest book briefly touches on that here.
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  6. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Established Member

    I've always been interested in where negative entities such as poltergeists which seem to reside close to the earth vibrations come from and whether these discarnates were ever human in origin? There are also negative beings that seem to exist in a lower dimension close to earth that can still reach out through certain communication tools (Ouija, EVP etc)- are these entities possibly those that have passed in such a negative environment or mind set (terrorists?) that they are just unable to reach the Summerland's? Perhaps there are certain groups of people who don't get to meet their welcoming party initially.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2015
  7. ilovelearninhg

    ilovelearninhg Regular Contributor

    Poltergeists are a special kind of ghost imo, they are mostly made of thought forms and appear during times of changes of life-puberty, menopause, etc...it feeds off the energy of the person who is going through the change. It is a ghost without a soul of sorts, it is more of a collection of thought energy. It is related to telekinesis. The person doesn't directly cause the poltergeist but their thoughts help form it. It is linked with teenagers but people of any age can experience one during a turbulent time. Here is a link about them:http://www.crystalinks.com/poltergeists.html and also another link:http://www.mysticalblaze.com/Poltergeist.htm. I believe I have experienced them at least a couple times in my life but I've found that not fearing them takes away their power. I think the other negative entities have to work through the mind-created hellish vibration that led them to the afterlife realm they are initially in, and gradually get to the place where the find out the core of their being is pure love. A long journey for them I can imagine.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2015
  8. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Established Member

    If the mind is powerful enough in this dimension to create thought forms such as poltergeist activity, then it would make sense that the mind of an individual transitioning after physical death could potentially create a hellish vibration. Referring back to Mac's question- How would they feel? Reports from the afterlife suggest that we chart certain parts our lives beforehand in order to try and spiritually grow through our choices (free will) made on Earth. Are we therefore also made aware in the Summerland's that through such choices, we could end up in such a difficult predicament such as what's been described here i.e. creating a personal hell? If I was that individual's guide, friend or family member, I might feel mortified observing this or would it be generally accepted that this is also another stage in the individual's spiritual journey?

    It also goes back to how we perceive morality? From an earthly perspective, there are many that would consider this form of personal punishment to be justified. However from a spiritual perspective in the afterlife/ Summerland, we all know that we are eternal and that it is our choice to experience a physical existence (warts and all!). No one really 'dies' and perhaps the experience extends much further than just physical death? If this is the case then perhaps the feelings of those friends, guides and family will reflect on this extra experience in a more long term positive perspective. In a way, this could also be another way of growing spiritually - in order to remove oneself from 'hell', there needs to begin an awareness and acknowledgment of one's actions- almost like an extra strength interactive life review!

    It would be very interesting to hear whether there are any other accounts from the afterlife which discuss this.
  9. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Established Member

    Those who reach the Summerlands often mention how more real everything becomes and that Earth was the illusion. The question of reality is subjective here, I'm not sure whether the afterlife could also be in some ways illusionary in that it is another level in KNOWING but not the final part of the journey. Roberta has also mentioned (I think?) that there is only Mind, an infinite creative consciousness which has always existed- it's too mind boggling to even contemplate what created Mind!
  10. ilovelearninhg

    ilovelearninhg Regular Contributor

    Yes there has to be an acknowledgement that they did wrong. There must be much bewilderment that the payoff for their actions wasn't what they thought. And I think they like a lot of people, aren't aware that at death everyone must review their life and experience all their interactions through the eyes of those they interacted with. If more people knew that I think the world would change quite a bit because they would realize how they treat others impacts them in equal measure.

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