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what are 3 strongest evidence that make you believe after life does exist?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by dogtree, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    As I grow older I know I'm sounding more-and-more like the old f@@t I actually am but with several years of experience to draw on I've seen only a few who come seeking and many who come mocking and knocking.

    At one time I'd try to help anyone but I've learned that I don't have energy to waste and now I stick with the things I find important and leave others with more energy to try to help all the others.

    I'm all for challenge as many have experienced firsthand from me but my preference is for that to be systematic and structured point-by-point, not a whole bunch of 'em at one go.
  2. Exactly my point as well, ravensgate. I enjoy opposing viewpoints but I lose interest in a conversation if one side seems to not care to hear other's opinions and only wants to argue and refute someone else's beliefs to try and validate their own beliefs. Hopefully, after reading all these recent posts, Whylifeispointless will start being a bit more flexible in their feedback.
  3. The mind is based on the matter in the brain. How do we know? You can become impaired by drinking alcohol or doing drugs. If the mind is damaged through diseases such as alzheimer's, the mind becomes impaired. There is no function of the brain that can't be damaged. Also, we might think we are more than a computer since the brain is tricking us in believing so. EVERYTHING in the brain/mind/consciousness can be damaged.

    The evidence suggests that rocks and dirt are made from quarks and that consciousness is an illusion. Rocks and dirt as well as everything else follows the laws of physics and doesn't deviate.

    If you believe that simple Earth life has nothing eternal about it, then what is the exact complexity an organism needs to have and why? What's the most complex organism without a soul and what is the simplest organism with a soul and why?

    So an animal with 1 million more brain cells than another means that has some form of an eternal mind and the other does not? Why would more brain cells even make a difference?

    You don't know because there is no evidence.

    So if I get Alzheimer's, I'll lose my soul before dying?

    As for quantum physics experiments, it shows nothing about consciousness existing. A common misconception is that the act of a living observer collapses the wave function of a particle. The truth is that everything is constantly collapsing the wave function as soon as there is an interaction with another particle. For example, in bose-einstein condensate, the particle wave functions really stand out since it takes a long time for it to collapse again. M-Theory is a work in progress to explain quantum mechanics, the big bang, and how the big bang came from nothing so you don't need a creator. M-Theory is mathematically very strong and now just needs experiments to validate it.

    Only 15%-30% of people experience NDE when the brain stops? Why not 100%? If it wasn't a biological function, then wouldn't everyone get an NDE on death?

    I believe that there is no meaning to life and no reason why we are here. When you begin to die, you might get an NDE, but it will end when your brain ceases to function. Then, you'll simply cease to exist for an infinite amount of time. You'll never know or think that you even had a life, it'll basically be as if the big bang never occurred.

    This really is amazing, if something is complex enough, it magically has this after life so that it can't die. If a brain has 1 trillion cells, nope no afterlife. But if there is a brain with 100 trillion cells, it gets an afterlife because its more complex. No rhyme or reason, I get an afterlife because I'm the center of the world and I can't possibly stop existing! People are so self-centered these days that they'll believe delusions that their life will go on forever. No, sorry it does not.

    Answer this one, what do you achieve by doing anything in this life? Afterlife or not? Since you'll lose what ever you did in this life when you go in the afterlife or if you stop existing, what is the point?
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Based on username and what she/he writes, involvement with this website seems as pointless as their life appears to be..... :D
  5. Okay, I can't take it any more you've set the bait out and I've finally bitten. Let me try and address this so you can go ahead and immediately argue/refute it with more of your programmed myopic views, as is your preferred method of communication. Let me start by saying that not everyone who believes in an afterlife is 100% certain about it. You could certainly be right about there being nothing. However, you've come on a site where people come to share their thoughts, experiences, and stories about their beliefs or non-beliefs. The bulk of the people on this site have found reasons to believe and you're not changing anyone's minds by spouting the typical talking points of non-believers, especially when you're not acknowledging others, you're just incessantly refuting them.
    Oh for you to see the irony in this portion of your statement. All you've done so far is redirect and/or refute everyone else's replies to try and fit within your interpretation of things twisting your hyperbole as fact, in my opinion. You really do need to learn how to interact with others on a message board if you ever want to be taken seriously. People on these boards respect your non-beliefs, however you are convincing no one with your close ended approach. There's a point in a conversation when the average person loses interest when the person sitting across from them seems to not care what they have to say and is only waiting to make their counter argument. We welcome you to these boards but I find it hard to believe anyone will want to communicate with you further if you continue to interact the way you have been.

    Now this is where I'm actually going to try and show my softer side. :) I find it hard to believe that you have absolutely no hope if you sought this site out and took the time to post something. Let me leave you with this, whylifeispointless.

    Let's just say, for arguments sake, that there was no afterlife. There is this life, and within this life there are so many wonderful things to observe, be a part of and experience. Even if I didn't believe in an afterlife, I know that I could at least appreciate that I was given life at all to experience things like the sun setting over a beautiful horizon, the first time I fell in love, the day that my sons were born and how alive I felt each time I heard their tiny cries for the first time.

    Life is what you make of it my friend, if you believe in an afterlife or not. I've dealt with so many people that claim that those that believe in an afterlife are selfish because we think we are owed some great reward after this life. For me it's quite the contrary, I love life and what it has to offer and don't treat it as a launching pad to an afterlife.

    Is life hard, depressing, and sad at times? Absolutely, yet these are also facets of our existence that I feel blessed to even have the chance to experience. I also know that my life connections with humans, animals, and nature makes life even that more wonderful.

    So what happens if you live your life in misery with no hope and you do die and there is no afterlife? Guess it wouldn't matter because you wouldn't know it. But what would happen if you embraced life everyday and set out to live it fully and connect positively with others and then die with no afterlife? You wouldn't know it either but the ripple effect you left behind to others could make your "perceived" belief that life is finite much easier to deal with for others who believed in an afterlife or not.

    Let me use this analogy if I may? You're on a train home and you're exhausted after a long, hard day of work and there are no seats left. A random stranger sees how tired you are and offers you their seat. I'm guessing you would appreciate the gesture of kindness.

    Now say that once you sit down you notice someone else that looks even more tired than you are, like they just went twelve rounds. You then get up and provide them your seat. How do you feel when you see the pleased/relieved look on their face? Do you still feel that life is worthless? You probably just made that person's day, as the previous person did for you. You then walk off the train and a day later you pass away. Does that person that you gave your seat up know this? Probably not, but what they remember is the kindness you provided by giving up your seat so selflessly. Many times they'll pass that kindness on to others.

    You want to talk about being self-centered believers, I think if you go through life with no hope and want to leave no lasting positive legacy, this is the most self centered example I can think of. Live your life with purpose, with love, with compassion and even if you don't believe in an afterlife, your current life will feel much more complete. I hope that you come around these boards and open up a little more, we're here to listen but you have to be willing to do so yourself.
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  6. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member


    WLIP, it is not productive to be a person of small vision who denies Reality. Consciousness is an integral part of our ability to observe and understand the Universe. It is all we have and indeed all that exists. It is through Consciousness that we are able to further our understanding of Certainty and all of its ramifications. It is Consciousness which allows us to paint the Universe into Being.
    M-theory is a work in progress which attempts to clarify and unify differing interpretations of string theory, which also is incomplete and constantly being massaged and revised. We should not desperately cling to the notion that the science is well defined and agreed upon. It is not. Some basics have been established but the predictions apparently can not be empirically tested and proved, and perhaps may never be. Time will tell. We simply don't know what it is that we don't know.

    What is to me the most intriguing is the on-going discussion re string theory and M-theory is the interpretation of the Universe as consisting of multiple dimensions, currently thought to be eleven in total. My belief is that it is through these dimensions that we travel when we die. The dimensions are separated from one another vibrationally by frequency, much as colors we detect are separated from one another on the electromagnetic spectrum. I've intentionally skipped a few steps here, but this is basically how modern scientific thought, Consciousness and the Afterlife are related. The model is there; the dots need to be connected.
  7. I do things in this life for the shear joy that it brings me, probably because I was blessed with/lucky to have good brain chemistry.

    My belief in the hereafter, true or false, beings me joy, gives me purpose, and makes me respectful and accepting of others. And if I'm wrong and simply cease to exist when I die, at least my myth brings me peace of mind while I am alive.

    I believe these things because that is the way I'm wired. That's the worldview that feels right for me. I understand that people like yourself will have different, opposing views. I'm okay with that (as long as you're not abusive). It's what makes this world an interesting place for me. I know that there is nothing that anyone can say that will change your worldview, and vice versa.

    If you believe that life is pointless, I feel for you, my heart goes out to you.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
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  8. I wish that I could say that I was clever enough to have thought of this all on my own, it's something I recently read.

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
  9. When you die without an afterlife, you'll lose any appreciation that you had and all experiences. So you'll eventually be in the same exact state regardless of experiences or what happened. Feelings are just electrical signals produced by the brain in reaction to stimuli/thoughts. Life is no different than Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill, only to see it come back down.

    There is no "you" so there wasn't a chance of not having the experience.

    If the truth is too hard to bear, that doesn't mean I shouldn't believe in it. What is the point of leaving a legacy and what do you achieve? All legacies will go away eventually. Those people who've you've left a legacy will die and cease to exist and eventually all life will cease to exist in this universe.

    I would still believe life is worthless. Eventually, all information of what I've done will be lost in both people's minds and the physical world. It will be just as if it never happened.

    I'd like to end with saying that hope, life, legacy, purpose, and love all do not exist. Those words do not exist outside of our brains since they are secondary qualities. Hope and love are just electrical signals in the frontal lobe. Those electrical signals then cause sensory and motor areas of the brain to activate, which in turn may cause muscles to contract to produce a smile. Life, purpose, and legacy are nothing more than subjective terms. We see a bunch of matter arranged in such a way, call that life, and then believe that it is something more than what it really is.
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  10. Okay, I tried, and I'm walking away at this point. Never have I felt more like I was talking to a robot anxiously waiting to spit out what they were programmed with. I haven't any further time to deal with your poor communication style, your ardent disdain for life or disbelief in an afterlife, and certainly not your negativity. I genuinely feel for you and hope you can find some peace in your life but I realize there will always be those that won't listen no matter what is said to them.

    You obviously did not come to this site to discuss things openly, rather you simply wait to refute others with your own take on our existence. Take care WLIP, I'm going to live a life that I know has purpose, even if a portion of that purpose was "trying" to communicate with you.
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