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what are 3 strongest evidence that make you believe after life does exist?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by dogtree, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. Millie

    Millie New Member

    I think you believe there is a chance of an afterlife, or else you wouldn't be here. You want us to prove to you there is one. Why waste your time here?
  2. There is a chance for anything since I don't know anything with absolute certainty. I came here to find a shred of objective evidence that there is an afterlife. All I get are subjective reports of experiences which could be caused by hallucinations. I don't need proof, I need a single shred of objective evidence that something supernatural occurred in this universe. We have many reports of supernatural happenings from religious textbooks. Why did people long ago have so many supernatural things happen to them but in this day we don't get a single piece of evidence of anything supernatural. There are thousands of studies that all tried to substantiate just ONE supernatural event. From statistics on prayer to psychics, there is simply no evidence.

    This would be why I think that when we die, it will be as if the big bang never occurred because we will lose any perspective. After death, it makes no difference whether or not you even had a life on Earth, what you did, or who you were. It is an eternal nothingness that your incapable of imagining.
  3. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    I have had two STEs in my life, the last one occurred in June of this year. This is as straight and accurate as it happened with no embellishments whatsoever.

    I got a call from my mother-in-law that my father had passed away. About an hour later I was working on my computer and my German Shepard was lying down a few feet behind me resting. All of a sudden she started making audible noises, so I turned around and looked to see if she was alright. She was staring straight ahead with her ears pointed and head cocking from side to side as if she saw something. At first I saw nothing and thought she might be having a seizure. Then it happened: I clearly saw my father slowly pass through her body from her left shoulder to her head. No mistake about it: it was him. A few seconds later he was gone and my dog came back to normal. My dog has never had a seizure before, during or since this STE experience.
    This happened in the middle of a bright clear morning and I was sober as a judge. My dog doesn't project hallucinations and I don't see things that aren't there.
  4. OK, I'll play.

    First off, Whylifeispointless, you aren't going to be satisfied with any evidence we have, or anyone has. Evidence may be circumstantial, anecdotal, or subject to alternate interpretations. You are really looking for scientifically verifiable, reproducible evidence – which you know we don’t have. We know it too.

    What we do have is a substantial body of anecdotal evidence. It is likely that's all anyone will ever have. Most people here find that body of evidence either persuasive or at least worth considering. If you don't, fine. I don't think you'll find it easy to upset anyone here by challenging their beliefs or opinions on the matter.

    That’s my general opinion. A few thoughts on the particulars:

    Many of your statements, such as “not a single photograph of anything supernatural has ever been discovered” are challenged in numerous places on this site, and thousands of other places, by accounts of photographs with unexplained light or other phenomena. Everything could be explained some other way. Any “objective evidence” such as eyewitness accounts, or photographs, or recordings, or NDE’s could be hallucinations or fakes or coincidence. See also: Occam’s razor.

    Many people are clinically dead for some period of time without having – or at least remembering – an NDE. Does this mean that those who do remember them only imagined it? Most nights I remember no dreams but science tells me I dreamt, whether I remember or not.

    There are in fact a number of accounts of people who observe incidents in an operating room that occurred while they were “dead” – perhaps NDE’s are just not common enough for one hospital to reproduce one to validate their LED screen test. (How many people nearly die in that hospital anyway?!)

    And it’s interesting that among people who do recall NDE’s, there are significant consistencies. If NDE’s are random hallucinations, why don’t more of them include unicorns, or pizza?

    As far as dimethyltryptamine, it “may” be responsible for lucid dreaming, as you suggest. Or, lucid dreaming may be responsible for a spontaneous increase in DMT. There are several neurochemicals that influence – or are influenced by – our sleep and dream cycles. Understanding the mechanism of the experience does not invalidate the experience itself.

    For example, I love ice cream. Now you could explain to me, no doubt, how the sensation of coldness causes an increase in the density of the molecules that make up the cells in my mouth, and how nerves are wired to taste buds on certain parts of my tongue to register sweetness, and how evolution has programmed me to relish food with a lot of calories as this ensures my survival – even though I am not a hunter/gatherer and in fact not in need of more calories. These are the mechanisms of deliciousness. But we don’t say, ice cream isn’t really delicious, it’s all just chemistry and neurology and evolutionary artifacts. It’s still really delicious.

    “It is an eternal nothingness that your [sic] incapable of imagining.”

    Nobody is here because they can’t imagine alternatives. One thing this board cannot be accused of, I’m quite sure, is a lack of imagination.
  5. Just a fear induced hallucination. The dog making noises and staring can happen if the dog hears anything such as a knock on a door or a squirrel making noises. The dog caused you to expect something and might've caused fear which triggered the hallucination.

    If what you saw were really a ghost, then the photons or light from the ghost went to your eyes. Then your brain takes the electrical signs from your eyes and paints an image. So everything we've ever seen in our lives is the brain's image of reality and not some analog tv screen. So in other words, the brain processes every image that we see which means that anything can easily be inserted.

    So, if photons hit your eyes, then we'd expect those photons to hit other inanimate objects such as the image sensor of a camera. So why isn't there any ghosts caught on tv? If i was a ghost then i would appear infront of a tv camera.

    We live in a universe that is consistent of one without a god or any kind of metaphysical reality.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2012
  6. Eli

    Eli New Member

    I don't understand where you're getting your numbers from. You're assuming that if one person of every 60,000 has a coincidence, it would still be fairly common, and therefore, could not be attributed to anything "supernatural".
    You state that there aren't super natural things going on in the world today. Look around you friend, there are many, but apparently you don't count NDE's as supernatural.
    Your logic is flawed. If that was the solution, that the chemical in your brain can induce a g-force feeling and the "light at the end of the tunnel effect," why isn't it well-known throughout the world today? Because it doesn't cover everything. There are other effects caused by NDE's, a sense of serene peace, "hallucinations" as you call it. What causes these?
    Secondly, NDE's are not only experienced when coming out of a coma. You have people that are 15 minutes brain dead having these experiences. If the brain is dead, what processes this?
    Thirdly, NDE's would go against the very law of evolution itself. If living beings are determined to survive to carry on genes, etc, it makes no sense that the thought of death is very appealing during that time.
    Fourthly, with the hallucinations, hallucinations to one individual is common. The same hallucination to many individuals is not. When you look at all the combinations of what a person CAN hallucinate, or the fact that they even WOULD, two mentally stable people having the same experience, many times I should add, is astronomically slim.

    If you're looking for "hard-core" scientifical proof, you won't find it here, which makes sense as the "other world" is on a different plane.

    As for the whole argument "if I was a ghost, I would appear in front of a camera, to provide physical evidence."
    You have to ask yourself, would your priorities be the same after you realize that the after life exists, and is full of love? What would be the point to it anymore? People will find out anyway, so why bother?
  7. I've just read your posts and it seems to me that you didn't really come here to listen to other's opinions. First off, when you come to a forum such as this with a screen name whylifeispointless it doesn't inspire me to believe you're very open minded. Secondly, from your replies, thus far, it also seems to me like you enjoy arguing and trying to refute others. As a few others have alluded to already, it sounds as if you won't listen to anything unless it's a scientific fact. Subjective experiences do nothing for you, apparently millions of people all are/were delusional with their crazy hallucinations and DMT trips so what exactly is your point of coming onto the forums?

    I welcome and sometimes even enjoy dissenting opinions, but what little I've seen so far from you seems to have rather patronizing undertones towards other people's beliefs. If this is your continued preference of communication, pardon me if I don't indulge any further conversation with you as I don't enjoy beating my head against a wall repeatedly.

    Now, if you want to take a step back and realize that not everything can be answered with a simple explanation i.e. all tricks of the brain, then perhaps I'd throw some feedback your way. However, you're not off to a great start in my opinion.
  8. Highlander

    Highlander Active Member

    Fear of what? I have zero fear of death because I know what happens next. I know what happens because I have seen Spirit. Notice I didn't say imagined or thought, or dreamt or whatever, but actually saw and heard.

    Maybe you can't see the absurdity of your position. It's as if you're saying "I have never been to Italy, therefore Italy doesn't exist". You've never had a spiritual experience therefore none exists for anyone ever. Really? It all boils down to millions of us are hallucinating? If that's all you've got is DMT and hallucinations, you have a long way to go in learning.
    It really doesn't matter what you believe anyway. There are two possibilities: you will either have an STE experience which will change your life forever or you will be convinced as you are dying and your guides welcome you to your next life.

    The universe is far more wondrous and complex than we humans can comprehend.
  9. DMT can also cause a sense of a serene peace.

    Only about 20% of people that "die" experience NDE. The process could occur when the person is coming out of being brain dead and/or going into brain death.

    NDE could simply be a side effect of how the brain is structured which we don't fully understand.

    DMT causes the same types of hallucinations just as LSD trips produce certain types of hallucinations.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Why would it matter if people would find out anyway? Why not find out now? What difference would it make?

    I've never seen a leprechaun so I can't assume that leprechauns do exist without evidence. I do have evidence that Italy exists due to satellite mapping of the Earth. So that's how I believe Italy exists without going to Italy. There is evidence. The afterlife has absolutely no evidence and is nothing more than a primitive superstition like the Vikings in Norway believing in Norse Gods.

    False dilemma. The other possibility is that there is no afterlife. We evolved from an ape like ancestor without any creator. We are just apes with big brains. If someone believes that computers have an afterlife or that leprechauns exist, how would you go about proving things which don't exist? The burden of proof is on those claiming that an afterlife does exist.


    It is fact that we all came from a fish a few hundred million years ago and that fish came from a self replicating molecule a few billion years ago. Tell me which organism down the lineage got an afterlife and why? If animals get an afterlife, then do bacteria get an afterlife? What about RNA viruses? Which human was the first to get an afterlife? The humanoid with a brain of 400 cubic centimeters or the one with 800 cubic centimeters?
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