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what are 3 strongest evidence that make you believe after life does exist?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by dogtree, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. ravensgate

    ravensgate Regular Contributor

    This is just my personal opinion, Roberta, but I believe most of us know the difference between the terms. Starting a new thread may only serve as a new outlet for close-minded people like the new member to continue posting inane comments. The way I see it, they come here for very selfish and immature reasons; they don't want to learn, they're so wrapped up in their world, so fearful, they are unable and unwilling to question their beliefs. There never was any inclination on his part to consider what others believe, much less show any kind of respect and sensitivity. Basically, they like to start strifle and unrest, and belittle those who do not share their beliefs.

    At most, I would put a "sticky note" (not open to comments) if you feel some of our members and new open-minded members would benefit from knowing the difference, the games they tend to play, etc. But starting a new thread, imho, would be like opening a new can of worms. Ultimatey, the decision will be yours, I gave my opinion. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Roberta :)

  2. One thing that's great about being older is having confidence to be ok with who we are. Mac and I both have that.

    I've learned a lot here. Thanks to all of you, really.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    "There are "very few shared near death experience reports"? Huh?? Putting aside for a moment the fact that actually there are many such reports - read Raymond Moody's wonderful Glimpses of Eternity - why wouldn't your having to acknowledge that even one such report exists prompt you to say, "Hey... wait a minute!"? As the great early researcher William James famously said, "In order to disprove the theory that all crows are black, it is necessary to find only one white crow." Debunkers (and - sadly - you are a great example of a debunker, dear WLIP) thrive on pointing out flocks of black crows and insisting that therefore all crows are black. And, indeed, nearly all crows are black. Evidentiary events in this field are rare! But anyone who does much afterlife research encounters white crows here and there, to the point where we can be confident in saying that white crows actually do exist. And not only that, but studying all those white crows together allows us to begin to understand things about God, reality, death and the afterlife that were heretofore entirely inaccessible. That is what I love about this field! I long since became convinced that we are all eternal beings, but what keeps me doing research is the fun of being able at last to peek behind the curtain and begin to get to know that ultimate Wizard!

    Dear friends, Whylifeispointless's post above is a good example of debunkerism. Notice how unfocused and surface-based it all is? He makes flat statements that anyone with a modicum of knowledge is able to dispute; he draws meaningless inferences from fuzzy numbers; he overlooks his own red-flag contradictions. He draws in purely extraneous things, from light photons (which are physical and therefore irrelevant) to TV ghost-hunters (who among us believes in those?). Debunkers generally work this way, and they have the power to distract and dishearten so it is important that you be able to spot them. Although debunkers try to sound scientific, everything they say is useless. They won't do actual research, so they have no idea what they are talking about. And you can no more reason with a debunker than you can reason with a closed-minded Christian, and for the same reason: both are arguing from fear. I had hoped to coax Whylifeispointless to open his mind just a bit, since it would be good to have another honest skeptic posting here. But he could not get beyond debunkerism, and when he received a second warning he took to committing random acts of vandalism... which I likely should have realized would happen. I apologize to all of you!
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2012
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  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    It was the right time, Roberta. :(
  5. Just saw this post now...I just posted something similar in another thread. My husband also had watches stop on the day his grandfather died and the day his grandmother died. I'll have to ask him for more details. He doesn't wear watches anymore. :)
  6. Voxman90

    Voxman90 New Member

    It's funny, but something similar exists. This is called ITC. Researchers from all over the world use radio, television (mostly white noise), Skype, various sound mixers, cassette players, etc. to communicate with the dead and even create pictures with them. There are many methods, there is a technical description of the devices, there are results summarized in books and almost a century of history.

    Reading Whylifeispointless's response to what Carol said earlier, I understand that the guy is probably a psychopath (in the medical sense of the word). He lacks empathy. He lacks even skepticism. A skeptic will not be so categorical. A skeptic will not discard what he cannot explain, but will put it aside. I think he could have been a troll or a fanatic.

    Why am I being so rude? Because I've dealt with hundreds of trolls. And this is not a figure of speech (I moderated something like 4chan for a few years). And Whylifeispointless's merciless remarks only confirm this. He's not just trying to challenge, he's trying to hurt. And no matter how much he tries to play on arrogance, he focuses on fears and losses.

    Which brings me to why I don't trust a lot of evidence. It's not just Internet trolls who focus on fears and losses. But I will write about this in a separate post in this topic (and mac will probably combine them into one :rolleyes:).
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  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I've closed this thread temporarily until I have time to respond. The primary reason for that is the last posting was made in November 2012, seven years ago.

    It's a 'dead thread' as far as I'm concerned and anyone wanting to pick up on any points anywhere that are so old should ideally start a new thread.

    Additionally I'm not happy about the facetious eye-roll icon at the very end of the posting either. That's disrespectful after I've already explained my approach earlier.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    The subject of instrumental transdimensional communication is one that's been discussed at length here on ALF in the past. A search of our website will provide plenty of 'hits'.

    Even if members are medically qualified and recognised as experts in this field they are not allowed to diagnose on the basis of postings in a thread - any qualified practitioner knows that and wouldn't dream of so doing! As for trolling I'm pretty familiar with such individuals and my ears are pricking up right now.....

    As an individual who claims to live in a non-English-speaking country, and claims to use an online translator when writing on ALF, your apparent command of, and fluency in, my native language of English is somewhat surprising. You're either astonishingly competent and articulate or you're seeking-to-deceive.

    You may submit for approval whatever you wish but please keep in mind that I am monitoring your material carefully and closely. This is not a formal warning but is intended as helpful advice.
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