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what are 3 strongest evidence that make you believe after life does exist?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by dogtree, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. It's time for the school system to bring back the old "board of education." :D
  2. I agree!!!
  3. Me too!!!!!
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Did WLIP jump or was she/he pushed?

    Or have things become too daft even for her/his participation any longer!? :D
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    What a good and loving thing to say! Dear WWE LOVER, you make me smile.

    ... And if you think that Shannon was ravishing before, just imagine how gorgeous she must be in a place where being young and beautiful is only normal ;-).
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    "... And if you think that Shannon was ravishing before, just imagine how gorgeous she must be in a place where being young and beautiful is only normal ;-)."

    Even though it's illusory.... ;)
  7. Scientists need to put controls to isolate the cause of an underlying event. If A, B, or C could be the cause of a supernatural like event, scientists put controls on the worldly causes in order to try and prove something supernatural is happening. It just turns out that nothing supernatural has ever occurred. Your scapegoat for this is debunkers and deniers.

    Someone could have easily opened the film-box because the lock itself was provided by those in the experiment! Also the scientist noted how easily someone could open the "locked" box in the dark. In fact, the whole thing could've been filmed and edited earlier so all they had to do was pop the film in. Let me guess, the scientist putting their own film box in would've scared the ghosts away? Name one phenomena at Scole that doesn't have a possible worldly explanation.

    Incorrect, that's not what the scientific method states.

    Just because an event happened does not mean that it had an underlying supernatural cause. The reason why is because proper controls weren't in place to prove anything at Scole and other experiments. Since proper controls were not in place at Scole, Reason A, B, and C could be the underlying cause. So it would be illogical and very foolish to say that "C" caused the event when "A" and "B" both could've been the cause as well.

    With NDE, EACH and EVERY single NDE has a possible worldly cause. There isn't one NDE that doesn't have a possible worldly explanation for it. NDE are caused by DMT and other chemicals as the brain dies, this is why many people have the same experience during death. So there is your other possible explanation that can't be removed with controls. Scientists have put marquees above patient beds in many hospitals and not a single one has ever seen a marquee message during an NDE.

    You put all the blame on debunkers, but when scientists put controls on experiments to prove supernatural phenomena, the worldly cause comes as an explanation for it. I am open-minded, but it's not so open that my brains fall out. You have yet to tell me just one paranormal phenomena that was proven to not have a worldly cause for it.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    nope :D She/he is back again - go baby!
  9. Millie

    Millie New Member

    We have yet to tell you one paranormal phenomena that was proven to not have a worldly cause because we can't. So you win. Are you happy? So now that you've won, you should just stop posting.
  10. ravensgate

    ravensgate Regular Contributor

    You cracked me up, Millie :D It reads as if you're talking to a "me-me-me" two-year old, lol.
    Anyway, moving right along, I'm not sure if this should be in a different section; if it should, I hope Roberta will move it.
    It's about something that can leave one wondering about spiritual communication in the form of a dream. Less than a week ago I had one of my "odd" dreams; I saw an uncle of mine I haven't seen in at least 20 years (he lives in another Country). In my dream I'm a bit puzzled and frankly a tad reserved as I lost touch with him (ok, plain ol' guilt) - and with much of the rest of the family. He told me it was time for him "to move on" and wanted to say goodbye; but he also said, "Tell Emily it's in the tin box".
    When I woke up I dismissed it as another silly dream, but for some reason it kept nagging at me. So I took the time to find a way to contact my uncle's family (that was "fun", several hours on the phone with various people.... I did not tell them about the dream). So when I finally got through, it was his daughter who answered the phone and I was stunned when she told me her father had died less than two days prior to my call. And when I mentioned the tin box, she nearly screamed, left me waiting, came back and now she was really - and I mean really beside herself! Apparently the tin box contained some legal papers the family needed, but Emily (my uncle's wife) had no idea where he had stashed the papers. Though I consider myself very grounded, all this rattled me a bit! Odd, huh?

    And this got me thinking about my friend's dream; she had told me about it well over a year ago; she hasn't shared it with anyone else except her son. One day she dreamt of her father, looking quite healthy and not all contorted with arthitis. He told her that he had dropped by to let her know that he died, but that he was fine and feeling great. He also said her mom would be calling her in a little while. My friend got ready for work, dismissed the dream. By 8 a.m. she received a phone call from her mother, telling her her father had died in his sleep earlier that morning. As my friend said, besides the arthritis, he was in good health - guess it was just his time to go.
    These things, especially when they happen to you, can really make you wonder, don't you think?

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