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Was it communication? Maybe....

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by ShingingLight1967, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    If you have followed my stories, you will know that even after what could be considered communications from husband, I will always have a glint of skepticism. I am always looking for that "big reveal" that "big thing" that concrete proof that my husband is communicating with me from the other side.

    I have had dreams, physical tactical touches, coincidences, seen number sequences, found lost items, had sittings with mediums that have brought through evidence they are communicating with him (and others) and other things that you could say.. yes, that is communication, and yet I second guess.

    For the past few months it seems that the "communication" has died down. Now, I still see the number sequences (222, 333, 444 etc.) but not as much as I used to see them. (I used to see them all day, everyday). I have started to notice that the number sequences appear when I am thinking about my husband. But any other sort of "communication" doesnt seem to be happening. Or, could it be that I am just not aware. It seems that tonight my husband might be trying to send me a message.

    As I was cooking dinner, I was talking to him (or maybe myself) as I usually do. I tell him about my day, how much I miss him, how I hope I am making the right decisions as I move forward, how I am lonely, etc. As I was going through this, my TV started acting weird. It shut itself down, like it had gone into sleep mode (which doesnt happen until hours after it has been on) When I got it back, about 5 minutes later the picture on the screen went dark. Now, I thought it was something with the receiver and tried to pull up the channel screen. When the screen came up, it showed the channel was tuned to the high satellite channels where there is no programming. OK, now that's weird, so.. I typed in the channel I was watching and hit enter.

    What came up was a blank screen, except for the show title... which was "Still Loving You." It immediately sent chills down my arms and back and an overwhelming wave of emotion. It was the oddest feeling that shot over me.

    I was able to change the channel to what I was watching, but after thanking my husband, I decided to search for the show. I entered the channel number I thought it was, to no avail of finding the show. So, I thought I would enter his number, 4, to see if I could find it. I entered 44, and there it was. Once again, I was overcome with a wave of emotion and goosebumps.

    Do I think this was a communication with my husband? Maybe? could be? I dont know. But I do find it interesting.
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  2. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    Unexpected-------> This "Personally, I feel that moment your mind recognizes it is them is the truest moment." I think is a great explanation. That one moment... the true realization is when you know it's for real.

    In that moment last night, I believed that this was my husband communicating with me. I have to equate it to the times I have sat with mediums when they have told me that he or my other family members are close by, the feeling I had was the exact same thing. the tingling, goosebumbs, cold chills, the seeing in my minds eye. All of that in my past experiences has signaled to me that this was a true communication and not wishful, hopeful thinking.

    I remember a reading I had that was in person with Tim Braun. The minute he started talking about my Dad who was there with me, and on my right side, my entire right side started to tingle. I got goosebumps and that odd electric feeling that goes through your body.

    With the tactile touches I have felt, the same feeling. And the night before my wedding anniversary, I remember having a very profound feeling... tingling, goosebumps, and seeing my husband in my minds eye.

    It is a very distinct feeling that you can not shake, and I agree, the minute you know.. it the purest time.
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  3. milahanna

    milahanna Member

    Wow...beautiful. I believe it was him. You are one very lucky woman. Your husband loves you. I so wish I would receive a message like this. I've been in a very dark place these past few days. Have lost all hope that he still loves me the way he said he did.
  4. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    re: yes, that is communication, and yet I second guess.

    I don't know how to convince you to STOP being afraid but, letting go of the mind's intellectual defenses will help him come through in a lot of ways which fear is now blocking. I've seen and felt that "fear" in many folks who I tell about my late wife's ongoing presence here. It's a fear that I don't fully understand but I believe it begins in early childhood with being told that there is a Bogyman or Ghost under your bed, in the closet or attic, etc. and we just unwittingly accept that it's true. Most folks are afraid of "Ghosts" so that may be the basis of your fear about your husband and "communications". Please find some way to stop being afraid in anyway that you can.
  5. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    jimrich, I dont think that it is fear, but as you stated my intellectual defenses that cause me to question. And I dont see anything really wrong with that. I think it helps discern between the actual and the wishful thinking.

    I, unlike you, dont have a lot of experience in this area, and so it takes a lot more for me to confirm that the experience is real. This is a big leap of faith, to believe that there could truly be something more than what we were taught as kids.

    And it's not so much being taught about ghosts, but that we have been taught that once a person dies, they go to heaven and that you will never see them again, until you die. There is no way to communicate with them truly,and there is definately no way that they will be able to communicate with you. THAT to me is the lesson people have been taught from very young, so this is a whole new paradigm shift. At least it is for me.

    I started down this road, not even after the death of my parents, but after the death of my husband. And while I dabbled in the whole subject of the paranormal during different periods of my life, I have never felt the urgency to know that life goes on until now. I want to make sure, to the best of my ability, that what I have witnessed is not just me wishful thinking, but real. To me, the "fear" I might experience is being wrong and there is nothing to any of this, and my husband is just gone.

    That is why I question.
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  6. milahanna

    milahanna Member

    I couldn't have expressed this better. This is the fear that I struggle with the most. I don't want false hope that I will see him again. I'm so afraid of wishful thinking and making something out to be a sign from him when in fact it isn't, and like you said he's truly gone.
  7. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    I dont mind being the analytical thinker that questions my experiences. I like being able to take what I have experienced, look at it from all sorts of different angles, and come to a conclusion. It also helps me hone in on the entire aspect of the situation.

    As Unexpected has said, and as I have been told by a few mediums, there is not only the communication, but the feelings that happen around the communication that needs to be paid attention to. For me, its the goose-bumpy, tingling, chilled to the bone feeling I get wrapped around the experience. There is also just a knowing.. as Unexpected said, in the experience there is just a knowing who the communication is from.

    If I look back, every single time a waking experience has happened, it's been accompanied by that goose-bumpy feeling. I have come to realize that the grander displays will be accompanied by that feeling. Even during my readings, that is the feeling I will get. So, you put 2 and 2 together, I realized that those feelings validate for me communications.

    So, maybe my skepticism has helped me in the long run as I move down this path.
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  8. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Yesterday, I frantically drove across the Valley to beat the setting sun to a park where Irene and i often spent time hoping she would come over here and be at the park with me for another "meeting" but she did not "appear" so, when I drove away from our "special" park, I felt a little silly for trying to manipulate her into coming at my command. As I drove back down the valley, she subtly reminded me of my promise to take her to Arby's along that street as I had promised on the way to the park so I happily agreed to go right there. And then she showed me the image of a Denny's along the way so I asked her which one she wanted = a breakfast at Denny's or roast beef and cheddar at Arby's and she said BOTH! By now I was laughing hysterically at her amazing sense of humor but did not try to get both for her. On the way there a motorist hit my car in the back so I quickly took pictures of his license plate and insurance info and left to stop in Denny's where I needed to sit in a booth and calm down. Irene was not there with me but pretty soon I decided to take her on down to Arby's so we left without ordering. At Arby's, I felt a little calmer and then a girl sat real near me and struck up a conversation so I believed Irene wanted all of that to happen. The girl and I spoke briefly but did not become "an item", since i am not looking for a companion right now.
    So many interesting and amazing things happen with Irene and me so it's getting to be automatic and "normal" for her to come and go as she wishes. I just go with the flow and allow her to be and do whatever she wants and now my late brother is coming here as well. I wondered if I'd become overwhelmed or Codependent on "them" but they seem wise and polite so it's not like me being their "toy". They feel like friendly visitors and make me very happy whenever they appear in my mind or surroundings. I told the girl at Arby's that Irene just shows up with a friendly smile but rarely any deep messages. I doubt the girl at Arby's believed it but maybe she will if and when a dis-incarnate shows up in her life. Most folks do not believe this stuff so, oh well..................
  9. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Hi, in psychotherapy, a lot of attention was given to "feelings" to identify and feel them since a lot of childhood trauma survivors had gone up into their "heads" or intellect to escape the feelings of being abused or hurt and had lost contact with our feelings. We had become "mental" and did not or could not feel much nor even talk about our feelings so I spent a lot of time feeling and describing my feelings the best I could until I gathered up a few useful words and phrases to talk about feelings. This emotional work has paid off and allows me to easily recognize and label my feelings - especially with "spiritual" things. I've noticed that a lot of "normal" folks cannot say what they feel nor talk about feelings - theirs or anyone's. It's been a blessing to have the tools to understand and talk about feelings as well as thoughts or mental stuff.
    Thanks for mentioning that.

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