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Discussion in 'Dreams and Dreaming' started by ravensgate, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. ravensgate

    ravensgate Regular Contributor

    I have read of people sometimes hearing a voice (male or female) call their name. Some say it is a sign from the spirit world. I have not really considered the origin of such phenomenon. In previous posts I mentioned that I will occasionally hear a person's name; to be more precise, it's not that I hear it but the name just pops into my head. It happens infrequently for no apparent "reasons", out of the blue, so to speak.
    However a few days ago, as I was "contemplating" getting out of bed, I heard a man's voice calling a woman. Sounded like he was close to me and yet distant at the same time; there was an urgency in his voice. No-one was around my home - inside or out; it was just me and my dogs. I know of no woman who answers to that name. The man's voice was coming from within.
    Anyone with similar experience? If so, what do/did you make of it? TIA
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  2. I wouldn't worry about that unless anything else happens to cause you concern... I ask my spiritual support 'Angel's'Guides'Higher Self' sometimes to call my name and they do... Is there much activity on here, Spiritual Forums is closing down, and I think a lot of people will be looking for a new home to discuss spiritual issues...
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Is there much activity, you ask? Well the activity level is directly proportional to the number of contributions by members. :)

    I've already encouraged folk from SF - where I've been a member even longer than I have here - to give ALF a try and if they do then the activity level here should increase markedly. As for a new home to discuss spiritual issues well I can confirm ALF is just such a home. Spiritual issues are my personal stock-in-trade.

    You won't have had time to familiarise yourself with the range of topics we've discussed here over the years but I think you'd be favorably impressed if you did. The number of forums isn't as great as on SF but more will be added if member interest is shown.
  4. Thanks for your reply - I have put a link on SF's as others may have before over recent days to ALF - might be one or two, or many more heading your way... looks a nice site, and the edit button is good to correct any spelling errors...
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Oh the edit button is my best friend! :D

    Glad to hear you like this website and I hope a few more members from SF will feel encouraged to give it a try - thanks for posting links. :)
  6. Hello One-Light, nice to see you here.
  7. Nice to see you here as well Cupid... Seems a very nice site 'very well run' I think with 'good' messaging from so many... I think i'll put a link to here on the corona on healing page 'powerful thread' on SF's later, if they can handle the workload here - if not Mac will message back to steady on...
  8. I wrote a message ready yesterday to reply to someone who's dog had passed recently on here somewhere, he/she only had one reply I think - then I come back today, and could I find the message, not as chance - some of you males on here will be able to relate to this 'looking' issue - you know when wife gets you to go to a big store or a supermarket to get something, and we stare at the shelves - where could that be now, not a clue lol... Any ideas anyone?
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I can't be certain without delving into the website options but I don't think intended responses are retained if you don't post them. I don't think the draft you create is saved when you leave the website, as when you close the open window or log off the site deliberately.

    Sorry if it's stating the obvious but it's best to post a response as soon as it's ready for posting or save a copy of it elsewhere ready to be finished.
  10. Its ok Mac I have the message saved here, just couldn't find who I was going to send it to lol - spent more time looking than it took me to write the reply, and a lot went into preparing it - i'll look again later, got to be somewhere, It was someone who had to put their dog down...

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