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Vivid Dream from my Mom

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by JCM, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. JCM

    JCM New Member

    Hello, I just found this forum and decided to jump in!

    My mom, whose birthday is this Thursday, died four years ago. I was an only child, she lived with us for the last nine years of her life, and I miss her terribly. So much so that my grief processing was an important reason I opted for early retirement.

    A few months after her death, I attended a grief discussion group at church and I told the others that if I could only get a two minute phone call from her telling me she was OK I would be satisfied. Sometime, thereafter, I had a dream of my parents standing side-by-side with my mother calling me on the phone. They appeared as they did in the 1980's.

    My mom said that when she was in the final moments of dying she wanted me to go with her, but then realized how selfish that would be in view of my own daughter who needed me here. She told me she and my father were OK but that it was difficult to adjust to what she seemed to indicate was a new country. (My parents were immigrants to the US.) I asked her about her brother and she said he was now working and that my recently deceased cousin had "purchased a house that was far away." She told me that she had not seen much of her own mother who had died when she was a teenager. My father was silent throughout the whole time. My parents didn't seem sad or happy, just still in the process of adjusting, and wanting to communicate as much as possible during our "two minutes." Now, I have a very high opinion of my parents who were extremely generous to those in need and kind to the under-dog. So, I felt that they would have something more uplifting to report about their current states. Heaven, I guess.

    The second dream I had of my mom was that she was caring for a baby with Down Syndrome. Curiously, I am a volunteer in a program for that community.

    Although I was much closer to my mom, I believe that my father is much more watchful over my daughter and myself than she--I sense him, usually through the sighting of "123," his birth month and year.

    I would appreciate any help in understanding any of this better. Thank you.
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  2. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Welcome to the forum, JCM, and please look around to find some significant information regarding your needs to understand your Mom's current life and activities.
    I'd suggest you go to this thread: http://www.afterlifeforums.com/threads/writing-to-children-in-heaven-afterlife.2281/#post-44901 ....to gain insights into the life and condition of those in Heaven such as your Mom.
    Apparently, some Dis-incarnates need a "guide" to help them adapt or get used to Heaven or the afterlife when they first get there since it is so different from our physical realm so your Mom and Dad may still be "adjusting" to the afterlife.
    I don't know what you need to understand from dreams but the dream you mention seems to be a response to your desire to have a "two minute conversation" with your Mom so your Mom provided such an experience for you in a dream. They seem able to do such things from that side! I'm told that us Incarnates are easiest to reach during our dream states where our defensive ego/mind is at rest and does not block the interaction with mental doubts or fear.
    The reports of other Dis-incarnates stories are similar to yours and you parent's stories my change as time goes on when they are able to share more info with you.
    It seems that many Dis-incarnates are given loving & caring or "helping" jobs or projects over in Heaven such as you mention.
    I "sense" my late wife and now the mother of my current Fiance a lot although my late wife is visiting less and less now. They seem to "appear" just to say hello or give loving approval which always confirms to me that they are still alive and HAPPY. For me, their presence is one step beyond or above mire belief and I take their presence to be a fact and not just my wild imagination. If I merely think about my late wife or anyone over there, I somehow know that they are actually here and reaching out to me the best that they can.
    The many dreams and contacts that I've had with my late wife simply help me know that she is alive and well in heaven or the afterlife and that she is both happy there and busy doing important "spiritual" work so what I "understand" is that all's well with the Dis-incarnates that I currently know over there. There isn't much more that I need to understand about my dreams and contacts with Dis-incarnates.
    I wish you much happiness, relief and joy as your contacts with your parents and others over in Heaven continue on and perhaps improve or become stronger over time. I am ever so happy with the few, random contacts I've had that confirm the on-going happy life of those I love and once loved over in Heaven. Based upon my 7 decades of intense research, I am confident that.....we don't die! Life goes on and it's pretty wonderful in the other realm(s).
    Good luck,
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  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It can be hard to make accurate assessments of what we dream. Some attribute great significance to their own dreams and it may well be that THEIR dreams do indeed have great significance. But it's not a principle that can be extended to the dreams of everyone.

    What we're really looking for, perhaps, is a meaning that's being sent by those we hope were actually part of those dreams and it's possible there is such a meaning. But it's equally possible that our unresolved emotions are responsible for the events in our dreams. I'm not persuaded by dream accounts alone but if there's corroborating evidence, other details found elsewhere, I'm prepared to see them in a different light.

    Having said all that, however, I am confident that some individuals experience in their dreams things that really are meaningful to them personally. But as you're a new member here on ALF I need to say that I'm in no doubt whatsoever that there's a so-called afterlife for all of us - I'm not a 'disbeliever'. :)
  4. JCM

    JCM New Member

    Thank you both for your response. I was happy to have this dream because it seemed so true to my mother. The clarity of the dream made it seem different to other dreams I have had about my parents. At the same time, what she described seemed pedestrian instead of transcending. I guess I wanted lots of clouds and angels.

    Today, I went to the cemetery because it was my mom's birthday. Curiously, as I left the grounds, the broadcaster on the radio said, "I want to wish my mom a happy birthday today..."
  5. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Hi JCM. I just edited my first reply to you and wish to comment some more here. The "Dreams" the Dis-incarnates create for or give us are different from the dreams our own minds create because the Dis-incarnate is offering us something unique or special. Try that link above to the Dis-incarnate children's letters for more insights into why there are no "clouds and angels" over in the afterlife and also why that ream is so different from our Incarnate, earthly realm.
    LOL, don't ask me how but that's how they do it! They have apparently magical powers so, having you hear that "happy birthday broadcast" was set up by your Mom, in my opinion and experience. LOL, I just love it when they do these things!!! I would not bother going to be with my mom or late wife at a cemetery since they are right here with me all the time anyway! Here's a sample of one of the Dis-incarnate children's letters to her parent: "Mom, I am sorry you feel so sad. Please be happy. I am. I loved the balloons [that the parents took to a cemetery] but I am not in the ground. You know that, right? I am like the balloons floating in the air. I am with you every day. I come with a lot of people and we try and cheer you up. I do my monkey dance in front of you hoping you will see it. Mommy, watch for me in your dreams. [http://www.afterlifeforums.com/threads/writing-to-children-in-heaven-afterlife.2281/#post-44901] There are many letters in that thread and in James's book that address your questions and concerns.
  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    When dreams appear more clear or vivid than normal then it's possible it was a 'visitation' rather than your dream system creating the scenario. I hope that overall you've enjoyed what you've experienced. Many, perhaps most, do not appear to have such reassuring visions, dreams or whatever.

    I'm sorry to say that accounts of clouds and angel visions may not be accurate reflections of life 'over there' although I doubt that what our loved ones experience could ever reasonably be called pedestrian. ;) In time she may be able to better impress on you more of the wonder shell be experiencing in her new environment. :)
  7. JCM

    JCM New Member

    Thank you Jimrich and Mac, your comments were in a sense a birthday gift from my Mom. All that you wrote makes sense.

    My Dad was not as "hands on" a parent as my Mon was. Yet, now, he is the one that seems to "surface" more. My daughter has some learning issues and it was important, as we saw it, that she would be accepted in a certain high school that was hard to get in. Her waiting list number was 23 and, when accepted, she was assigned locker number 84. I remembered immediately that my father was born in 1923 and died in 1984. She has done well at this school.

    After my father died, I had a repetitive dream of re-experiencing his death that came after cardiac surgery. In life and in this recurring dream. My mother and I were in the ICU waiting room where we got progressively worse news from the doctor until he came out to announce my Dad's unexpected demise. This scenario was repeated in the dreams but I would awaken before the denouement of the story. It would take me several seconds, upon awakening, to realize that my dad was dead--a very disturbing experience Then, about a year after his death, I had a brief dream wherein he was sitting at a glass-top table wearing a radiantly white shirt. I saw him give Communion to himself and then I felt he was safe and at peace. It was the most beautiful dream I ever had.
  8. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

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  9. JCM

    JCM New Member

    Thank you, Jimrich. Your insights are very valuable.

    Two more dreams, if I may. The most unusual was after my grandfather died. I was in my 20's and had not yet experienced the death of someone I loved. After the funeral, upon returning back to school, I woke up in the middle of the night, and said: "my God, if I only knew he still exists." At that very second, there were three separate burst of sound and light in the corner of my bedroom. It was as if it had been produced by those old Kodak cameras with the little light bulbs for indoor photography. I was not at all alarmed and I then simply set my head down again and went to sleep. But I am certain I was awake when in happened.

    Much most recently, I dreamt that I was flying or floating over a beautiful valley filled with flowers that seemed to be informed with consciousness. I could change my direction or speed just by thinking so. My journey ended when I could see at the horizon a mountain range that was an Alpine barrier to whatever was beyond.
  10. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    I'd say your gramps was signalling you from Heaven - THREE TIMES and something inside of you recognized it was a message so you were not frightened nor disturbed.

    IMO, you were having an astral travel or out of body event during sleep and had entered the Afterlife realm (beautiful valley filled with flowers ... similar to what appears in the letters from Dis-incarnate kids to their parents) and the distant mountain rage is the barrier/veil between the Incarnate realm and the Dis-incarnate realm. Dis-incarnates can enter this realm at will but most of us Incarnates cannot easily go to the Dis-incarnate realm...........oh well.......You are having awesome experiences and insights - just like those Dis-incarnate kids who have written to their parents. Have you visited any Mediums or Psychics to explore these dreams and mystical experiences?
    Good luck on this magical journey to the Afterlife realm....
  11. JCM

    JCM New Member

    Thank you! I have been to psychics, perhaps a total of five time over a thirty year period, but not yet to a medium. One visit with a psychic was very powerful, another fairly so and the remaining ones very flat. One medium told me that I did not need a session since it seemed that I was getting pretty good communication as it was. Yet, what experiences I have had, have the "breeze upon the face" quality in that they have occurred when I was not expecting them. A medium, I suppose, would be able to "put the call through" then and there. But perhaps it is better to retain the spontaneity.
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  12. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    JCM, I truly loved having direct communications through several mediums with my late wife right after she crossed over but I also enjoy the many ways she "drops by" in random and unexpected ways. Her sense of humor is as good as ever and she seems able to predict the things I need to experience or learn in this realm. I credit her for putting my new fiance and me together! It seems to me that your connections are pretty good and consistent so, happy days.............

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