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Ultimate judgment

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by Shabse, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Shabse

    Shabse New Member

    I read Dr. Moody's book - Glimpses of Eternity. It was both uplifting and comforting. However, all the after-life discussions raise one central question.

    Life is not fair - there is good and evil in the world. The righteous sometimes suffer and evil sometimes prosper. Judaism teaches - and I believe most of the world's religions teach - that in the end there is an ultimate justice. This means that in the big picture, individuals must account for their deeds. If there is no justice, then life - and religious faith - is a lie.

    Yet in all the literature about NDEs and ADC, there is little, if any discussion about this. On the other hand there is one YouTube about an NDE experienced by a man in Tel Aviv who was as secular (non-practicing) a Jew as they come. The NDE is quite frightening as the man discusses not only his own facing judgments for his misdeeds, but experiencing other souls in pain as a result of wrongdoing. Judaism teaches that there is a time of judgment, a time of "repair," if you will, in the World of Truth, and, ultimately an eternal reward for the good achieved in this life. Incidentally, the man in the YouTube video eventually became a practicing Jew, though not immediately after his NDE.

    Also, I cannot accept for a moment that truly evil people (Stalin, Hitler and Mao come to mind) earn the kind of peace and love described in Moody's books or on Afterlifeforums. The Torah (Five Books of Moses), as well as some of the books of the Prophets, are quite clear that evil deeds have consequences.

    Also, in looking at a few post on on other threads, there are statements about God in the Jewish Bible that are totally inaccurate. Specifically there are statements regarding the Binding of Isaac and the Ten Plagues that are way off base. I believe the misunderstandings arise from people reading the Bible in any language but Hebrew.
    Hebrew has multiple layers of meaning within each letter (let alone words, phrases and sentences) that cannot be captured in ANY translation, let alone English. All translations lead to gross misunderstandings of the text.

    For example, there was one reference to Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with white hair. There's no reference to that whatsoever in either Exodus or Deuteronomy. In fact, in Deuteronomy, the Torah speaks of Moses on the last day of his life and describes him as still possessing a youthful physicality.

    By the same token, other gross misrepresentations of Scripture occur because the readers are using translations that corrupt the original intent of the verses. If the Bible is to be used as a source of information, one must understand the text the way it was written - itself a difficult task.
  2. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Mikey tells me that we absolutely are responsible for our actions here and that nothing goes unnoticed! When we pass we have a life review. This review occurs with "High Loving Souls" who will point out to us our non-loving ways if we "don't seem to see them." With some souls, their ego continues at their life review. They don't see how hurtful they have been. This does NOT give them a "pass" . These Higher Loving Souls teach and show them why what they did was hurtful, etc. These souls then "are placed" according to their ways and actions. Heaven has hundreds of levels or aspects of love. Seven planes with many levels or aspects in each. It is all based on love and forgiveness. These souls are guided and worked with. Teaching takes place. Because life is eternal, they can always improve if they so wish. But we absolutely are responsible for our actions! Mikey says that the higher levels of Heaven are glorious, but the lower levels or aspects are not.
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"
  3. Annie

    Annie Member

    What Mikey says rings true as always. Because I was just reading I think either a blog or article on people who do bad things in their lives sometimes kind of go through a "boot camp" where higher leveled spirits, like Carol and Mikey say, tell them why what they did was wrong and how to improve themselves. It's done in a nonjudgmental and loving way though. These people might even end up kind of reliving what they put others through as many times as they need to in order to learn. Once they forgive themselves and change then I think they can move onto the higher levels.

    I agree that sometimes it seems unfair that you can commit all kinds of terrible acts in life and end up in the same place as Jesus, but the truth is a lot of those souls have to earn it...not because anyone is "punishing" them but rather in order to progress, you have to have a high spiritual vibration. People full of hatred and negativity have a very low vibration and might end up in the lower levels of the afterlife until they can forgive themselves and learn to love.
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Wonderful response, dear Carol and Mikey, as always! It astonishes me to read your posts and see how accurate they are, in every detail - they all agree with and expand upon our already vast body of afterlife literature. You really do have an extraordinary gift, and you are a great blessing to us here!

    Shabse, my dear wonderful friend, I understand how you feel. I felt the same way when I first began to understand what the afterlife evidence tells us: I didn't want there to be no ultimate justice! Somehow that seemed to me to be blurring the distinction between good and evil. But as I came to better understand what the evidence suggests is going on, it made enough sense to me that I began to trust it. And now I am confident that it is true, but it did take time! Here is what nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent evidence indicates:

    1) God is infinitely powerful and perfectly loving. Just as you love all your beautiful sons, so God loves each of us. No matter what a son did, nothing could separate him from your love, and so it is with God: we live in love eternally.

    2) There is indeed a judgment awaiting each of us. Dead folks who have communicated with us have been reluctant to talk about it in detail - perhaps because it is such an intense and embarrassing experience - but we have a good general idea of what it involves. One of the great things about Mikey's response just above is that he gives us more detail about the process - the "High Loving Souls" and the remedial efforts made - which are consistent with the rest of the evidence but are rarely mentioned by the dead.

    3) People who have chosen to be evil reportedly go through a harrowing period of punishment. That they have judged themselves, been unwilling to forgive themselves, and thereby lowered their rates of vibration until they ended up in the outer darkness levels doesn't change the fact that they are being severely punished for their deeds!

    4) We are eternal beings, and in eternity every one of us advances to spiritual perfection and returns to God. I wish we knew more about the details of this process, but we are told repeatedly that the punishment levels are full of advanced beings trying to reach and comfort and educate each lost soul. Every one of them will eventually be rescued! I have never seen a hint anywhere that there is ultimate condemnation for any of us, no matter what we may have done.

    Remember that this is not "real life." It is just school, and nothing that happens here is real in any ultimate sense. When we graduate from here and return to real life, the question apparently is whether or not we have learned from the lesson plan that we ourselves designed - as Mikey says above, it is learning and growth which are the real focus of our life review and judgment. But this is not real, dear friend. For me, that makes the lack of an ultimate condemnation for evildoers easier to bear.

    Each religion is a separate path meant to teach us how to advance spiritually. They do this more or less well, of course, and even the effective ones are better for some folks than for others; but all the world's great religions seem to share a grounding in God's perfect truth. Some religions - like your own - offer more than spiritual teaching, but are instead a whole spiritual way of life, and that seems to me to be a great advantage. As is true of no brand of Christianity (except perhaps for Catholics in enclosed religious orders), Orthodox Judaism governs every significant aspect of a believer's life in ways which are so satisfying for the believer that this ancient faith has persisted nearly unchanged through the most horrendous persecutions and is as vibrant as ever today. That is amazing and wonderful, dear Shabse! And your book, Zayis Ra-anan, is fun to read in part for its glimpse into your richly ordered life. Big hug, dear friend! As your son Sholom is showing you and all of us, God's love is more wondrous and perfect than any of our religions has imagined!
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Oops - I was writing while you were posting, dear Annie! Wonderful comments, as always ;-).

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