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To go to the light or not?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Moonbarker, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Moonbarker

    Moonbarker New Member

    Hi everyone - I’m newly registered here but not new to the forum and regularly lurk reading the threads. Like many of you, I do a lot of reading and investigating of all things relating to the afterlife including interviews and documentaries etc on YouTube. Lately, a few Youtube ‘recommendations’ have come up with videos discussing why going through the tunnel or towards the light upon death is some kind of trick (by sinister beings?) to trap us on earth in endless reincarnation cycles. I was expecting the comments underneath to be jam packed with people proclaiming this as nonsense but was surprised to find the theory seems to have a significant following! From what I can gather, the advice was that you are to ignore the tunnel and/or light and go into the darkness or void instead where you should ask for the ‘true’ exit and in doing so end up where you are supposed to be i.e. heaven! I always thought when the day comes, it would all be fairly self explanatory but I’ve been left feeling really quite alarmed and frightened by this theory and wondered if any of you had heard of it and what your thoughts are. Thanks.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    My view is that what you've heard is so much nonsense but only you can decide who to allow to influence you and your own approach.

    My approach has always been to take my guidance from teachers and guides who have been widely acknowledged as spiritually advanced and authoritative and whose words and ideas appeal to my reason. I personally wouldn't dream of listening to so-called advice from unknown folk on YouTube.

    YouTube can be helpful over many material matters but for spiritual ones it wouldn't be somewhere I'd turn for my guidance.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Please don't worry! In fact, the "tunnel and light" that is sometimes reported by NDE-ers seems to be just a rescue device, a wormhole to bring us safely through the negative lowest astral levels and to the beautiful astral at what is probably level 3. I have read many hundreds of communications from people who have completed their normal deaths, and NOT ONE OF THEM EVER SAW A TUNNEL!! Instead, for them - and for all of us - death is a natural process of leaving our bodies and reuniting with loved ones at our bedside, then raising our spiritual vibrations together as the room disappears and what appears around us is a beautiful new solid reality in precisely the same place, just as easily as you might change TV channels!!
  4. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Established Member

    I just read the other day in a spiritist site warning about that false theory or not going to the light, that could be dangerous and could be driven by low evolutioned spirits to cause mayhem....
  5. Moonbarker

    Moonbarker New Member

    Thank you Mac - I suspect it is nonsense too but there is so much information out there that it’s difficult to differentiate sometimes. Might I ask if you have any recommendations for good reading material from those you consider to be spiritually advanced? I’ve noticed you mention Silver Birch regularly - would that be good place to start? Thanks.
  6. Moonbarker

    Moonbarker New Member

    Thank you Roberta - that has reassured me. I shouldn’t let myself be drawn down the rabbit hole of misinformation! Your explanation sounds much more appealing!
  7. Moonbarker

    Moonbarker New Member

    I thought that might be the case too truthseeker. I just got a little scared by it particularly as I’m quite exhausted at the thought of having too many more re-runs here on Earth! I’d be interesting to find out how many times I’ve been here already. Anyway, I think I will file the theory under ‘things not to worry about’ in the meantime. Thank you for your response.
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I would certainly suggest you consider reading at least one of the many compilations of Silver Birch's teachings. Take a look in the Resources section or here: https://www.spiritualtruthfoundation.org/barbanell-silverbirch/

    Some of those books may also be available through regular book suppliers.

    Alternatively Red Cloud's teachings may appeal to you and members may suggest their own favourites. :)
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    As with all communications from discarnates we should be cautious about who says what. Some individuals may be mischievous, even malicious or simply ignorant/inexperienced.

    Anyone offering advice should be treated with similar caution until one is certain about the quality of the advice they are offering - it applies here as much as it does over-there!

    I've regularly declared my approach that discarnates most readily contactable may be those still 'close to' the earth plane and may be little more spiritually-evolved than those who contact them.
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  10. Moonbarker

    Moonbarker New Member

    Many thanks - I will take a look at both and look forward to any suggestions from others too.

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