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They're happy!

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by DenverGuy, May 4, 2017.

  1. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Active Member

    I think I may have touched on this before - sorry - it's really on my mind again - but I was talking with someone who recently lost her husband. She's having a rough time.

    We agree on a lot of our thoughts, but then she said that she believed that her husband is happy and that she will be happy. That's great! But then she said that my girlfriend is very happy, and that I should be happy. I disagree.

    Maybe I'm missing something here, and maybe it's me, but cancer ripped us apart. Most importantly she suffered, but so did everyone around her. She and I didn't want or ask for this. We loved being with each other. But now she loves not being with me, not going to Costco together (which she really loved doing), not doing all of the little and fun things that people do together? Of course I don't want her to suffer now or feel bad, but I guess I'd feel (selfishly) bad if she was really happy now. I hope that makes sense.

    And if she's so happy, that means that I am supposed to be happy? What? Nothing has changed. I now have to go through days and nights without her, I'm so lonely without her, we can't talk about our day, I take trips alone now. A huge light inside of me has been turned off. It's been 10 1/2 months, and I miss her desperately and think about her almost non-stop. Is it me?
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  2. Amore

    Amore Active Member

    Your feelings are a natural part of grieving. There's nothing wrong with how you feel. One day they might change and you will feel happy for her, and for yourself again. It takes time. Be patient, and don't think that you 'should' feel this way or that. There's nothing wrong with what you feel now. It's very normal and natural. I know it's not easy though.

    Do you have a creative, energetic outlet for these feelings?
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  3. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    Hi DenverGuy!

    Boy do I know and understand about what you are saying and feeling. I was told several times that my husband was happy and it would make me angry. It made me angry because how can he be happy when he has left me here to deal with this? To clean up his mess? When I am alone and heartbroken, how can he be happy? I think that made me hurt and so much more angry.

    I understand now what they meant that he is happy not because he wasnt with me, doing the most mundane things we would do together, but because his spirit was free from his body that was failing him. He was so much sicker than we both realized (Obviously, he died of a heart attack at 46- 90% blockage in 2 arteries) and the fact that he no longer had to haul that failing body around anymore made him happy.

    Does it help me? IDK. I guess it makes me feel better that he is not lost and alone somewhere. I guess it makes me feel better that he is OK. I know that was one of my biggest fears or concerns when this all started. Is he OK? Is he lost? Is he alone? Does he understand what is going on? How can I find him. How can I help him. But, trying to understand that he is OK eases my mind a little.

    Still doesnt change the material fact that he is not sitting next to me right now (physically) on this Friday night, discussion what we are going to do this weekend.
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  4. Rising

    Rising Member

    As It is only 6 months that I lost my husband , it still feels quite raw, I think about him all the time and wondering what he is doing in his new world.
    I am happy for him, he is out of his sick earthly body and all fit and well again, he has been reunited with the Dog he loved when he was a child, I HAVE to be happy for him otherwise I would go nuts and what makes me feel better is that I have sensed him around me , I know its not the same but thats all I have now and I know one day I will see him again.
    I feel for you all that have lost a loved one, the emptiness is Cruel I know, Denver guy, I wish I could take your pain away !
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  5. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    I'm sending you a hug.

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