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The Trinity

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by georgek, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. skfarblum

    skfarblum Member

    Hi mac,
    Golden oldies
  2. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    the threads or us? ;)
  3. skfarblum

    skfarblum Member

    Very good[​IMG]
    I like that.
    Probably both
  4. georgek

    georgek Member

    Don't let that fool you;)

    Let me explain:-
    We contain the seed of God. Part of him, that allows us to develop. Of for example we compare the ape, this is an intelligent animal
    that is probably as intelligent as humans, but for one thing.
    The ape cannot pass on it's learning in the same way as humans. It learns and then it dies. Okay we can talk about evolvement and genetics, but this is behavour patterns only and do not allow the ape to develop by passing on it's ideas to other apes.

    Humans are different and have what we call divinity and an implant from the creator. As we develop we search for our creator within ourselves. We feel him/it and want to join up. There is a saying that "All paths lead home"

    Humans at one time had the ability of vision and this has been crudely put in the bible if you read Adam and Eve. We lost the gift because we misused it. The term 'crawling on thy belly' is a return to the earth.
    When we lost the gift, we became more separated and now we are spiritually blind.
    We are spiritually blind because we are unable to read others because of our cunning and cheating.
    For this reason, we have been separated from God, until we can learn within ourselves. UFOS improve the stock as this is the reason why they are interested in our reproductive organs. The abductions that we read about is based on cross breeding with their own kind. It is hoped that mankind will develop within themselves?

    Yes..we all have. This is what separates us from animals. At some time we have all questioned who we are and what we are doing here? We say:- "Is that it...there must be more?"
    When we hold out our hand for our brother, this is the God factor. Sometimes people look for their god and are willing to die for him. Where is the sense in that, other than how they must feel? This does not mean that their vision of God is the correct one, merely that they believe it to be so, because they are looking for the creator.

    Blade Runner

    Think of this:-

    Rutger Hauer had been created as an android. Throughout his existence he had found many things and been to different galaxies far beyond than any human, as his knowledge and experience was vast.

    He had learnt so much, that he feared for his immortality, knowing that he had been created with a flaw. A HUMAN flaw.

    Throughout his learning he had found God and realised the great existence of life and it's purpose. Despite all this, he HAD NO SOUL and could not return to him.

    Towards the end, he grabbed Harrison Ford's hand to save him from falling and realised that this was an attribute of God. No person had ever taught him that except the creator.

    There was no real purpose left in Rutger Hauer's existence...yet he did something beyond ROBOTIC logic by saving a human. Who taught him that?

    He gasps hold of a dove because he wanted a soul and held it gently and lovingly.
    Then he dies and lets go of the dove.
    The dove flies heavenward to replicate the soul/spirit that he never had.

    The final 'sting' is the last passage as Harrison Ford is told about a man's work.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2017
  5. skfarblum

    skfarblum Member

    Very interesting.Thank you for your explanations.
    It throws light on where you are coming from and your beliefs.
    I always appreciate the views of others.
    So one learns.
    I did not know the blade runner story so I
    made up my own.Your interpretation makes good sense and is quite
    intriguing.As this whole conversation has been.

    Kind regards

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