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The Trinity

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by georgek, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. georgek

    georgek Member

    I was corresponding with someone some time ago and he made a point about the word 'Trinity'

    It is a recognised theory that we are actually consistent of many bodies.
    The bible makes reference to The Trinity which is in a different scale.

    In adaptive thought, it has been said that animals in general have TWO bodies whilst humans have THREE


    We consist of:-
    1) Soul
    2) Spirit
    3) Physical Body

    Soul and Physical Body

    The soul is meant to be the real you or the puppet controler. A god if you like? The soul has more than one physical body on earth where lessons are learnt by the physical which endures hardship.

    Our spirit is that which is part of God. When we die, our spirit returns to God and passes on the lessons taht we have learnt. Animals in general do not have a spirit...only a soul. Although it can be argued that some animals do have spirits.
    The spirit is what makes an entity divine.
    If you think about it, this is the God, subconscious part of our make up which gives us emotions and a conscious?

    So have I named these bodies correctly? I am not sure.

    On top of all this, we have what is called The Etheric Body. This is just an electrical part of our makeup which usually dissipates after death.

    I can see that I may have opened a wide area of discussion of what the person really consists off?
    Not meaning to 'tread on any toes', I leave this open for debate.
  2. skfarblum

    skfarblum Member

  3. georgek

    georgek Member

    The thing what I find very important about this 'Trinity thing' is that a certain part of us belongs to the creator.
    This to me, is like a 'black box' (for want of a better word) that feeds the creator.

    In retrospect, it us that takes more than we give, but this explains man's search for divinity.

    There are many references in the bible for example....

    Like "man has become like us knowing good from evil"

    "ye are gods" and so on.
    We ARE gods because we contain part of God which later returns to him.

    Whether we see our god as the Overself, or an entity with many puppets it is hard to understand.

    I know films tend to be fiction, but this is an interesting clip. It would be interesting if anyone can explain this?

    Last edited: Jan 25, 2017
  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

  5. skfarblum

    skfarblum Member

    Dear georgek,
    You seem to be a serious person and you deserve a serious response.
    There are certain aspects of what you wrote I do not understand.
    Such as "that a certain part of us belongs to the creator"
    and "We ARE gods because we contain part of God which later returns to him."
    Why do you think like this?Have you experienced this?

    In the clip for me the blade runner is showing how separateness brings fear
    and this makes one a slave to this feeling(fear).
    He then saves this persons life by grasping his hand and lifting him up
    thus showing him love and compassion are stronger than fear, and separateness is
    an illusion or an interpretation of a mind of a reality.
    By saving this one human life,blade runner has redeemed himself and
    thus he is free to depart this reality and he is no longer a slave to some
    inner compulsion.

    As an explanation.
    I follow a way which is not a way but a living from a personal knowing.
    I create my own myth and live it.
    You may be doing the same.

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