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the things kids remember

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by gazza45, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. gazza45

    gazza45 New Member

    Hi. New here. I 've always had an interest in the nature of the universe and the afterlife ever since vividly remembering my first memory being looking down from the corner of a bathroom to a woman washing a baby in the sink and then zooming in. The woman was my mother and I can recall facts about the bathroom which I couldn't otherwise know as it was decorated shortly after my birth. Today my 5 year old son said out of nowhere that before he was born he 'existed' (his words!) as a ... (struggled for a word) but closest he could find was 'like a star in space' and that he knew he had to come 'down' and live as a human again and that he didn't want to but had to. I probed without leading him and he said all he remembered was being in a 'star' and that it was lovely peace and quiet. I ve never heard him talk fondly of 'peace and quiet' before lol!! He said he didn't want to 'return' because he was a man there and he knew he would forget about being that man when he became a baby again! But He had to...he couldn't recall why He 'had to' but it made him anxious thinking about it. He then went on to say he was 'moved' in a second from there to him (baby)..like a 'teleport'...and at that point he was happy again. He's 5 and I can't see how hes just being imaginative as we 're not religious so wouldn't have heard similar stories or seen anything on tv of this nature. Just curious if there's common themes from other kids (who may recall better) that would help peice together more details of what goes on after/before
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  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    What a wonderful story! Yes, emphatically these kinds of memories in young children have been reported before, but they are rare since the pre-birth amnesia that we accept as part of the deal when we return to earth is quite effective. What rings true in what he said is his inability to describe in human terms where he came from, then his settling on the star imagery and the sense of ineffable peace, and his not wanting to return but feeling that he had to do it. This seems to be pretty much the way that most of us feel: we want the spiritual growth and progress that is possible for us on earth, but we certainly don't want to leave our happy home and go through another earth-lifetime to get it! What is unusual is your son's age, to be frank. The amnesia is often incomplete for very young children, through perhaps the age of three, but still retaining it at five is quite unusual. Please give him a hug from me!
  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's often been debated why most of us don't recall any previous existence. Perhaps in gazza's child's account there's some insight into that?

    Continuing memory of feeling reluctant about leaving 'there' as an adult to come here as a baby/child - even though it was understood at the time of leaving - might be very unsettling or upsetting for us.

    Continued, inexpressable feelings of reluctance and sadness at leaving the etheric dimension might sometimes account for those babies who can't be settled or comforted, parents left struggling to cope and blaming themselves for their child's obvious discomfort; been there, done that. Perhaps some young babies/children retain for a time trauma from a previous life. We were told by a medium friend that ours did.

    Maybe it's not that unusual to retain some such memories although long-term recall of them is? Maybe some of us at least should be thankful we don't remember previous lives?
  4. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    "Our daughter had a son the following year and when he was 4 years old he was playing in our pool when he turned to myself and my wife and asked us did we know what happened when you die. we answered you went to heaven or something like that. he became annoyed and said he could remember being an old man and closing his eyes and when he opened them he was in another place. he said it was like your birthday everyday but no presents and all your friends are there. he also said that he chose to be with his Mum & Dad"

  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    When our daughter was four she told us she'd been playing with her brother. Nothing unusual with that except that her brother died the previous year and she'd never known him in the body.

    My wife and I are not make-believers and had never told our child any of the barefaced untruths that many children get told as children. She grew up in a 'mac' world of honest answers when she asked questions. There was no make-believe, no fairies. She hated dolls and Santa was laid to rest when she said at a similar age and unprompted "Dad, there's no such thing as Santa, is there?" So when she said what she did about playing with her brother all she knew was that he'd died at birth and we didn't know why.

    She never mentioned him again and 30 years on has only rarely mentioned him.

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