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The Powers Within-Faith

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by georgek, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. georgek

    georgek Member

    There is an old saying that the truth lies close at hand, but mankind searches afar.

    Generally looking at some of the postings, I would say that the philosophy endorsed is pretty accurate.
    I am by no means an adapt on spiritual matters as I am far from perfect.(well thanks anyway...lol)

    I have been around a long time, and have found that nearly all forums are pretty much the same!
    Whether it be sceptics, gnostics, UFOS, secular or atheist.
    The strangeness on a spiritual forum, is why are the disbelievers still here/there?

    I would have thought many would have worked with me for a common cause?
    Instead, like all other forums, I am faced with having to validate, either my sanity, trust or success in life.

    Personally, I do not believe people really believe?
    Some I see, as walking encyclopedias. which can talk the 'back leg of a donkey'

    People will generally believe what they want to believe. They come up to me, and say:- "Prove this and prove that...and why have you not seen my uncles bad leg?"

    I am sorry, but the other part of my life is a normal human being with a life of it's own, as it is hard work trying to convince.

    Convincing one (if that was possible), leaves another ten million others or more, because everyone says:-
    "Prove this to me...and see my dog's vet bill and tell me how much?"

    You literally spend 99.9% of your time, having to validate YOURSELF before even attempting to debate things with others!

    People will believe what suits them.
    There was one time, when someone posted a picture with a kind of animal shape in yellow coming out of the ground at this youth hall somewhere in America.
    Post after post of applause as the shape was meant to be that of a pony that this little girl had loved half a mile away.

    There was kissi-kissi this and kissi kissi that, as kids continued with their dancing lessons in the youth hall.

    I looked at the picture, and it hit me like a jolt! Flames were coming out of the ground as pictures of indians floated above my head. The picture did look like a horse, but this was just coincidence.

    The Indians came through saying that the hut was built on sacred indian ground, and I immediately searched for facts on the Internet and found the protests that where nearby.
    Well...the banned me for upsetting too many people with my thoughts.
    Personally, if someone was dancing on my grave, I would not like it either.

    People Are Like That

    Do they really believe? NO! It is generally just talk to what is fashionable or what they wish to believe.
    The truth is inside themselves, that if they really believed in themselves, without denouncing other people who take great efforts into validating themselves, they would also be able to see!!
    Simple as that!
    People look at me at say:- "Oh he is preaching....rule number one broken. Disagree and you are flaming"
    How do you talk? You cannot!

    They say:- "oh you believe in UFOS because you have seen, but others have not"

    I believed in UFOS before I had seen, as I had faith to stand underneath one, whilst the earth burned with light, and STILL I trusted and held my ground. They come to me, because they can use me and they do not need to convince me.

    People say:- "Ahh...a charlatan or fluke...go and see a psychiatrist!"

    If people think that way, why don't they try and do what I can do?

    It is easy.

    How Does It Work?

    People need to believe more in themselves rather to need convincing here. They think:- "Oh that suits me" cos when they see the good things this is what they want to hear.

    I am not saying that what they read here is not recommended, but they are on an 'elastic band'?
    Waiting to slip back into their past ways.

    What I believe Is Spiritual Growth?
    My guides tell me that there is no such thing as failure. Showing me a stalactite and the perfection it had reached after millions of years. They say that it means that the soul is just not ready. That you cannot force growth...just like the stalactite.

    I once sang "When I was Young" by Eric Burdon, only to be confronted by my guide.
    "Is this GEORGE I am speaking to?"

    Spiritual growth is through many life times. Every time we die, we learn through our subconscious mind and take it with us. Lessons are learnt that way.

    No one has taught me to believe...I just do!

    The mind is the real you and works with the conscious mind, which is the brain. The brain is the mathematical crunching machine in the third dimension, whilst the mind works in the fourth dimension where time is an abstract!

    The Mind

    To what I can understand, this is me, because I accept it. When we do that, it strengthens. Similar to being able to walk a tightrope.
    I use my mind to create. I write poetry and can design things in my engineering capacity.

    Then I am able to drift from my subconscious to my conscious through control. The works of Brennan explains the mind better.
    Meditation develops the mind, and allows it to communicate with the brain better.

    In General

    In general I would say, be yourself and doing what I can do, does not come easy. You have to believe first and then believe and respect yourself.
    Only when you can believe in yourself, are you allowed to carry.
    I cannot force people to believe, but only ask that they do not 'knock me'

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2017

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