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The "Other" Use for ITC

Discussion in 'ITC & electronic communication' started by Andrew, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Everyone!

    I found this interview with Sonia Rinaldi on YouTube today, and I thought that many here would find it interesting. We've spent a great deal of time recently discussing the work that Sonia and Craig are doing with ITC, and how it will put us into contact with our deceased loved ones--but there is actually another purpose that Sonia in particular is currently exploring. She is beginning to use ITC in order to help embodied, disabled people to communicate. For example, in the video, she mentions helping to connect a pair of parents with their child, who suffers from non-verbal autism. Illnesses like autism and Alzheimer's exist within the brain, meaning that the person's mind and personality remain unaffected, and that he or she is perfectly capable of communicating with the help of ITC.

    (The interview is in Brazilian Portuguese. There are English subtitles, but they aren't great because they are automatically provided by Google. I've just requested permission to publish a subtitled version myself for English speakers, and I'm currently waiting to hear back from the content owner.)

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  2. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    I'll wait for your translation, Andrew, and hope you get permission. I came into contact with this notion - or rather a similar one - a few years back when (husband) Dennis O'Connor was writing in an online forum about his wife Georgia. I think she's pretty well known as a medium in the USA.

    The suggestion was that mediumship could enable certain mediums to contact the spirit of an individual who was unable to communicate in any way, such as in a persistent vegetative state or other coma. Strictly that's not mediumship which is transdimensional communication but that's not important. If some psychically sensitive practitioners can indeed communicate in the way suggested it might be a hugely helpful breakthrough in helping this sad situation.

    Enquiries around my regular forum contacts revealed that there was nothing new in that technique - it was known about from the past. Sadly, though, I wasn't able to turn up many actual accounts and no-one seemed interested in being involved that way.

    It's a puzzle, though, how the device used in ITC could be used by the animating spirit of an incarnate, albeit one who is unable to communicate physically. As we're told the device is situated somewhere in the higher spiritual levels the animating spirit of such an individual would not only have to navigate its way into the etheric level(s) but would also have to travel to the higher level where the station is located. Perhaps in such coma situations the animating spirit is more free to move than when deepy involved with the physical shell, the way most spirits presumably are other than during sleep.

    Not suggesting it couldn't be done but a good explanation would be helpful.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    There is no "place," dear. No distance. From an earthly perspective, everything is exactly where we are, but only at higher vibrations! I am coming to theorize that since the estimable figures who are developing the North American Station tell us that they are in the highest realms (apparently the sixth level), while regular dead folks communication through the Station use it readily even though they might be at just Level Three or Level Four, then the Station itself must be on all levels. Not difficult to imagine, when you realize that they are all in the same place but only at different vibrations. And the same would go for the etheric realms that we visit during sleep, and that those in comas or otherwise impaired also can easily visit. To think of it differently, although they tell us it seems physical to them, the North American Station may be something like a state of mind. We are learning that just our thoughts can summon them to it so they can use it to communicate with us. The physics of the non-material is so very different from the physics that we are experiencing now!
  4. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    Language again lets us down. The words 'place' and 'distance' are simply shorthand for aspects tricky to describe, hard to visualize.... Similarly there are no "highest realms" or numbered 'levels'. Again they're shorthand because our words can't adequately describe the true situation.

    For many years I haven't had any difficulty picturing all dimensions and levels occupying the same 'location' but many seekers of understanding may view numbered levels and 'higher vibrations' as linear. I have never thought of life in the etheric dimensions taking place on numbered levels of existence. I mention them only in the context of others' ideas.

    When raising the points I did I had simply been listening to the way the ITC station's 'location' has been described. How it's 'far' enough from the so-called lower levels that mischief-makers - discarnates with limited spiritual progress - are unable to interfere, aren't able to operate at the different frequency.

    As for visits in sleep we don't know exactly where our animating spirits actually can go when they're visiting the next dimension. Why assume those spirits will know how to locate the building where these communication devices are being used? And a building with tables and machines is how it's been described so why suppose it's something like a state of mind?

    You don't know, I don't know, what freedom to leave this physical dimension is enjoyed by any individual animating spirit of someone affected by PVS or in coma. The degree of freedom likely corresponds to the overall spiritual progress of the individual affected. In human form we are each at differing levels of spiritual awareness and so will be our animating spirits. What we do know is that our spirits are presently not as free to roam and interact with discarnates as they will be after our corporeal death.

    As yet we don't know if our thoughts can simply summon 'the dead' as you like to say. The dead will engage if they choose to engage or else the principle of personal freewill would be violated.

    As for physics 'over-there' being different than physics here I'm pleased to see that after many times of my raising this subject on ALF you're at last acknowledging that the sciences of the dimensions may be very different one from another. Perhaps one day you'll accept that we know almost nothing about the sciences of the world of the spirit because we've been told almost nothing by our unseen friends - the dead.
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  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I don't know, but I don't think that the living communicators are using the Stations, Mac--I believe Sonia is just using "regular" ITC to contact them. That's speculation on my part, but I think it makes sense that they would be communicating to her from the earthbound plane. Those in comas, for example, are often aware of their surroundings, but it seems doubtful that they could leave the earth entirely to access the Stations while the silver cord is intact. (However, it's perhaps worth noting that other physical beings can and do use the Stations to contact us.) Another theory of mine, albeit it a less likely one, is that Sonia is contacting their higher selves, which would "be" in the Summerland levels.

    And the issue of distance and spacing in the afterlife levels is certainly more complicated than we likely can imagine, but one spirit author gave what I think is the best explanation of this issue that a mortal could understand. She said that the various spheres are not different "places"--they are actually different mental states, and the law of attraction groups all spirits with other like-minded individuals. It's the internal thoughts of these groups that creates what they understand as being their external environment. When those in Spirit visit a different level than their own, the author said, they are looking into another mentality; the actual travel is illusory.
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  6. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    I was only responding to the subject being under the umbrella grouping of 'Instrumental TransCommunication with Stations', Andrew. What defines so-called regular ITC?

    I made a very similar point in my posting #4 (a detailed response to Roberta) along with several others.

    What "other physical beings"? What evidence?

    The aspect of the so-called higher self was debated at length here some time back with little evidence that any such component of existence actually operates in the way suggested.

    The aspect of 'real vs 'illusory' is yet another debate we had some time back and can still be found elsewhere on ALF.

    It remains unclear whether all alternate/alternative 'locations' - for want of a more suitable word - have a substantive existence or whether only some of them do. There are many, many accounts of locations - places - that appear to be permanent and shared by many discarnates. Yet other 'locations' appear to be very personal and perhaps transient (eg one's chosen home immediately after passing) or specifically created for a smaller number of people, such as mountains and snowfields for snowboarding as enjoyed by Mikey Morgan and his friends. Such well-known examples make it hard to find a better alternative noun than 'places' to describe them.

    And no matter how hard any author might try to convey the nature of discarnate life, (s)he is constrained by the language of this physical dimension. Even just referring to spheres (of existence) may give the impression that etheric dimensions are spherical! If we were to refer to them as 'dimensions' I doubt any image with a specific shape would come to mind. Just one more element in my argument for better alternatives to words commonly used.
  7. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Mac, something that I really have trouble understanding is why when I read posts on this website - and I do read every one of them - now that we have managed to get control of trolling problems, the only posts I ever read that still seem antagonistic to anyone are your posts that are directed at me. I ask you now please to stop doing that. There is no historic war between us over anything, and I have no need to be more right or expert than you are. Why do you feel that there is a contest going on between us?

    I don't believe that the evidence that I have seen supports some of what you say above, and if I weren't detecting personal hostility from you I would be happy to say that, but when you preach that I must "at last one day accept" that something that you suppose that I believe is in error when in fact I suppose no such thing; and when you assert as fact that we have been told "almost nothing" by the dead on any particular topic when you cannot possibly know everything that individual discarnates have said to everyone on earth, then my interest in discussing these matters shuts down. Please assume that I would agree that you are right on all matters, dear, and perhaps you will be able to get past whatever it is that you think is going on between you and me. And please consider yourself hugged.
  8. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    Andrew if you manage to get permission to translate it, I hope you can send me the final english subtitles file with the time code so I can subtitle it from english to spanish...
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    So far, I've not heard back from the original YouTube publisher; I'll be sure to update you when I do.
  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear, if you don't get permission to subtitle it within the YouTube itself, you still can post a separate translation here! I think that all of us would love to read it ;-).
  11. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Good idea, Roberta. Just a transcript might be a little confusing, because Sonia has a powerpoint and audio clips that she references in the video, but I'll see what I can do! :)
  12. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    It's rather a shame that this thread fizzled out so quickly but even if Andrew produces a translation we'll still be unable to ask Rinaldi any questions.

    Not only am I interested in aspects of trans-dimensional communication but I am also specially interested in the inability to communicate experienced by some individuals classed as being on the autistic spectrum. The possibility of contacting the animating spirits of such individuals and maybe others affected by coma, persistent vegetative state, dementia etc. is exciting but potentially daunting.

    It's hard enough explaining to someone bereaved that life - in spirit form - goes on beyond bodily death and that sometimes unseen family and friends manage to breech 'the veil' and tell of their continued existence. Imagine, then, the situation where not only that has to be explained and accepted but also the notion that the animating spirit of an embodied individual may be reached using equipment used for 'speaking with the dead.'

    One wonders how many conventional mediums have 'picked up' the spirit of a person unable to communicate in any way but then been unable to establish a suitable dialogue with parents, friends or carers that would enable it? I'd love to hear the take of any medium with such experience.
  13. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Mac! I'm sorry, but I haven't had a free moment to work on the translation to the video--I'm finishing another afterlife-related project at the moment and, as you may have noticed, it's left me with no time even to work with the North American Station over the past week. As I mentioned above, you can select Google's automatic translation of the video as you watch it; those subtitles aren't great, but you can probably get the gist of the film that way. Unfortunately, it will likely be another couple of weeks at least before I find the time to make my own translation. (I also still haven't received the formal permission to do so.)
  14. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    It wasn't a dig at you, Andrew, and I realize you're busy with other projects. :)

    It was an expression of regret that the subject couldn't be opened up and even if you do later provide a translation there won't be any opportunity to ask questions of the subject's starter, the only one who can answer the questions that would be asked.

    I did try the automatic translation for the video but didn't care for the outcome. :)

  15. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    I just watched that video a few days ago, its amazing the recordings she got, you can hear clearly a child voice communicating not some garbled weird sounding voice sometimes one get on a traditional ITC with the spirits... this could help to change the materialistic view of medicine...
  16. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I see what you mean, Mac. Sonia does speak English well, but even so, I doubt she'd have time to answer our questions here. She's very busy right now working with visual ITC, I think. It is too bad we can't discuss these concepts with her though--as the TV host in the video above says, Sonia is the "greatest ITC researcher on earth." Her achievements are, to my knowledge, unparalleled.
  17. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    Do anybody here know an email,twitter,facebook or a mean to get in contact with sonia? I have a few questions for her, I will also like to try ITC on living with a disabled person friend of mine, and I will like to know more info....I dont know if its the same steps as to connect to the stations only that you said or think about the living person when he/she is sleeping or in a coma
  18. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Truth Seeker! I don't have Sonia's email address--I have only worked with her briefly, and we communicated through Craig on that one occasion. She doesn't seem to have a website either. You might try emailing Craig though; maybe he would be willing to contact her on your behalf. You can find his contact information here.
  19. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    Thanks Andrew...
  20. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker Member

    no luck yet..I have yet to receive a reply from that site..I have even send him a privatte message on facebook, but he hasnt read it yet...

    I also has sent a facebook message and friend request to Roberta but she also hasnt read it yet...

    I hope someone here that knows mr. Craig could tell him that I need his help..thanks..

    P.S I think I have meet him briefly in Scottsdale,Im pretty sure it was him, He must remember me, I standed out in the crowd haha

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