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The Exchange of Soul Energy

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by WhitT, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. In the last couple of years I've experienced a very big wave of life challenges and spiritual growth. And during this time, I've made some deep connections with people both platonic and romantic, and they have changed me, dramatically. By way of pain mostly, but nevertheless these experiences got me from one place to another. Although they were excruciating, I am grateful. But because of the pain and memory of some of those interactions, not all of these people do I wish to see again.

    Except for one. It's a recent connection, so strong and electric, that I'm finding it very hard to shake. Unfortunately, we have agreed to stay away from each because one of us is in a relationship, but I feel a very strong loss. This feeling has turned my attention back to the idea of soul groups, and how I’ve reacted to these exchanges in the past and what I’m doing different or learned as a result. I'm not necessarily new to the idea, and have had exposure to esoteric teachings and ideas. Little background on me, I was brought up Southern Pentecostal, that said I have always had a spiritual foundation. As crazy as all that dogma is, I'm thankful to have been brought into some sort of spiritual belief system. But since and many years ago, I evolved past all that. I’ve never been overly-concerned with why we are here, and where do we end up. That was the basis of what I grew up hearing… do good or bad, end up in heaven or hell - Your final destination is basis for all morals and life-doing. I pretty much hold a belief that while my soul continues in this life, now is the destination.

    So yeah I’m curious about how others’ experience the exchange of soul energy. I find as I grow spiritually, my encounters with this type of exchange is damn near debilitating. And my reactions to it can sometimes become very life denying and put me in a sort immobile state of being. I accept that I’m a deep feeler, thinker, an empath I guess, always have been, but yeah… I’m not necessarily looking for answers, I’m beginning to think the goal is accepting there are many answers. Just seeking discussion with “sort-of” like-minded people :) -W
  2. LachlanMac

    LachlanMac New Member

    For me, emotions are extremely complex and it isn't easy for me to understand exactly what you're feeling when you talk about exchanging soul energy. 5 or so years ago, I could have sworn to you that I had a soul mate based on emotional feelings and that gravitation pull, but retroactively, I don't think this is the case. Maybe it is because I have this notion that a soul mate has to be a positive thing, when in reality, it can be a learning experience. I'd like to think there is some greater picture of large soul groups, but it is difficult for me to put that picture frame around my life.

    Regardless, it sounds like you're living life as intended and there is a part of me that is envious you can have such strong connections with people.
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  3. I only know and speak from what I've read of others' experiences and interpretations. Apparently, when you meet someone from your soul group, there is an intense exchange of energy, in whatever form, that you can feel very intensely. And there was a pact made before the both of you arrived here on earth to help guide and teach each other something in this lifetime. Though, I would agree with you, it is difficult to frame this belief around one's life. I think life is made of too many complex situations which can evoke very confusing emotions, making it all seem like one grand paradox. But, based on events and people in my life, I believe it exists. And soulmates, twin flames, soul group individuals... whatever we want to call or label it, you're right they probably aren't meant to simply have a positive or negative impact alone, it could be both good and bad... Just someone you learn from, for however long it is. But I still sometimes seek explanation for something I can not logically analyze, because I also believe in the power of the mind and the craziness it can conjure... That aside, I guess this is where a better sense of intuition comes into play... where you can trust your feelings to be true and not believe they are just a result of some short term mental illness lol.

    I once said to a friend who was struggling with a lost connection, I told her "maybe just be grateful and bask in the beautiful moments you had together. End scene." But I'll be damned if I can take my own advice.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Sensitives can sometimes feel a 'victim' of their sensitivity. With guidance/tutoring that unfocused sensitivity can be better controlled, more mitigated. There is nothing desirable or positive in accepting feeling drained or debilitated.
  5. I wouldn't say I've accepted feeling drained or debilitated, but I understand what you mean. And sometimes my sensitivity does yield a victim mentality. Feels like an assault for sure. Especially when I come in contact with a very unwelcome energy from someone.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Control of one's sensitivity is even more desirable when it's that last situation. You may not totally be able to insulate yourself from unwelcome energy but you should be able to close off from it to a large degree. Being open to any and/or all energies is undesirable and avoidable.
  7. I appreciate your Whitt, honestly. Ever so often I'd lose sight of what's important because I fall victim to negative energies infiltrating my own.
  8. ChrisGreece

    ChrisGreece New Member

    Disclaimer. this is my 2 cents my opinion only and i am only posting this for entertainment purposes.

    You should think of another possibility. As people become more spiritually advanced they have more energy and that energy can be easily be stolen by people that have an energy deficit . So this may have nothing to do with a soul cluster. The solution for you ? I can only tell you what help me.
    https://exemplore.com/magic/lbrp2 IMHO it will also work as an energy shield protecting you from all energy vampires or energy deficit people.
    Do the banishing and the invoking once a day.

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