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Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by RobertaGrimes, May 2, 2012.

  1. A belated thankyou for your last post PoeticBlue. As mentioned in my previous post, I needed the few weeks that i have been absent from this forum in order to recover from the shock and emotional distress of losing my dear wife in such a gruesome manner. Acceptance of my loss has gradually become a little more tolerable, to the point where today has been my first full day without tears in the 4 months since my wife passed away.
    i have yet to receive any tangible signs from her in the afterlife, which is still frustrating considering the strength of our relationship and our love for one and other.If there is a way of her communicating with me, i'm sure she would find out how. and if her spirit is confused and doesn't know how to communicate, then why don't those more experienced,loving, compassionate spirits that are said to greet and guide the newly crossed over suicide spirits, help and show her how it is done?
    Roberta in an earlier post suggested Thomas Edison working on telephone connection between the physical and spirit worlds! Reads like a bit of fanciful oversell. Old Tom may have been a genius in his day, but there are thousands of people with much more extensive electronic communications knowledge that have passed away since Edison crossed over.Name dropping of the famous doesn't lend the case for an afterlife greater credibility. Quite the reverse in fact. Whilst on the subject, why in this day and age of advanced electronic communication, is the spirit world unable to to take advantage of this technology to enable the departed to ease the anguish and distress of their surviving loved ones here in the physical world without the need for a medium? I'd envisage turning my computer or I phone on one day and on the screen, reading the words ''Don't worry darling, I'm in a better place now.Love from Nga'' or words to that effect.Nothing too elaborate, just a simple message. If Mac is still a member of the forum I'd appreciate his/her insight on my questions as to why entities in this reportedly wonderful afterlife dimension have such severely limited abilities to comfort those they left behind. Particularly in the case of suicide.
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  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome back, dear William! I'm glad that you are doing a little better, while knowing that grief can be a long road. Love and hugs to you, dear friend.

    To answer your question about Edison and his team and why the heck they haven't had more success, the answer apparently is that at this point they are still pushing a string: they haven't found the right living team to work with. A living team is absolutely essential to the development of electronic communications between dimensions, as our experiences with ITC abundantly confirm; but for some reason, no living team has as yet been willing to devote the attention and the time that developing a spirit phone would need. Yes, of course, there surely are more recent scientists who have joined Edison's team in this effort! We have some evidence, though, that at least until the mid-nineties, Edison remained a major force.

    You should know that apparently everyone who dies with special scientific knowledge is invited to participate in the various projects that are ongoing in the Summerland, of which this is one - although from their perspective, it is likely not the most important. We are told that most (perhaps all) major scientific breakthroughs and inventions are first developed in the Summerland, where of course much more knowledge is available to scientists; then once they have a discovery or invention for which they think the world is ready, they impress it on the minds of a few living scientists (which is why breakthrough often seem to happen in two or three places at once). Please know, too, that from their perspective, a spirit telephone only will happen when Mind (or God) wants it to happen ;-).
  3. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    Wow time does fly. I almost forgot I made that post.. ;)

    Just to jump in out of nowhere, earth atmosphere is very thick and murky... so you see it is not easy for them to come from their realm to ours without a little difficulty. If they could just show up on our door step trust me with all my heart I know they just would but it doesn't work that way mainly because spiritual beings would have to lower their vibrational level to a great degree just to be able to communicate with us (which they already do) but I would imagine that is really draining for them. Because you see they are made up of pure energy. Also if they could easily communicate with us it would negate our purpose for coming to earth in the first place. (Take that as you may). But its not to spite us or anything. Spirits from the spiritual realm are communicating with us all the time mainly when we sleep. Please try to research dreams and ways to remember them. They can easily reach us that way.

    Lastly, they do communicate with us via electronics. I know I get communication via my cellphone flickering when I ask for a visitation and especially certain songs that play on the radio when I'm thinking about a certain someone that has passed.. I wonder how on earth they are able to manipulate certain songs to play like that but they do.. you just got to be satisfied with those little subtle hints.. its those little things that make the difference and the more you acknowledge them the more I find that they happen. And the little things you get (or will get) just say thank you and acknowledge the signs and trust me you will get flooded with communications like you wouldn't believe. It takes time. I'm sure you already know this, but by keeping your head up, it is the only way to notice what is around you.
  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's often been taught that spirit-side scientists work on projects to help this world. It's also said that many 'discoveries' have been inspired by such scientists and for me that makes much sense. There's a big difference, though, between inspiring incarnate scientists to do things in their own world and trying to set up a co-operative to develop a 'phone' to bridge the gap between our dimensions.

    The fundamental differences between the 'vibrations' of the physical and those of the etheric make simple reliable person-to-person communication near impossible. Even for experienced practitioners it's hit and miss much of the time. Such communication would be essential but I don't see a snowball-in-hell's chance of finding competent and dedicated sensitives to begin the specialized dialogue it would need just to begin the project.

    And finding scientists who knew about 'the other side' and who were interested and available to undertake the co-operative task would be a huge challenge.

    It's cloud-cuckoo land for the foreseeable future.
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    "If Mac is still a member of the forum I'd appreciate his/her insight on my questions as to why entities in this reportedly wonderful afterlife dimension have such severely limited abilities to comfort those they left behind. Particularly in the case of suicide.

    Dear William

    I come here regularly most days. I began to write a response but it quickly got too long. Your questions are simple but the answers need reference to many issues with which you may not be familiar.

    There are many possible reasons why discarnates don't or can't communicate with their bereaved family. Even if they want to, there's no straightforward way - not a single one. Those who have ended their own lives may, or may not, wish to communicate more than others but still they face the same fundamental problems.

    I could write volumes about possible reasons and over the years I probably have but I couldn't tell you which reason is more likely than others.
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