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Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by RobertaGrimes, May 2, 2012.

  1. Donni

    Donni New Member

    Hello! I've only read the first couple of pages of this thread and I see the conversation has moved on to something else...I just wanted to butt in and thank Roberta for giving consideration to this very important ethical issue. Suicide as a cause of death is at an all time high.

    I really appreciate this Roberta as having lost my son, 22, to suicide, it has crossed my mind that if it's so wonderful over there, why stay here?! He had mental health issues but what tipped the scales was the influence of a friend of his father's, a teacher of non-duality. She preached the ego is nothing, nothing exists, that kind of stuff, just made it ok for him to go.... He had no reason to stay with that kind of thinking... he was a very intelligent young man too. She even had me thinking with her words, but she couldn't see how she was devaluing the growth and value in having egos and human forms.

    The dilemma you faced Roberta is not one to take lightly and your sensitivity and forethought are a credit to you. Things can be distorted by someone in a dark place. As a parent, knowing the afterlife is a good place, it brings comfort but I'm also very conscious, in sharing my beliefs with some of his more lost friends, to not make it seem like a solution. You worded that so well and might even change some minds with your words. My son's loss hurt many in our community and his spiritual growth now undoubtedly is saturated in our tears. Thankyou for your post.

  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    I'm so sorry for your loss! I hope it comforts you to know that someone as young as he is almost certainly hasn't judged himself harshly for what he did, and hasn't set himself back spiritually. But still, as parents the fact that we can't protect our child from pain and from taking his life this way is very hard. Please consider yourself hugged, dear, and know that your child really is eternal, and he is fine!
  3. Donni

    Donni New Member

    Thanks Roberta. I have just finished editing a file where I believe he answered me twice, using the north American station (hope I got the terminology right there!) I don't think I can upload it here but I have found a FB forum to hopefully get feedback - so hard to know if I am imagining it, I don't think I am. I truly believe he lives on, I have had many amazing signs that defy logic and some powerful dreams and an awesome medium with us. Hugs back!
  4. Jonathan Hallberg

    Jonathan Hallberg New Member

  5. Amore

    Amore Active Member

    I read this whole thread in two sessions. What tremendous wisdom, compassion, and knowledge shared here! I also appreciate all the skeptic questions and doubts because they fuel the discussions and lead them deeper. Thank you to everyone!

    I wonder what happened to William who last posted in this thread 4 years ago and was doing better at that time. Is he still around? If I'm not mistaken his wife Nga's death would be five years ago this week. I hope he is well, enjoying his life, and has found new people to love.
  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I find it both sad we don't have many such detailed interchanges here nowadays but heartened that earlier contributors appear no longer to have any need to be here. :)

    edit/addition: Just after taking a look at this somewhat old thread I received an email notification of a new posting elsewhere. I was puzzled as the notification came from an 'old' website, one on which I was once very active. The place has changed considerably and its forums have - in line with those on many other websites - become quiet. There are now comparatively few new seekers and just a handful of regular contributors.

    I followed the link and found myself in a thread that had been inactive since April 2011. I also found I'd started contributing to it in late 2003! It was quite a shock that a new contributor had stumbled into a discussion we'd put to bed 6 years earlier. The experience brought home two issues.

    Firstly it confirmed something I became aware of some time back and often mention - discussion forums about spiritual issues appear to have lost their interest. Maybe folk just don't want to discuss or debate such matters, perhaps attracted by the instant gratification of posting on social media outlets, especially world-dominating Facebook. Secondly I saw just how long I've been hanging around website forums, since at least 2003.

    Perhaps it's time I looked for something new, something more spiritually rewarding.

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  7. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    That's awesome
  8. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    I dont know if I have any suggestions. The "forum world" at times seems to be out of date. As you said, it seems people gravitate towards the instant gratifications of FB, Instagram, snapchat, but you can you have these types of discussion on those places.

    I have been here for just over 18 months, and was brought here in a desperate search for answers to my questions of what happens after our loved ones die. It was here that I discovered other sites, but you are right mac, those sites are very inactive and dont hold the information that I assume people are looking for. (I know that they didnt for me) Maybe take the forum to closed group FB page?
  9. Hello everyone, I am new here perhaps about a week, got into a conversation with a new member called Mark, he in my opinion is a lovely young man, however he seems to have stopped posting for now do hope he will return. I have been on this thread all day and I have learned so much, I would like to thank everyone for their input, I lost both a son and a sister to suicide, even with all this amazing information for which I am grateful, the pain refuses to go away and like Nirvana I suffer from insomnia, My son I found dead on Christmas morning some years back and that image will never leave me, I have had some contact with him but very little I never celebrate Christmas anymore, last time was before he died, ten years ago then my sister took her own life 6 years ago, I did have a very strong message from her about 8 months ago, but life is so lonely without them. I myself have contemplated the suicide route, from time to time it still gnaws at me but so far I am still here. I am glad I found this forum seems there are some really good folks here, I just wanted to show my appreciation re your wonderful sometimes very sad stories, I do wonder why some of these people don't seem to be here now I only hope that they have found peace and perhaps some joy it would be comforting to know they are ok. thank you for sharing your truths and sad stories I feel as though I have found kindred spirits. Peace
  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's a desperately sad reason you're here with us, Isabel. I wish I had words to make things less painful. I don't think my words could do that but although you're so very sad I do hope you won't yield to the temptation to end your own life.

    I often wonder what's happened to the many former contributors to these pages. So many have left and like you I hope they found what they needed to at least get by even though they likely didn't find all the answers they were looking for.
  11. Thank you Mac, I am grateful for your kind reply. I watched this thread for the entire day, I too wonder what happened to these lovely people I hope they are well, so many heart wrenching stories some of which I think we all can relate to. I felt your compassion toward them I think you are a very wise person, again just like to thank you. Peace
  12. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Isabel! Like Mac, I'm so very sorry for what you've been through, and what you continue to go through now - even though your son and your sister are fine, they are temporarily gone from your life and there is pain in knowing that they were feeling so bad that suicide seemed a realistic option. Dear Isabel, we will be glad to help you in any way that we can! Please don't hesitate to reach out. And if you would like PDFs of any of my books, please just contact me through robertagrimes.com and let me know what you would like. Meanwhile, I'm sending you a big hug!
  13. Thank you so much Roberta, you are very kind and I am so grateful to you for opening this forum.
  14. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Mark Zerafa is new here and may still be 'finding his feet' in terms of what he's looking for.

    In my experience it's not uncommon for the interests, and consequent attendance here, of members - new and old alike - to be hit-and-miss. Some will make a flurry of postings and then disappear until some later time or even for good. Others will be found here pretty consistently. Someone's disappearance may be down to a lack of other members' interest or because the member finds a more rewarding conversation elsewhere. Or because the real world's demands take over.

    That's the nature of forum work. ;)
  15. Hello again Mac, it's sad to think that people don't return here, there is so much to learn and share but I believe you are right, perhaps some will return I want you to know I am grateful for our input.
  16. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    Sometimes life here seems so slow and drawn out. What is the purpose of that? Is it to teach us that we aren't in control? Is it just another lesson to learn?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  17. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Speaking for myself only, I experience life as many things including: learning, teaching, resolving old issues, having a new and exciting adventure, working through spiritual issues and dramas, meeting new souls, settling old debts, having a ball, doing the best I can, etc., etc. I guess that life offers each separate soul and thing whatever that thing or being needs, wants, deserves, earns, has to offer or get while in this temporary and mysterious plane. It's like the perfect absolute temporarily letting herself be limited and small to have an experience or two on a limited planet in a limited cosm0s for whatever reason or purpose she has or intends while pretending to be a limited thing or person, etc. Life is a funny game of the perfect you pretending to be an imperfect you for a little while so I'd just enjoy the trip and know that nothing is wrong (or right) and that it's just another temporary adventure in a very long string of similar adventures in time and space.
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  18. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    Yes, your reply is full of good insights. I am very thankful you replied! Sometimes this world we currently live in is just too loud!!!
  19. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    This item from thread: http://www.afterlifeforums.com/threads/writing-to-children-in-heaven-afterlife.2281/#post-44901 ... may help someone who's dealing with suicide issues to find some kind of peace or understanding............
    Parent: Dear Son, My heart aches so much……Son, I feel so bad about what happened. I should have been there for you. Please forgive me because I cannot forgive myself. I wish I had been a better dad. I hope there is a heaven. Please forgive me, your loving father, forever.

    Son: Please forgive me for leaving before I was supposed to. I blame myself, not you. I thought things would be better for me if I ended it, only to find that nothings ends the way we think. When I first got here, the ones that met me specialized in suicides. I was angry with my self and sad that I had blown my life. There are lots of people like me with emotional problems. You will be relieved to know that my problems did not start with you, but many lifetimes ago. ….I have found that love is the only way.
  20. Hello everyone, been awhile since I was here had an accident and been in hospital, however physically I am on the mend, I am so terribly lonely, and those dark thoughts of suicide are emerging again as they do every year at this time, I am reaching out to you for help as I feel a sadness that goes beyond sad and this overwhelming loneliness just seems to go on, I seemed to have isolated myself for a long time now and I so wish to just get involved in life but seems I cant even do that, lost a couple of good friends recently and my little dog died too, she was my reason for getting up in the morning, I apologise for being so negative folks just need help and thought if I talked about it, I would maybe feel better, thank you for listening. x

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