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Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by mac, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    The following is from an entity calling himself ‘Spirit Guide Sparrow’ and relates to one or more subjects that have previously been discussed on ALF. Neither ALF nor I endorse his ideas however.
    Further guidance may be found at: http://www.spiritguidesparrow.com/index.html

    What Happens To Those Who Commit Suicide?

    Life Is Challenging. Should one die through this means or that or should one die with this belief or that, each and every spark returns to the exact same light from which it sprang.

    This light is one. There is not one for this person, and a different for another. There is one place; one heaven; one kingdom of God. For there needs only be one kingdom of goodness and truth, in which all souls can forge a love not known to any upon the Earth.

    There needs be only one paradise. For paradise is that within which all are welcome, and of which none are refused.

    It is not that the soul returns to God upon mortal death. But that a soul does return and unite with its own spirit, which already resides within paradise. Religion does not exist here, for it needs not exist.

    There is no absence of truth and clarity of reality but for those who deny what is available to them once they have returned to the light. Each has a will free to choose. For each are given the same doors of opportunity as any proclaimed ascended master or messenger of God.

    So it shall be for your beloved, who has cast his physical life aside in a moment of despair, find himself again, not before any judge or jury, or any vengeful lord of light, but before his own conscience of spirit.

    Should that conscience of spirit bind him in regret, then there are those who will work to free him from such states of mind. Should he be wise in spirit, so shall he overcome his moment of weakness and bestow a new profound lesson upon himself.

    He will not go to any place different than to where his own heart aspires him to be.

    He will be the one who creates his sense of learning, his sense of error, his sense of judgement and his sense of conscience. How well your beloved copes with his own actions, particularly in causing the sorrow of others, will be reflected in his state of soul wellness upon his transition.

    But rest assured, his spirit will eternally remain untarnished, unscarred and unharmed, for that is the part of him which no word, no thought, no deed can touch. For that is the part of him which never left that which God is, to begin with. So then, one is never truly lost from God, from goodness and truth, for your spirit never leaves the kingdom of God.

    It is merely the consciousness identity, its counterpart; your soul, which chooses to play these moral and intellectual games. Do not be disgruntled by the doctrines of religion that yield no true knowledge or understanding of what lies beyond their mortal perspective.

    No one account is true for all, for in heaven as it is on Earth, there are those who continue to defy all doubt, all expectation, and all limitations of thought.

    Let the living worry about the living. Let the dead worry about the dead.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017

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