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Spiritual Guide?

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by NaloNie132, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. NaloNie132

    NaloNie132 New Member

    My family has strong lineage of the Navajo tribe, and I recently took a spiritual journey to find my guide. In a dream, instead of one, two guides came to me. A large eagle that switches between white feathers and a black beak and wing tips and blue eyes to a black eagle with a black beak and yellow eyes. The other was a big blue wolf with blue swirls around it, and it had markings on its fur. I didn't know what to say, so I asked if they could return and guide me. The wolf (In a deeper male voice) said "yes". Then I asked they could stay with me tonight, and the wolf curled on the floor and I lay by its side, and the eagle rested on the other side of me. I fell asleep in my dream, then woke up. Why do I have two guides? Is this normal? Is it normal that they did not speak other than that one word?
  2. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    LOL, why not?
    Are you happy and OK with it?
  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    You have two guides (as far as you know) because that's what you need.

    Is it normal they did not speak more than one word you ask? How do you know how much they actually said to you? How do you know how much you're remembering or failing to remember?

    Be cautious always about dreams is my suggestion. They may be total fabrications or simply an imperfect recall of something that's not intended to be actively remembered; something already registered where it needs to register in your psyche.
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  4. Nickname

    Nickname New Member

    A one week ago, my friends and I aroused the spirit of the deceased bodybuilder, Rich Piana. Just decided to get together with the company and went to a medium with a good reputation. Rich said that he does not miss there at all. Communicates with his deceased relatives, deceased friends and sportsmen. In his death, no one blames. He says that his time just left this world. He sends greetings to all and promises to come in a nightmare to those who will spare themselves in the gym. Here is a snippet of our dialogue that I managed to write down:

    -Hello Rich. We are glad that you came with us to contact. What do you do there and where did you end up in heaven or hell?
    -Hello, you've got me here. I'm not in hell or in heaven. There is a place where all the deceased souls gather, and heaven or hell will be revealed to us after the second coming of Jesus and the great judgment. So far, I'm here talking to many of the deceased whom I know.
    -Did you see the devil or demons?
    -Of course. There are a lot of them like angels. Demons are shaggy and with horns, just like they are depicted on the ground. With hoofs. Constantly expressed in bad words. These are very vile spirits.
    -Do you miss the earthly life?
    - Of course I miss you. I would like to come alive even for a moment to say goodbye to everyone. I'm not looking exactly like you used to see me here. There are no more tattoos and huge muscles. I'm as transparent as water.
    At this our conversation was cut off and more Rich did not go out for communication.
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    A good story for Halloween. :p:D
  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it! Nickname, your friend is in what we think of as a "hollow heaven" - a belief-system place that - he's right - is not the genuine afterlife. I don't think that I ever have seen a communication from someone in his situation, but he describes it so well that it's certain that's where he is! He will be rescued at some point - as will all the others around him - and he will go to the genuine Summerland. He is fine where he is, but he's missing out on a lot!
  7. genewardsmith

    genewardsmith Active Member

    Isn't a hollow heaven as much an afterlife as anywhere? Of course it reflects your beliefs, but what doesn't? If you are very epistemically closed, the result is less than optimal. Keep an open mind, folks, even when you are dead!
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Keeping an open mind is the single most important bit of advice that we can give to anyone when it comes to the period after death! Those who have not closed their minds all enter the same infinitely tremendous and glorious realms where our families are, our pets are, and we all have endless wonderful things to do. It's playtime! A hollow heaven, on the other hand, is created by the closed minds of its inhabitants. From what we have seen, these are generally religion-based, and they look pretty much as their inhabitants expected them to look, but they decidedly are not our great shared eternal reality. Here are some differences:

    1) The only people there are folks whose prior beliefs closely mirror our own. It is unusual to find any loved ones or family.

    2) They are not part of the post-death welcome process. No life-review, no parties, no parades (yes, many of us are given parades!). No counseling for those who need it. And usually we seem to be unable to perceive our spirit guides and those who come to try to rescue us, which means that we might be stuck there awhile.

    3) They have religious trappings, and those in them talk about religious beliefs. In the genuine greater reality that most of us enter at death - what we commonly call the afterlife - there is no religion to speak of. The certain tell that this fellow is off-track and in a hollow heaven is his talking about heaven, hell, and the second coming.

    4) They are BORING. While our genuine post-death lives are full of wondrous things to do, in hollow heavens there is pretty much nothing to do. This fellow is so bored that he actually misses Earth! By contrast, those who make it to the Summerland don't miss Earth at all. They are thrilled to be home.

    Those who cling to beliefs - even the belief of atheism - and who are too certain about what comes next put themselves at serious risk that their minds will draw them to some hollow heaven. It is temporary, but it's tragic when our genuine afterlife is so beyond-belief wonderful!
  9. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    So that would imply that agnostics are the most likely to end up in the "real" afterlife, as they have no preconceived notions of god or heaven/afterlife, etc. Good.
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  10. Ed A.

    Ed A. Member

    That's really interesting. I had never heard that before -- the distinction between the normal afterlife experience (Summerland) and these "hollow heavens."

    So, closed-minded vs. open-minded is very important. Open-minded religious people are likely to go through the normal process. Closed-minded religious (or atheist) people are likely to go to a "hollow heaven" or to a hollow wherever-atheists-go.
  11. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Apparently. And they will be rescued eventually, but since they tend to be so closed-minded they may be there for a long time since many close their minds to even seeing their rescuers!
  12. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It's not a term I've ever used but I've frequently referred to the state some individuals will inadvertently, or even deliberately, have created for themselves for the time after they've passed over.

    It's a rather apt term I think. :)
  13. Rassie

    Rassie Member

    In regards to lost souls, I just completed an interesting book that covered this topic to a certain extent. It was about the victims of the Titanic. Transcending the Titanic: Beyond Death's Door, by Michael Tymn
    And I'm not sure if he was at the conference this year, but in a previous conference I attended a workshop with Bruce Moen. I was looking to strengthen my contact with my parents. I didn't realize it was also to help rescue souls. I had two wild experiences during that workshop. Have thought off and on, about repeating the experience. I have his meditative cd.

    LOL...As to spirit guides, I just posted the following in another thread, but thought I would share it here since this is the topic.

    Between working on my family tree and a personal family crisis, I have been away from Internet forums, such as Afterlife.

    However, I have to share something neat with you! I had my reading with the medium, Susanne Wilson. I have been processing all the information - still am - but this is one thing I am truly excited about and wanted to share.

    I am not sure how I want to tell this. I have come to realize that so many things in our lives are interrelated that sometimes it is so hard to separate the facts. And for the person, who is in the middle of this - me - it becomes mind-boggling.

    Several years ago I started having dreams that I believed included my spiritual guide. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that my guide's name was Nathaniel. It was not a name that I was familiar with - like a family name. When I asked the guide's name, Nathaniel was what I received. And when I asked for verification, all of the sudden I was encountering the name Nathaniel throughout the day.

    So when I was in Salt Lake City, I was able to partially break a brick wall in one family line. The weird thing about it, was once I traced back the line to the 1600's I encountered 3 NATHANIELS. Two of the Nathaniels were ministers - one French Huguenot. I was excited about the genealogy aspect of this, but I must admit for one brief second in the back of my mind I thought - "What if one of these Nathaniels was my guide?"

    So at the beginning of my reading, Susanne said that when she was setting up for the reading, my guide stepped in! He was a minister. The description she gave, which I later researched and confirmed, was that of a French Huguenot clergy! She confirmed that this was Nathaniel.

    The information he asked Susanne to pass to me was exactly why I had the reading! I didn't even need to ask the question.

    Don't you just love it! Every time I open up to the universe, stuff down my fears and restrictive beliefs, these gems pop up! I believe at this point you do have a spiritual team. Guides of two or more. Angels. Your loved ones. Even your spiritual teachers. There is no way you are alone in this journey unless you are the one shutting them out.

    I have a question, NaloNie132. Have you ever performed a Spirit Quest? I am intrigued by what I am reading and thinking of performing it.
  14. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    Would you be willing to share more of your reading?
  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    The member who started this thread did not respond to anything said and I suspect it was a fly-by visit. It's not uncommon for a new contributor to post something but then disappear from the forums.
  16. Rassie

    Rassie Member

    I would be glad to (to a certain extent. ;-)

    Several years ago I heard an interview with Rosemary in which she mentioned Susanne Wilson. I had found out that year that information, resources I needed, was being sent my way. The interview resonated with me. So I checked out Susanne. At that time she was taking clients. The amazing thing was her fee, which was almost half of what most mediums asked. So I scheduled a phone call reading.

    This reading was major. First, I found out we had much in common, besides our names. My first name is Susan. It felt as if this was truly meant to be part of my spiritual development. Second, she was amazing. Not only was she able to relay personal information that she in no way could have known, but she even gave me specific names of relatives.

    It was such a trusting experience that I signed up with Susanne for intuitive development, which has been of great benefit to me. And fortunately for me - and still I believe it was meant to be - she no longer reads for new clients. As a former client I still have access to her service.

    I truly didn't think I would ask for another reading. However, I scheduled this second reading because of a personal matter that had caused me great angst. Almost on a daily basis. Such stress had started to affect my health - hair falling out. Since I had had a previous reading with Susanne I knew how the reading was setup. So I went in with three things in mind - confirmation, helpful genealogical hints, and the emotional issue, which dealt with the only surviving relative of my immediate family. I also made up my mind that I would not even address the issue, until the end of the reading, if my guides or loved ones did not bring it up.

    As mentioned earlier, Susanne stated that as she arrived to her office for my reading, my guide was there waiting for her. He even pulled up a chair and sat next to her as she started to meditate. She described him and said he was concerned for her personally, which she found unusual. Most of the time the focus is on the reading itself.

    The spirit guide asked Susanne to tell me one thing at the beginning of the reading. At this point I would rather not go into the personal details, but it was advice that was exactly what I needed to hear. And it certainly resolved most of my conflicting thoughts. At this point she included the rest of my family that had transitioned, who also agreed with the guide. Some personal information about the family brought about the validation of the reading.

    As to my confirmation. In the past two years, several things have been consistently happened to me. And the past few months before the reading, a light bulb event happened. I have consistently seen the number 22 and had concluded that this was a wink from my parents. But double digits have been nonstop for me, even more so after the reading. I asked and was confirmed by Susanne that 22 were my parents, and 44 - angels, 66 - guides, 55 - my spirit, and 33 - Jesus. I was noticing these numbers specifically when I was thinking of things in conjunction with these entities. And I am finding out that it is like a gps device. I am in fact having fun with it. All my clocks are off by minutes. I see the numbers on license plates, cash receipts, etc. I am finding if I am in-sync I will see the numbers all day long. As I decided to post this and set to type I noticed the computer clock was 12:22. I also had questions about my guardian angel, which was confirmed.

    As to genealogy, I had some hints of relatives, and places where I could find information. I asked Susanne questions about these, leaving out specifics such as names and states. She was able to give me the name of both individuals and birthplaces. Also in a couple of instance she brought up events that I knew of, but didn't bring up until she did. For instance, I have a 2nd great grandfather that had two families - living on the same street - no less! Susanne brought up his name, the name of his father (which is what I am working on to confirm.) and the fact that he felt ashamed for things he had done in his life.

    As I was finishing this my phone rang - the time was 12:44. And the call had to do specifically with my family matter. I was able to handle it calmly. I feel my angels were warning me and telling me they were with me. So that is how my life is at this point.

    I feel people like Rosemary and Susanne are here to help us, not as crutches, but to develop our self-guidance. We each truly have unique adventures in life!
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  17. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member


    That was a very interesting read, and I'm glad that you were able to obtain some information/validation that has helped you. Thank you for sharing that with this forum.
  18. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    These are like the lives I recall experiencing during the NDE. During that time, which was 13 earthly days, I saw many different lives that I lived, since Spirit is truly who we are. Where the lives were I do not remember, but they were so predictable, routine and BORING! I kept waiting to return to this earth, and all I needed to do was wake up. But I didn't know that then. I kept experiencing these lives, seemingly forever, and I grew so weary from them I finally told god to just send me to 'hell' because it must be better than what I was going through at that time. The next thing I knew I was lying on hospital bed. What I saw while unconscious is currently repeating itself,, although this time I am more pleased with the vibration and has been repeating for the last 34 years, but I expect I saw many more years as well.
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