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Spiritual Awakening........It all makes sense!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Becky H., May 14, 2020.

  1. My life progressively gets better as I gain more knowledge about reality as it actually exists. I have never felt comfortable following religious doctrine and didn’t believe in reincarnation, but when I stumbled into the so-called New Age Spirituality I knew this reality is where I belonged.

    I live in Oregon on a small acreage and play host to numerous animals who know who is in charge. They are! I have worked in Law Enforcement because a few of my past lives have me playing the role of a warrior. As a result of this life I developed PTSD and am making great progress with a therapist. I imagine that some of the PTSD is also a holdover from past lives but I haven’t confirmed it. I plan to confirm with additional Past Life regressions.

    I want to learn everything I can about the afterlife and what those things are that are being created to expand our truth about the universe as it now exists. I’m so blessed that there are so many resources available to help me learn. Thank you everyone who are experiencing and providing this information.

    I look forward to my involvement in this forum and hope to meet folks who believe as I do about our world.
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  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    welcome to ALF :) I wouldn't say this website has a so-called New Age focus but provided you find what you're seeking it's probably not that important how it's characterized.

    ALF doesn't have a specific forum for past life conversations but using the search tool should reveal discussions we've had in the past. You are, of course, free to start a new conversation about that or any other topic.
  3. Thank you Mac. Also, my appreciation to you and others who serve as administrators and managers of this forum.

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