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Spirit Worlds

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Sixthsense, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac senior contributor

    Beautifully presented, Roberta. If only folk consciously knew this during their time incarnate. But presumably that's how things are supposed to be else we would know.....;)

    I'm not happy to be old but I'm not unhappy about the approaching time when I'll leave this world again. We have everything to look forward to there. :) First thing for me will be a full head of hair - I can't now remember how good that feels! :D

    It might be nice to compare what I find there with how I/we presently visualise the etheric world through our physical-world senses. But when I get there I maybe won't care anyway. o_O
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  2. Student of Spirit

    Student of Spirit New Member

    Hi Roberta! Firstly, thank you so much for your dedication to this forum and to spreading the wonderful truths that you have come across through your research. I can only imagine how much time you must dedicate to raising humanity's awareness, and that's quite noble work! :)

    I won't say that I am entirely convinced regarding this particular issue - I likely won't be until I've transitioned myself and can see the evidence more plainly for myself - but I will gladly admit that you have addressed my concerns with very logical, plausible explanations. Thank you for that! I wholeheartedly agree with the ten statements you enumerated for Nirvana below, and as far as I am concerned, this small matter is of little consequence compared to those crucial truths of the human experience.

    The only thing I would mention is that in my experience, which is not quite five decades of research but close, "the dead" as we like to call them cannot be described as a collective group; even in the same areas of the afterlife, each person can have radically different experiences (or can describe the same experiences in very different ways). Sometimes, the living tend to forget that the dead are still people, after all! ;) I see that as a testament to the survival of personal consciousness after physical death, but it is also the principal reason why I am particularly wary of generalizations.
  3. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    Interesting and informative discussion. I am enjoying it.
  4. Zac

    Zac Member

    What came across during my sittings with mediums suggested that the dogs I lived with were very much individual spirits and not readily distinguished from human spirits. In fact, some mediums did not distinguish them from a human. For example, one was described as a 12 year old girl with a lot of hair. On the other hand, I have not had any contact with my fish.
  5. mac

    mac senior contributor

    Pets and wild animals alike are animated - just as we humans are - by sparks of the creator.

    The spiritual path of an animal is, however, different from that of a human. Naturally there are reasons but this may not be the conversation in which to air them. That a medium (psychic?) doesn't see pets' spirits being different from human spirits suggests the understanding of that practitioner may be lacking.

    Pets and their keepers may be spiritually closely attuned but they are nonetheless very different from one another.
  6. Zac

    Zac Member

    And how do you know this? I've heard the same thing from 3 highly regarded mediums so I question whether this is due to a lack of understanding by the medium.
  7. mac

    mac senior contributor

    I applaud that you question.

    How do we know anything? It's what we learn from teachers and from life's experiences. You will, like all of us, have to find your own answers to your own questions, one way or another.

    It's for you to decide which answers most appeal to your reason, whoever provides those answers or from whatever events bring them your way....
  8. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    Do you remember what the floor consisted of? Was it something like marble?
  9. Sixthsense

    Sixthsense New Member

    A friend of mine who passed, I saw her in Summerland but also in a barren/empty place. So, maybe you can go down the levels? Not sure why she would have done this. Also, when I was at mediumship class I saw a young girl who looked sad in the afterlife. The medium said it is just showing the sadness being experienced by her mother, but I find this hard to believe. I was wondering how an innocent young girl could seem to end up in such a place? Also as Roberta says, some spirits are disfigured in the outer darkness. This explains what I was seeing when I gave readings. Those in the outer darkness can still communicate.
  10. mac

    mac senior contributor

    I find your lack of knowledge breathtaking and this website is not the place to try to rectify something that should be fundamental to what you claim to be. In my eyes you're a psychic but even a psychic should have some understanding before providing so-called readings to someone else.
  11. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Sixthesense, there is a lot of evidence that those in the lowest levels can't communicate.
  12. Sixthsense

    Sixthsense New Member

    Mac is on my ignore list. All I can say is when was doing card readings, I was sometimes getting images of disfigured people. They still managed to pass on loving messages though. Also, in terms of the lower levels, Satan exists and he communicates with people also.
  13. mac

    mac senior contributor

    You won't, then, know what mac said in response unless someone quotes his piece but that won't stop him responding further.

    Anyone doing what this individual does should take more responsibility for their involvement with others who the individual likes to think he/she is helping. With little apparent understanding of who an individual is linking with, and little apparent understanding about the so-called afterlife, the sensitive might be linking to a discarnate who is not associated in any way with the person for whom a 'reading' is being given. It's an irresponsible approach.

    The last sentence in the quoted piece speaks volumes about the level of spiritual understanding of its author.
  14. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Consciousness is the only thing that objectively exists, and consciousness exists in a range of vibrations from lowest (fear and its correlates such as hatred, rage, etc.) to highest (love, which in its pure essence is what we call God, although no one has ever found an anthropomorphic God). Therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be a powerful negative entity. The nastier an entity is, the weaker it is, to the point where we think that the most negative entities that still have enough power to be independent and sentient are the shadow men, who essentially lurk in the dark and feed on whatever fear they can produce in people. Turn on a light, and they disappear.

    The above statement is true. It is the result of my fifty years of research and many decades of research by a great many other people. Therefore, SATAN AS WE ENVISION SATAN CANNOT EXIST. Not only have researchers never found any evidence of a powerful evil or negative entity, or of a fiery hell, but the physics of reality as we are coming to understand it precludes that possibility.

    Sixthsense, by doing card readings you are effectively flashing a homing beacon to every bit of disembodied scum that exists; and if you are getting disfigured communicators and even one who claims to be Satan then these entities are messing with you. I urge you strongly to take the wisdom in 1JN4, and "Try the spirits to see if they are of God." These folks are not! And if you allow them any further into your life, you may have a lot of trouble ever being rid of them. Meanwhile, I'm sending you a hug!

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