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Spirit Worlds

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Sixthsense, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Sixthsense

    Sixthsense New Member

    When mediums receive messages, where do the spirits say they come from? Do they all just come from the "spirit world"? I have heard of "Summerland", but is there other places? And if so, how many? Also, how could someone end up in Summerland, and what is it like there?
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Have I got this right? Didn't you say you are a medium? (http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/afterlife-and-catholicism.2255/#post-44475 posting #10) So exactly what do you think a 'medium' is?

    Perhaps you aren't a medium at all and are simply a sensitive who picks up bits-and-bobs from discarnates whose presence you sense? If that's so then there are many texts to guide you, to help improve your understanding of the so-called afterlife dimensions. Maybe also to help your progress towards becoming a reliable medium who not only can pass on evidential messages but who can also explain to the recipient of a message a little about what happens after we pass over.

    It's entirely possible, of course, that you ARE a medium who can, and does, sometimes receive words from discarnates intended for you to pass on to the right person. That would be mediumship but unless you're absolutely certain who your communicator is, that your communicator is someone who you've 'checked out' to make sure they're authentic and genuine, then don't you feel you need to learn a good bit more about a good bit more?
  3. Sixthsense

    Sixthsense New Member

    Your reply has nothing to do with the question Mac. I am trying to learn about the spiritual dimension from what I hope could be experts on this site. The question I am asking is what spiritual worlds do mediums know of. I have not gone into this in depth as I only do it as a hobby.
  4. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    You are the one who described himself a medium. Either you are or you're not but you should be careful not to simply believe you are unless you're sure and confident what you're doing. It's commendable that you're now trying to learn the fundamentals.
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Sixthsense, I can't spend the time here to write it all out again. If you would like a PDF of The Fun of Dying, please contact me though robertagrimes.com.
  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    The member who wrote this won't now be able to see my response but these words are anyway intended for anyone who finds my ideas challenging.

    By all means adopt an approach similar to the one above and put me on your ignore list for saying anything you find inconvenient. You have a newly elected president who's been doing the political equivalent for some time so there's a good example how well it can work!

    But you have other choices to deal with a "troublesome member" who you believe writes drivel. You could refute what's said and explain why it's drivel. Or you could consider why you're uncomfortable to see if you could broaden your personal understanding by finding out more.

    Or you could just keep the company of those whose understanding appears little different from your own.
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  7. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    Hi, Sixthsense. In a vivid non-dream-like-dream, I was escorted to visit my son in the Summerland several weeks after his death, so I can tell you that it pretty much fits the Spiritualist description and is also very much like the place a medium has described to me: There were big, really old trees and lush, vividly green grass starred with small flowers. Since he was in a recovery center where people who were sick for a long time sometimes go to heal, we were inside a Victorian era brick building and others were visible scattered among the trees--kind of like a college campus. That was my first impression, but I also remember that here and there were what I assume were rose bushes like the ones that Maxfield Parrish used to paint, with hundreds of big blooms. In fact, Google "Maxfield Parrish paintings" since many of the scenes he painted were very like the classic Summerland.

    It's the only "heaven" with which I have experience and it's the one I've been longing to return to all my life, but there are many others. My Buddhist friend's idea of the afterlife is very different from mine and other religions have their own versions. Since I have a feeling we'll be drawn to what we expect to see at first, I intend to hold that image of the Summerland as seen from my son's window. Do some Googling and I think you'll find reading material for weeks...
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  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    You're right - the Summerland is quite culturally specific, so friends from other parts of the world would see scenes that look superficially different. And your description of the Westerners' Summerland is perfect! Astonishingly so, based upon a lot of communications received from people that we used to think were dead. I'm so glad that you were able to have that experience!
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  9. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    I want to say that I love your descriptions and your obvious sincerity and, even though I have not had or seen anything like you write about, I would never disagree with or question your experience of the Afterlife since I currently believe a lot of different versions or perspectives exist simultaneously. I can understand why you want to go back over there as it all seems so superior to the physical/earth plane.
    Thank you for sharing your views and experiences.
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  10. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    When my late Medium wife, Irene, did readings, I don't recall any Spirit or Dis-incarnate saying where they came from nor anyone asking the Dis-incarnate that question. It's not that they "come from" the spirit world but that they are in the spirit world and also simultaneously in this physical world, only most of us do not perceive them over here in our physical dimension.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  11. Student of Spirit

    Student of Spirit New Member

    Hi all! I hope no one minds me butting in - I'm new here, but I've read a great deal about the afterlife realities, and I thought I'd offer my two cents. I'm also including some references in case others wish to find more information than can practically be provided here.

    As I understand it, there are generally five principal areas of the afterlife, each of which is divided into various sub-levels: the earthbound/astral plane, the outer darkness, the transitional regions, the so-called Summerland(s), and the upper levels. All of these exist in the same place; they are separated because the energy of which they are composed vibrates at different rates. We can only see the reality with which our own energy matches. Each separate region is thus nothing more or less than the collective mindset of its inhabitants. The spatial aspects seem to be entirely illusory. Those looking to read about the various levels should definitely check out Handbook to the Afterlife (Pamela Rae Heath), Life Beyond Death (David Fontana), and The Afterlife Revealed (Michael Tymn) - in my opinion, there are no finer introductory works on this subject!

    The Earthbound Plane:
    This is the spiritual plane of existence immediately "above" - again, in terms of the inhabitants' vibrational rate not literal elevation - our physical world. When we die (or have out-of-body experiences), we appear to automatically wind up in the earthbound plane. In the earthbound realm, a person can perceive the physical world but usually cannot make himself or herself known the living. Mediums, of course, are the exception, and spirits communicating with mediums generally seem to descend to the earthbound plane in order to do so.

    Some books, such as Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience (Luis Minero) and Less Incomplete (Sandie Gustus) suggest that a majority of people get trapped in the earthbound realm after physical death. Because our atheistic, materialistic culture does such a poor job preparing us for death, most people don't know what to expect at all - many don't realize they have died and/or cannot perceive the helper beings that try to guide them to higher, safer regions. This plane can be dangerous for the newly dead because all manner of spiritual entities congregate in it. There are guides and helper beings working in close contact with the living, confused deceased folks, semi-lucid people and animals projecting during sleep, and negative beings trying to stir up trouble. The newly dead are often traumatized, and this is hardly an ideal environment for them to regain their strength.

    It's also considered safer for the newly dead to leave this area so that they can be protected by wiser, more powerful helpers and guide while they acclimate to spiritual life. In the nonphysical realms, if you think of something, you create it or attract it, and that power requires a discipline that we all too often fail to acquire on earth. One example I remember is from Elsa Barker's Letters from a Living Dead Man. The book was dictated to Barker through automatic writing by a deceased man who appears to be living in the earthbound realm, unaware that better things await him beyond it. He tells of a traumatic experience that many (earthbound) spirits seem to go through when they first die; for one reason or another, they think of their bodies, and without fail they are drawn back to their physical bodies, which are by then in various stages of decomposition. In the higher realms, on the other hand, certain books such as Pamela Rae Heath's Handbook to the Afterlife suggest that the new arrivals are spiritually quarantined in special transitional areas until they understand how to control their thoughts.

    The Outer Darkness:
    There is no fiery hell, but most accounts do reference an area of collective negativity, where it is dark and cold and the inhabitants have become so deformed that they no longer appear human. This is often called the outer darkness, and in-depth descriptions of it can be found in works such as Heaven Revised (Eliza B. Duffey) and Life in the World Unseen (Anthony Borgia). Those who dwell here are, whether they realize it or not, punishing themselves for their earthly regrets, failures, and general negativity. No other force but their own will keeps them here, and they need only change their outlook to leave. Like all the other planes, the outer darkness has degrees; it gets gradually better as one progresses upwards in vibration.

    The Transitional Planes:
    Before the Summerland(s), there are according to many works various areas that are specially designed to welcome to new arrivals and help them get acclimated to life in spirit. As I mentioned above, these levels often have restraints in place so that the newly dead cannot get themselves into trouble. One such region is described in detail in William T. Stead's The Blue Island, which was dictated by Stead through a medium following his death aboard the Titanic. Another of these areas is the subject of Nosso Lar, written through Brazilian medium Francisco Cândido Xavier. Essentially, these regions are designed to be closer to earthly life than the Summerland(s), and their guests will continue onward whenever they feel ready to do so. Collectively, some works refer to these areas as the plane(s) of color, and we are told that many of them, like Stead's blue island, radiate a certain healing color.

    The Summerland(s):
    As other have said, the Summerland is not a single place, but a collection of vast regions that have roughly the same spiritual vibration. The vast majority of spirits who communicate with the living still dwell within the Summerland regions - indeed, several books suggests that those who move above it no longer have any ties with the earth plane and thus no longer interact with it at all; there are notable exceptions, but this does seem to be the general rule. The Summerland is an idealized version of our earthly world, and it is often referred to as "the plane of illusion" in writing. This is because it is the last region that maintains the various illusory aspects of reality that we have gotten used to here on earth: human form, gender, separate races and cultures, space and time - I should note though the time is less rigid there. Beyond the Summerland(s), these ideas do not seem to exist since the most advanced beings understand the illusion of separation and the fundamental unity of all.

    The Upper Planes:
    Very little is known about these planes because the spirits who inhabit them generally don't communicate with us. However, the beings living in the Summerland regions are sometimes offered a glimpse of their ultimate destiny, and they have on occasion relayed these accounts to us. It seems that these highest realms are filled with immense light, and they are usually described as immaterial. These realms go by various names: the Christ sphere, the seventh heaven, the teaching level, etc. Accounts can be found in books such as Claude's Book, Life in the World Unseen (although this account is an outlier in my opinion and may be more metaphorical than literal), and even Robert Monroe's classic Journeys Beyond out of the Body. Monroe's expertise is actually in out-of-body experiences, but he appears to have visited these highest levels several times, as projectors sometimes do.
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  12. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Student of Spirit! You have done a pretty good job of consolidating what these various researchers and reporters have written, and all I would add is the following:

    1) Because deathbed visitors are sent to rescue us, nearly everyone does seem to transition right after death - becoming earthbound is fortunately not that common!

    2) Those on the highest levels can easily visit lower realms, and often they serve as teachers there; they also can appear on earth (where they generally are very tall and they glow in a color, reportedly most often in yellow-gold).

    3) In general, things aren't as rigid as this summary makes them seem. When there are just a few reporters, though, it really can seem this rigid; just please, everyone, realize that you are loved infinitely and the process of dying and the period right after death are for nearly all of us truly glorious!
  13. Student of Spirit

    Student of Spirit New Member

    Hi Roberta. Thanks for your reply. You've brought up some great points that I forgot to mention myself!

    First, let me say that I absolutely agree with your third point! There are in reality countless planes (or sphere, or levels) of the afterlife reality, and the distinctions between them are not always clear. My post does unfortunately make the structure sound rigid - it's often quite difficult in my opinions to summarize this sort of information - but that was not my intention at all, so thank you for clarifying my meaning for other readers here! :)

    Your second point is well taken, too - it seems apparent that any spirit can visit the planes below his or her own, but to go above is difficult; it can sometimes be done with help from advanced beings. Spirits straying too far from home (in terms of vibration) will often feel as though they cannot breathe. This appears most common when they try to visit higher planes, but I have read at least one account of the same effect occurring when a spirit ventured from the Summerland into the outer darkness (Heaven Revised by Eliza Duffey).

    I have read many in-depth accounts of the Summerland(s), as well as various collections that draw from many sources to provide an overview, such as Handbook to the Afterlife and The Afterife Revealed, which I believe I mentioned above - indeed, these books have many accounts of advanced beings interacting with people on the lower levels. I completely agree that they can interact with the living as well, but based my reading and my own experience, it seems as though the majority of people who communicate with the living are Summerland-level spirits (or below) - this is perhaps because they still have ties to earth that motivate them to make contact, which can be difficult.

    The only idea with which I hesitate to agree, Roberta, is your statement that most of the newly dead are rescued. In my opinion, there's just not enough evidence to be sure either way, although I do hope you are right! I referenced a couple of books above that both claim a majority of people fail to transition out of the earthbound for one reason or another - I am skeptical of that assertion as well, but these two books are accurate with regards to most other issues, so I figured I would give them the benefit of the doubt and cite them. And accounts like Elsa Barker's channeled materials seem to portray the earthbound realm as being heavily populated. Do you mind if I ask from where you are getting your information? I don't mean to challenge you, but I'm always looking for new afterlife literature to study!
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  14. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    Talk about a kindred soul:) We've read a lot of the same books, Student of Spirit, but I want to thank you for a couple of new-to-me titles, which I've ordered and can't wait to read. In her own books, Roberta discusses her sources, so I highly recommend them to you. Have you read the Leslie Stringfellow book--The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow, by Stephen Chism? It took me years to find and is a modern (2005) republishing of his Spiritualist parents' story of their after death contact with him. His descriptions of the afterlife (in the area where he landed) are a joy to read and the author who republished the story also had some very interesting synchronicities occur that led him to the family's story. But it's a collector's item and very expensive, unfortunately, but a large regional library or the library at a Spiritualist Church might have a copy to lend.
  15. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Most of my basic understandings come from abundant communications received in the late 19th and early 20th centuries through deep-trance mediums and channeling. I trust almost nothing received after 1950 when I am seeking the objective truth about these matters, and I always am aware of how subjective (and therefore untrustworthy without support from other sources) information received through just one entity is going to be. And where your specific question about transitioning is concerned, if the sources you cite were right we simply wouldn't have the consistent and predictable ability to communicate through mediums within weeks of a death, nor would we have the apparently nearly universal phenomenon of prompt post-death signs since those who haven't completed their transition can do neither of these things. In addition, it is a demonstrated fact (in my view) that those who go off-track get stuck and need to be rescued, so if this were common there would be a tumult from those not now in bodies begging us to help with that. We are getting no such tumult. Transitioning completely within a day or two (and often right after leaving the body) seems to be nearly universal; if I were to guess, I would guess that the percentage who miss is considerably less than 5%.
  16. Student of Spirit

    Student of Spirit New Member

    We have a very similar research background, Roberta! Over the years, I've read every classic text I could find from the heyday of spiritualism! Like you, I'm highly skeptical of every work, no matter how old it is - after all, several spiritualist mediums were proven to be fakes. You're right though, so much of what is published is nonsense nowadays. ;)

    Concerning the question of just how many people transition after death, I just don't see enough evidence to support either conclusion, so I continue to be open to all possibilities. We'll have to agree to disagree there, but it's a fairly trivial matter compared to all that about which we agree ! :) I do hope that your theory is right though, and that 95% of the dead successfully make it back home within a day or two.

    I just have one final thought on this matter relating to what you say about mediums and communication through signs. Robert Monroe notes in his book Journeys Out of the Body that he was able to call attention to himself in various ways during his out-of-body experiences. I believe there is even an account where he visits a medium during one of her séances. If a living person can communicate from the earthbound plane, I would think that a newly-dead person could do the same with a little practice. After all, Elsa Barker's "living dead man" channeled three books through her all while apparently being blissfully unaware of the Summerland(s).

    Moreover, many visiting spirits have mediums convey to the living that the dead are always "watching over them;" that's simply not true according to the texts that you and I know so well - the dead have their own lives, and although they will check in from time to time, they don't spend every moment following us around. I'm an electronic medium (in training), and just this past week I was helping a woman communicate with a relative. She mentioned something about a health problem that another living family member is experiencing, and the deceased spirit was shocked - he replied, "Christ!" and there was an abrupt sound, as though he slammed his fists on the table! In any case, I've often wondered if those who tell their families that they are "always there" are in fact always there in a literal sense because they don't know that there is something better out there. That's just speculation on my part though.
  17. Student of Spirit

    Student of Spirit New Member

    Hi! Thanks for the message - it's always exciting to meet another avid reader! :)

    I have in fact read some of Roberta's books. Actually, visiting her website is how I found Afterlife Forums. Her Fun of Dying and Fun of Staying in Touch are charming, easy-to-read primers on the death process and after-death communication methods. I'll admit though that I do prefer books with more precise citations - I've spent enough of my life reading about the afterlife to know that Roberta's books are accurate, but seeing the specific source(s) for individual claims would still be helpful, especially for the more skeptical readers. I haven't yet read the Fun of Growing Forever in its entirety.

    Thanks for recommending The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow; I've haven't heard of that one. I didn't have any luck searching for it on my library's website, but I'll keep looking. Lately, having read most of the easily attainable older books, I've turned my attention to works on ITC and out-of-body experiences, which are two subjects of particular interest to me.
  18. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    A few thoughts:

    1) Dear Student, I have seen no evidence at all in fifty years of doing this research that transitioning is not prompt (hours or days), straightforward, and nearly universal. If the percentage who get stuck were even close to 5%, it would be a much bigger issue than it is and many more people who have recently lost someone would have trouble making contact than what seems to be the case. I would rather not give readers here an additional fear - that a dying loved one is likely to get stuck - without better evidence that it really is a significant problem.

    2) What seems to be the case is that beings who have not transitioned properly - earthbounds - are rarely able to communicate with the living, and seldom fully realize their condition. They exist outside of time, and for the most part they seem simply to resume repetitively their post-death routines. The crucial difference between earthbounds and astral travelers is that astral travelers are fully conscious and have their wits about them - they are oriented as to place and circumstance - while that seems generally not to be the case with earthbound beings.

    3) Yes, the dead have their own lives, and for some there seems to be little sense of need to check in on those in bodies; but there is a lot of evidence that they take pleasure in keeping tabs on loved ones. Their minds are much more powerful there, so - among other things - they can multi-task: they can be snowboarding or whatever, and mentally tune in to a loved one on earth. We can't imagine their lives as being taken up with one thing at a time, the ways our lives are. In fact, it seems to be impossible for us - with access to only maybe 10% of our minds - even to imagine how we will feel after we rejoin the other 90%!
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  19. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    Roberta, I just thought of a great question - what are the happiest aspects of our afterlife that you're 100% (or even 95% - 99%) assured of?
  20. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Well, let's see. With at least 95% assurance:

    1) Human consciousness is eternal. In its aggregate, it is the only thing that exists and it continuously manifests this universe; on an individual level, the evidence is very strong now that individual awareness is eternal. (This is likely, too, in the fact that time does not objectively exist, which means that anything that ever exists, always exists.)

    2) Every animal that has been loved by a human being develops an independent, eternal identity. Animals are of a different consciousness from people - sometimes called a "group consciousness" - but in a twist that seems too good to be true, our own love makes our pets eternal!

    3) Our bodies are young, gorgeous, and mind-created; our sensory awareness is much enhanced. We can look as we like, but most choose to look as they did at 25-30 in their most recent earth-lifetime. Mind-sight is nearly 360 degrees and much better than earth-sight; and the same goes for hearing, smelling, and touching: all of it is much better there.

    4) Our minds are unimaginably more powerful. We "pack away" (Mikey Morgan's term) most of our eternal minds - we estimate that it's as much as 90% - and come to earth with just a very limited mind-capacity. We rejoin our eternal minds very soon after we get home, and from descriptions, this sudden sense of expanded mind and awareness is extraordinary. Our much greater eternal mind makes everything more wonderful, and in particular makes learning new skills much easier.

    5) The Summerland areas of the afterlife - where most of us end up after death - are solid, gorgeous, and earth-like. Nothing ever dies there, or even drops a petal; the dead endlessly tell us how beautiful it is. The vegetation is semi-aware, so the flowers will turn their faces to us and the trees will caress us; and all of it gives off lovely scents and a subtle energy that we breathe to nourish our bodies. By some accounts, it also produces faint music. The water is not wet, it feels like silk, and it gives off an invigorating energy that we pick up just by walking into and out of it.

    6) Reality is inconceivably gigantic, and we can travel anywhere in the material and non-material aspects of it instantaneously, just by thought. This makes tourist travel one of the most enjoyable aspects of post-earth life, since there is so much going on in so many places that are inconceivable to us while we are on earth.

    7) The more we advance spiritually, the more fun we can have. Reality is a mind-vibrational hierarchy, and while we can easily lower our personal vibration, we find it nearly impossible to go higher. Apparently this is why we keep coming back to earth: we are eager to raise our vibrations so we can grow spiritually and have a lot more fun!

    8) We are apparently indestructible. On earth, we have to worry about injuring or killing our bodies; but there apparently nothing really can harm us since consciousness is forever and if our bodies seem to be harmed, we can mind-reconstruct them.

    9) We have so many eternal friends! Most of us on earth have many acquaintances but just a few (if any) people that we really are close to. There, however, our minds are so open to one another that we know a great many people extremely well and we love and trust much more easily.

    10) We are infinitely loved. The energy that we experience as love is the light that fills the upper afterlife levels; it is what we breathe and who we are, and the higher we go the more intense it becomes. Except on the very lowest levels, there is no negativity there at all!

    - Well, that's ten, Nirvana. Do you see now why I'm so happy to be old?
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