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Soul phones

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Maria, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Maria

    Maria Member

    I recently came across an article about the development of soul phones. A comparison was given of how surreal it would have seemed in the early days of conventional telephones, that one day mobile phones (or cell phones as they are called in the US), could be invented and become commonplace. How realistic is it that they will ever evolve, and that we could use them to contact our loved ones in the afterlife?
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  2. Zac

    Zac Member

  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Those who have faith in those trying to develop such a device would presumably say it's realistic and that a device will be developed that will allow us all to contact our loved ones in the beyond. But for now there seems to be no time frame. It's a fair comment that modern day devices, the electronic gizmos we use routinely, would once have seemed pretty unlikely, pretty outlandish.

    But there's a difference. All the electrical/electronic instruments humankind has developed involved (at least on the face of it) only scientists and researchers in our own dimension. What's indicated concerning the 'soul phone' and ITC is that spirit-dimension experimenters are leading development. Unless someone knows different, our own researchers don't have the necessary understanding - at least yet - to communicate across dimensions.

    It seems to me they'll need guiding/inspiring in the way they need to work to create a device in this dimension that will communicate with another in a different dimension.
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  4. Maria

    Maria Member

    Mac, thank you for your reply. I have often thought that all the greatest composers, artists, and scientists, could be reincarnations of those in a similar field who came before them, and brought their talents and knowledge over with them to the material world. Moreover, I am sure all the best inventions began in the spirit world and were inspired from it. I therefore hope that the researchers and scientists who are developing the soul phone, will receive optimum co-operation and guidance from spirit experimenters, as this both a wondrous challenge and a fascinating achievement if it is successful.
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  5. Eleven Lives

    Eleven Lives New Member

    As outlandish as Captain Kirk’s communicator on Star Trek was in 1966, or Mr. Spock’s “tricorder.” I have no idea how such a device will work. Perhaps it will broadcast and receive extreme radio frequencies, say 0.01Hz, where the wave crests are 20 million miles apart. My Granny Dyson’s soul might be the size of a solar system, able to “resonate” at such low frequencies.

    Of course, transmitting one bit of information at AM 0.01Hz takes about 100 seconds, but we’ve got patience, and 0.01Hz radio waves can travel across the universe unimpeded by “small” stuff like planets, stars, interstellar dust clouds, and globular clusters, to reach Granny anywhere she might be. :)
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  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    As we have no understanding of the sciences of the etheric worlds any comparison with those of our own is meaningless hence pointless. The ultra-low or ultra-high frequencies we understand may not apply in any way to the environment of the etheric dimension(s).

    The physical values we use to measure the size of anything mean exactly what compared with those in another dimension? What do frequencies of a decimal value of one Hertz mean in the etheric? What does 20 million miles between wave peaks mean when travel 'over there' is all-but instantaneous with no apparent distance to which we can relate? Our words, our scientific values may have not a scintilla of relevance to what happens elsewhere.

    This is what I referred to earlier when I spoke about 'context'.
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  7. Eleven Lives

    Eleven Lives New Member

    You’re right: quantities and units of measurement we can use in our ten-dimensional quantum manifold space-time (which is Einsteinian and four-dimensional at macroscopic scales, as far as we know) may not be applicable to their world, which might have more dimensions—perhaps infinite dimensional even, where objects such as Aleph null and Aleph one come in to count those orthogonal lines—that’s if 90° angles mean anything there.

    I dunno what’s “waving” at 0.01Hz. If these spirit beings have access to tachyons (for near-instantaneous communication over great distances), then the wave crests are < 20 million mi apart, for instance 1 mile if 20 million times light speed.

    When they have an operational phone, I’ll want to place a call. And I bet the lines will be hopping with customers the day after it’s available.

    Best wishes.
  8. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Hope you're patient.....
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  9. Zac

    Zac Member

    George Meek funded a number of experiments in the 1970s through the 1980s including his SPIRICOM project. Their intention was to test a range of frequencies for communications.

    Mark I 1971 - 1973 300,000,000 Hz (300 MHz)

    Mark II 1973 - 1977 1,200,000,000 Hz (1200 MHz)

    Mark III ... IV 1977 and continuing 29,000,000 Hz (29 MHz)

    Mark V 1976 and continuing 10,250,000,000 Hz (10.25 GHz)

    Mark VI Flame or Plasma Transducer (projected) approx. 100,000,000,000,000 Hz

    Mark VII Electrically Activated Quartz Transducer & Ultraviolet Light. (projected) approx. 10,000,000,000,000,000 Hz

    Mark VIII Living Plants as Transducers (projected) ????? Hz

    They achieved some interesting results, but no one was able to reproduce their results so their setup may have depended on the mediumistic ability of the experimenter.




    They had big plans and Meek even funded and developed a subdivision that was to house the people who were to work on this.
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  10. Eleven Lives

    Eleven Lives New Member

    Mac, you’re more knowledgeable than I am in this arena.

    My education was in mathematics, a discipline where rigor matters. Although lacking as preparation for afterlife studies, math does offer imagination more latitude than physics. One need not confirm results with an experiment, as the Higgs boson people were required to do; just the axioms are enough for definition, theorem and proof to follow. Unfortunately my skills are rusty; it’s been 32 years since I was in college and I no longer teach.

    Richard Dawkins and his other hard-core rationalist colleagues live in straitjackets—a thing I’d prefer to skip. That said, I have a hard time thinking straight without some constraints on speculation. I don’t what’s on the “other side.” I hope my beloved grandparents will be there for me, and some confidence they will be, but honestly, I harbor doubts. o_O
  11. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I know only what is in the public domain and prefer not to speculate about, or hold belief in, matters spiritual. What I don't know or understand will remain that way until I do.

    Sadly even what you remember of mathematics may not help you much when it comes to consideration of life, death and what comes next, the so-called afterlife. I have no idea how much Dawkins knows about the subjects we discuss here from time to time. I have been influenced by others but each to his/her own.

    I am unable to provide proof that your grandparents will be there for you after your passing but provided there is love between you all I harbor not a single scrap of doubt that they will.
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  12. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    There is a lot of references and links there with doubtless lots to read, some of which I already have done, but a working version of a so-called soul phone (the subject of this thread) is yet to emerge into the public domain.

    When - IF - it does it will be a potential revelation with the prospect of most of humanity knowing survival for the simple fact it is. Maybe there will also be information about the sciences that obtain in the dimensions away from the one in which we live. Until then I will wait or, more likely I think, is that I'll re-acquaint myself with those details after I kick off my clogs for the last time. ;)
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  13. Eleven Lives

    Eleven Lives New Member

    A million times true. Gauss was stymied by that wall. Trig will solve the railroad bridge problem I posted in the off-topics forum, but it won’t tell me what’s in store when my ticker stops. I’m 53. I think about my mortality now. But why worry?

    There was lots of love. We lived in Granny Baker’s house for months in 1968. We spent summers drinking Granny Dyson’s well water on a Kentucky farm. I hated to see them go. Still, they died and diffused through the barrier to the spirit world—where they are probably happier than they were in their run-down aged bodies. Native Americans were very aware of the Great Spirit and the worlds of magic just behind the veil.

    Maybe π isn’t 3.141592654 over there, but 3 exactly, making a triangle indistinguishable from a circle. Then its laws of physics will differ from Earth’s. Richard Dawkins wrote The Blind Watchmaker (1986), rejecting the notion of a creator deity, and I doubt he believes in an afterlife of any kind. Good. May he repose in his coffin with the lid closed while the beings pop the lid on mine once I’m planted.

    Always the best to you, Mac. I’m glad you’re supporting and maintaining this web site. :)
  14. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Thank you for your kind words - I do what I can.
  15. Zac

    Zac Member

    My guess is our current scientific understanding is an approximation of reality under certain conditions. Newtonian physics is a good model except when things move at extreme speed (near the speed of light) or are very tiny (like a few atoms) and quantum mechanics is a better model that encompasses newtonian physics. But, I doubt quantum mechanics is a complete model though more so than newtonian physics developed 300 years ago.
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  16. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    This conversation has lost focus and become side-tracked. Advanced mathematics, reality and Newtonian physics may be an interesting conversation for some members but have little directly to do with the original topic of the soul phone and related issues. Further discussion and debate of the former would be better carried out in a different thread.

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