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Some questions about karma

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Shaman Traveler, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Shaman Traveler

    Shaman Traveler New Member

    Hi everyone. One thing i've thought alot about is karma. Cause and effect if we are to think in hindu and buddhist terms means that what we do will return to us at some point. So if someone gets murdered the murderer will be murdered in another lifetime. I think Mikey said that spirits can stay in the lower levels forever if they like (maybe Mikey means in the levels where there is darkness). Yet Mikey has also said that some karma will be repaid. This gets a little unclear to me and contradictory that you can stay forever wherever you like yet you still need to repay karma. To me no one should be forced to repay anything unless they want to. I can't stop thinking about karma and the negativity this concept gives me. I don't think humans or any other creature deserves karma... but maybe karma isn't like that? For what reason should i believe what others say merely by my intellect? Its just like this topic about sex drive and sexuality in the afterlife... i have no reason to blindly swallow what others say about it. From the revelations i've been getting its totally possible and that we deserve the best.

    So my questions to you guys: What's your opinions on karma?
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    My question first. Exactly what does karma mean to you, how does it operate etc? As far as I'm aware you're neither a Hindu nor a Buddhist so quoting bits from those philosophies (first sentence) doesn't help explain your own view.
  3. Shaman Traveler

    Shaman Traveler New Member

    Well the thing is i have a habit to read spiritual information on the internet and then believe in a lot of it. The Michael Entity describes karma similar to how its described in the east. Many other channeled beings say so too. I can't help but not believe it :( But i don't want to believe karma work that way. But i have a big problem. I don't trust myself enough. However i don't know whether i should continue this destructive pattern i'm in where i constantly read different info on the internet and then dwell on the info for days trying to come to conclusions. I've realised that the reason i do all these things is to find inner happiness. I thought it was to learn but during self examination i realised that the only thing i want is to be happy. To be happy i need to believe things that make me feel good but still need to be true. I've been in this situation almost my whole life. I don't know what to do anymore. Truth is important for my happiness but the truths must also feel good to my soul. I don't know anymore. I've prayed to be free from this problem but i'm stuck in a mental prison.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Well you didn't actually answer my very simple question(s) in your fairly long response but based on what I'm reading I suggest your problem is not one you'll find answers for here on ALF.

    I expect I may get criticised for my bluntness - not uncommon - but I hope you appreciate my directness. Now I'm going to say to you much the same as I've said to other young uns - compared with my age of nearly 72 you're young! My suggestion is that you try to enjoy this life right now and put to the back of your thoughts all the other issues. When the time is right, perhaps when you're another decade or two older, perhaps then you might want to research again the issues that are giving you more angst than happiness.

    But right now why not just do the things you like to do (provided they're not destructive or self-destructive) and hang the rest. :)
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    As a footnote, when I was younger and like yourself I also went through a phase of wanting to understand all the esoteric guff. I read books, read accounts of the beast Aleister Crowley etc., looked into magic, fairies and ghosts always trying to understand what was going on - all to no avail because it's a crock. The stuff you're agonising about in terms of karma and whatever else may be a crock also. It was almost another two decades before things began to make sense in ways I'd never heard of previously, my mid thirties and things had happened in my life to provide context. And without context much of this afterlife stuff may mean very little.
  6. Luna

    Luna New Member

    The way you word your problem sounds as though it may be causing quite a lot of anxiety i.e "can't stop thinking about [it]", "stuck in a mental prison".

    This is a self-perpetuating cycle. This makes me think of anxiety as well- it's a gnawing doubt that is hard to shake- especially when the cause is something you cannot get a definitive answer for. How can the search end if you can't find a solid answer to your query? You know what I mean?

    I agree with everything Mac is saying... If you feel this subject may be causing you anxiety, then try your best to put a hold on it. There's actually a technique people use for obsessive thoughts where they say "stop" or another chosen word to end that train of thought and redirect their focus to another subject. Another method is when you start dwelling on a destructive thought to say "I'll revisit this ___" with a chosen time or day. The less you let yourself dwell on something that causes you unpleasant thoughts the better- this I know from experience~!
  7. Shaman Traveler

    Shaman Traveler New Member

    Thanks Mac and Luna for your answers. I will give myself permission to have 5 years without doing what i do. In other words i will still post here but i'm gonna stop reading the things i do on the internet for a while or atleast try to. I will try to just enjoy the now and get new perspectives on things by enjoying life. Ofcourse studying also is enjoyable to me but i need some time off. I will also think about the techniques you told me Luna.
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Shaman Traveler, "Karma" is a religious term, like "soul," "saint," and a lot of other such terms, each of which refers to a real phenomenon but all of which carry religious interpretations and overall baggage so they really shouldn't be used by anyone who is interested in better understanding what is real. YES, if you create substantial negativity in one lifetime you will harm yourself spirituality and when you return home you will in fact CHOOSE to have experiences in the next lifetime or two that will help you to repair yourself spiritually and continue to grow, but emphatically NO there is no tit-for-tat about it. "Karma" in the religious sense emphatically does not exist. And yes, I know that - like soul - "karma" has crept into the lexicon, both here and apparently in the afterlife as well - Mikey even uses the word! But the problem is that it has a specific religious definition that is mechanical and largely imprecise, so we shouldn't use it. What is important is only what is TRUE.
  9. Shaman Traveler

    Shaman Traveler New Member

    RobertaGrimes awesome response! ;) :D

    Here's some examples of religious terms and also some other terms that i will drop. Getting as "spiritually true" correct is the best option.

    Here's the words (concepts etc).

    satan. lucifer. the devil. demons. fallen angels. witches. vampires. werewolfs. hell. purgatory. karma. bigfoot. yeti.

    Someone might want to fill it out with more concepts. I know some will probably use these concepts but i'm leaving these concepts and ideas such as "bigfoot, yeti " behind me.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
  10. Shaman Traveler

    Shaman Traveler New Member

    Sorry everyone if i was negative in some of my talk. I apologise. :(

    Positivity, love, freedom, taking care of earth and writing on this forum lovely things is good. I'm not gonna write anything negative again. Thanks Mac for closing the other thread. :p:):D

    BTW anyone know how to use more emojis than these? Is there any emoji like a "thumbs up"?

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