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Sleep paralysis or more?

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Beth Shaffer, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. I started experiencing things in the 1940s, media was very limited. I just accepted it seemed natural. I think that perhaps life with less input but more immediacy meant my intuition developed.
    For instance, I was not given spending money on a regular basis so I quietly walked to school saving four bus fares. Looking back I realised the back alleys in London were not the best route, but some days I would decide to avoid one or another. So much of life had more quiet rhythm as we walked miles.
    Once in my early teens I realised some things I believed went against the grain. When I really wanted to know the right book or person came along. We were told not to talk to strangers, I kept a safe distance while a man told me the sky only looked blue.He explained it was an illusion of light. I was fascinated but it made sense.
    My mother was quite exasperated to be quizzed by her eight year old how people knew the blue they saw was the same as what others saw.
    Now is seems science is confirming what many ancients (Inc. Me) took for granted. So although I accept at face value, I know how easy it is to be deluded too. It makes life interesting.
    I do feel though the main thing depends what the worth it has to the present situation we are in. Does it help us serve life's purpose.
    Like you I do feel privileged so no longer take it for granted as when I was young. I say a prayer of thanks each time.
    I am still exploring the site, I heard Roberta on YouTube, I read her books so she led me here.
  2. True, but how we experience it can be so different according to personality, attitude even when circumstance are very similar.

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