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signs as messages

Discussion in 'Carol and Mikey Q&A 'follow-on-discussions'' started by mac, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I am aware I had fallen foul of this website's rules and policies concerning discussions about religion. This thread is about 'signs as messages' so we should now return to that theme.

    The earlier postings about Spiritualism etc. may be found here: http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/spiritualism.3459/
  2. jobun

    jobun New Member

    Hi mac, - Mikey will answer in his own time ;) but I wanted to put my perspective here....
    as you may remember (or not, it's been a while since I joined), I lost 2 nephews to opioid overdoses.
    My SIL heard from them thru a very good medium, however, one of my nephews really shied away from responding... His biggest worry was what people would tell his daughter about him (being an addict). I think that even though they have passed on, my one nephew feels or felt guilty about the way he passed (his was accidental, but nonetheless, an od), and wasn't fully ready to talk to his mom thru the medium. He's only been gone a little over 2 years, while his brother has been gone a few years longer. So maybe he had residual guilt or shame for the way he lived his life and how he was with his mom before passing over. I hope he's more open now to communication. Perhaps that is why some people don't hear from a loved one, especially if it's been fairly recent passing;
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You could well be right, jobun - some people in such special circumstances may well be reluctant, even after their passing, to have their story emerge.

    But I asked my questions thinking about time in respect of dates of anniversary celebrations that folk love to make a big thing of in this world (I personally don't get it.) which they might expect to remain special (if it was) for those 'over there', a time when a sign might be more likely.

    I guess, though, that if 'the departed' were actually like me in this world - but didn't often let it be known because of others' likely rebukes! - they might not think there's any more reason for showing their survival on an anniversary (if they were somehow aware of the date) than they would at any other time. Especially so if they haven't felt moved to do it before. ;)

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