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Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    "Absolutely. In fact, he was quoted as saying he was fighting for God and country. With that kind of mindset, what you wrote makes perfect sense. That awful war meant everything to him and apparently still does. It is no secret that Gettysburg is one of the most haunted places in the world and things are seen and heard there that defy all explanation. It has dwindled down over the years but there is still activity there."
    Gettysburg attracts researchers with presumably more than a casual interest in the events hence those killed there, or unable to move away for whatever reason, may be drawn back by the researchers' interest - unless folk were there they couldn't know about it being haunted. Maybe there are more ghosts at Gettysburg than there are discarnates?
  2. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    He seems to reject any offers of help. I was at Gettysburg 4 times, and although it is really beautiful, it is one of the most depressing places I've been to, and yes, there is a combination of ghosts and discarnates. The creepiest "ghost" movie couldn't come close to being in Gettysburg at night. You are right again when you said they are drawn by the researchers' interest in them. After one of the many reenactments that are featured there, you can be sure to have some kind of experience, so that attracts them too. Also, hundreds of monuments have been erected there, and I'm sure that this attracts them as well. I had one of my experiences while reading and commenting on the monument of General MacPherson, who was kind of a big shot during the Gettysburg battle. I've only been there 4 times, but never once have I seen anyone in there by themselves. There is a sense of dread there, and no one wants to be alone in the pitch dark while feeling a sense of dread!
  3. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    Many thanks for your replies to my posts. No Mac I didn't know that "followed you home" means that, I took it more literally! Thanks for the explanation.

    This is how I see things and I'm not saying I'm right - but I don't feel that those that have passed over and help me are close to me or attached here. I think that they are where they are supposed to be and, as we all will, are reflecting and working on the issues that effected them in life and learning the lessons from them.

    Lola I can't think of a particular experience to relate, they are nudges that I notice but don't make a note of, but I will tell you if one springs to mind that would be good to tell. It doesn't only happen with the military memorials, but also with ancestors of mine and of others when working on family trees. Something comes to my attention to work on, often in an obscure way, and I get an "ah ha!" moment - it becomes clear why the person now in spirit wanted me to look at that particular issue and has lead me to it. Sometimes I'll find records I've searched for unsuccessfully for a very long time, and just know I've had help in finding them and it leads on to helping out in some way. It may mean correcting a record, putting long lost relatives in touch, or just knowing about and understanding something in their life. I then get a sense from them of "job done" and a smile.

    A bit of background to this - in 2013 I visited a medium and told her that I was deciding if I should retire or work part time. She told me that spirit wanted me to retire as they had work for me to do in collaboration with them and I'd need plenty of time! I retired in 2014 and took up researching my family tree as a hobby - it soon grew into a full time job though as I was asked to produce family trees and do other bits of research for other people. Through some work I did on a friend's family tree I was contacted by a professional genealogist and we became friends, sharing the same sort of experiences of being helped by those that have passed over. He suggested that I work on the military memorials and gave me tuition. It feels to me that this work and interest was spirit's plan for me before I had even thought about it!
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  4. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    Oh I agree. They are not attached or hanging out at your house or anything like that, but just help you from time to time as they appreciate your efforts. The point is they are definitely aware of you and your mutual interests. It's the same with me. My interest in the Civil War and how irate I am about that whole ugly war must have served as some kind of connection, especially when I stopped at his grave and said a few prayers. I have heard of this before, but always chalked it up to imagination. It's funny how easy it is to dismiss things so easily until it happens to you personally.
  5. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    Hi Lola Yes, when it does happen to you, you just KNOW! Also these things happen to me too many times to be coincidence. You may be interested in this - I was working on my brother in law's family tree and late one evening found on a census record that a relative of his lived and worked at a large historic estate in the UK. I went to bed intending to research the estate the next day. As I was getting in to bed (still wide awake) I saw very clearly a white marble bust, the sort of thing you would see in an art gallery or museum. It slowly turned and I saw it was a man with a very distinctive large bushy red mustache! It faded, and I was giggling at such a funny sight. The next day I looked up the estate and there was a photograph of the gentleman who lived there at the same time that my brother in law's relative was there. I immediately recognised his amazing mustache that I'd seen the night before! He was owner of an art gallery in London which still exists to this day - so it was interesting that he chose to show himself to me in the form of a marble bust, the sort of thing he would have had in his gallery. I'll attach the photograph.

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  6. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    1. Yipes! This is truly awesome. It makes my Billy incident seem almost mundane, as at least I knew his name and some basic things about him, but you didn't even know this guy existed. Had you not decided to do the family tree research, that never would have happened. In your case it seems like he read your thoughts, although maybe someone associated with him projected that image. Either way, it is astonishing. Again, this isn't explainable in any normal way. I found it interesting that he stressed his red hair when he appeared as a sculpture, and in the picture you attached, he is most definitely a redhead!
  7. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    I've been reading a novel in which the character's wife returns from death and I tend to read in the bath. On Friday evening as I stood at the sink, a ceramic holder with a toothpaste tube in it made a loud noise and jumped slightly, rattling the toothpaste and a brush inside. Last night, I'd finished reading and raised my eyes to the towel rail in front, only to see one of the towels billow outwards!
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  8. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    Someone knew you were reading that book and was aware of the subject matter in the book, and this was their way of letting you know that.
  9. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    Thanks Lola and Baob, these things don't translate purely as evidence for me as they can be read as hallucinations, which are sensory experiences so by definition seem real to the experient. We all hallucinate many times a day and it is quite normal as the brain is constantly working to make sense of ambiguous and incomplete stimuli. It is why we're good at seeing faces in clouds or making sense of what someone is saying over a noisy phone line. Can you tell I've just finished a course in parapsychology?! However, it was a simple matter of the rattling of a heavy object and looking up to see the towel rail in my line of vision; no ambiguity there. So who knows? I suppose it is impossible for us to guess at the "how's". That's the problem!! The "why's" are easy; it would be my son trying to give me evidence of survival and we all find it convincing in that moment, until the logical brain intervenes again! Another thrill this morning: we have a white squirrel in the area, seldom seen. I have an ongoing request to my son to show me the squirrel, and he did it within the time requested of two weeks. I had almost given up this time! But there it was at 7am, dancing along the fence in the pink of health. So I was able once again to say thanks to my son!! Yes! Until the logical brain intervenes again!!!
  10. Lola Hoovler

    Lola Hoovler Active Member

    Hallucinations usually don't work in the way you described, and you certainly didn't hallucinate the white squirrel

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