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Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Welcome to the forums! And thank you for sharing this wonderful sign! Pay attention out there! I am sure there will be more to come! Signs are such a great communication tool for them!
  2. janef

    janef Moderator

    spirit (1).jpg

    I have been asking for more 'spirit' or 'light beings' in my photos since the huge orb I got last Sept. in Hawaii. I even asked my Dad for a sign. Last week while taking this picture I saw something I thought was a ray of sunlight as i snapped the picture, however the sun was behind me. It appears it is a 'spirit'. I sent it to Roberta and she sent it to Craig Hogan. He analyzed it with a detective software and determined it is authentic, untouched, not glare etc.
    The weird thing is, as I looked closer at the image in the window it looks like a hand with a finger missing, my Dad had a missing finger! Ok.. maybe I am over analyzing it, but I am thinking.. I asked for a sign, I got one, so why wouldn't it be him?

    I have sent it to several sites on 'Spirit photography' for comments.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2015
  3. I'm sure they will have interesting things to say about it.:)
  4. Highlander

    Highlander Member

    Janef, I respect Dr. Hogan's scientific and spiritual background and so accept his learned opinion. He apparently has the knowledge and tools to examine such phenomena and arrive at an unbiased conclusion. Thanks for posting it!
  5. Janef, Your photo is amazing, and I sense that you are the type of person who is sincere and would not resort to fakery. Please keep us up-to-date on what you find out. And don't let anyone tell you that it was caused by water droplets, regardless of how fancy their website is!

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