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Signs and Messages from the other side

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Sapphire

    Sapphire Member

    I'm disappointed it hasn't happened again, but I read somewhere that spirit gives us what we need. Maybe Dad thought that convincing me of his presence was enough. I'll always be grateful for that.

    Last July, a medium described Dad standing next to me, and told me that he "follows me around." That was life-changing and filled me with joy; my grief journey took a definite turn for the better that day.
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  2. Zac

    Zac Member

    Have you considered setting up a video camera to record this phenomena? There are inexpensive devices available that record on motion or sound triggers:

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  3. Sapphire

    Sapphire Member

    Not really. I don't think I'm willing to spend the money for something like that, though. It's a good suggestion for the case in which it occurs constantly, and in the same place every time.
  4. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    Hi I've really enjoyed reading this thread and would like to add this experience that happened shortly after my father died. I visited my family and on my way home I popped in to say goodbye to my mother - who we call "Mom". She waved me off as always and it was so incredibly sad seeing her there on her own without Dad. I cried as I drove away. Within a few minutes I was on the motorway and a car overtook and pulled in front of me. I noticed that the registration plate was "MOM". The car then sped off into the distance, and within a minute another car did the same thing - overtook me and then pulled in front of me briefly. The registration was "DAD". I was pretty shaken at the "coincidence" - then another car did the same thing and I knew it was certainly no longer a coincidence - the registration was "PEG", my mother's name. By this time I could barely drive and was saying out loud "my God Dad, is this you doing that?". The next vehicle that pulled in front was a large lorry, and on the side in huge letters "DAD" (the initials of a company). It too stayed in front of me briefly then sped off. These vehicles came in front of me within the space of a few minutes, and one after the other - no other vehicles in between. I had to go to the next services for coffee to recover! I can't imagine how those in spirit organise these things, just know that they do.
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  5. kim marine

    kim marine Active Member

    That was wonderful Cassie Synchronicity on full display!
  6. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    Yes, there was no way of missing that one!
  7. I am trying to relax and quieten everything in my body, I have been in such hard grief. Today instead of his first name my auto correct on my phone is now repeating his last which he really did not like and didn't use and it is very old Irish so it wouldn't be on my phone nor is it common . I had in earlier weeks, even this week , had this happen with his first name . There have also been 3 classic TV shows on today with main characters with his last name and one loved orange cats just like he did . I am slowly emerging from really bad "shock grief" ( I made that up but was the only phrase I could think to describe it ) after 3 months . That man would call me REPEATEDLY if I did not answer right away so he still has a "phone" of some sorts . LOVED calling people , for any reason . Tough calls or easy ones.
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  8. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Hej, i want to share one sign from my love. My friend was visiting me and we were sitting on couch and speaking. Then suddenly i felt like someone touched my hair on left side and i turned my head that way. Just like reflex, i was in the middle of sentence and concentrated on our topic. When i turned back to my friend she was like: wow did you see that?! I said that i saw nothing i just felt something. Then she explained that she saw bright white with blue light, a size of tennis ball in same direction where i turned my head. That was a cute sign from Michel♡
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  9. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    That's lovely, Monika. :)
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  10. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Hej everyone♡ About a week ago i had emotionally difficult period and to communicate for me and Michel was not easy because of my mental state at that moment. Despite this, one day before leaving home i had a thought something like "oh Michel i miss you so much, are you beside me? Please i want you to confirm, i want a penny". Few meters outsìde door i saw a coin in dirt. I took it. My heart almost stopped from happiness when i cleaned dirt from it and saw. It was 1 penny! Thats not something you find in Northern Sweden laying on the street. Under normal circumstances. After this i was thinking a lot. Why penny? Why i did not ask just for coin? Why penny. It must be something more behind this thought. It might be that at the moment when i asked Michel for confirmation and he had to act fast he saw this coin. So i do believe that this thought about this specific coin was not even mine. I think this is so beautiful and very cool :) And i keep saying how proud i am of him still finding fast solutions for everything like when he was here. And often i feel that he is proud of me. Sometimes i ask why and not everytime i understand exactly what he means speaking about my mind but who cares. Compliment is a compliment :)
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  11. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Hej people♡ i would like to share one more sign. All day today i spent doing a project for our dream house. We kept discusing with Michel about many aspects of it. Sometimes i felt a need to redo some parts of project so i was correcting until i felt fully satisfied us both. After all i asked Michel with pendulum if there is any chance that we will live in our dream house when i will come. He said yes and then i noticed number 33 on my phone. I googled what that number mean and the first sentence i read about it was: angel number 33 is an auspicious sign from your angels that you are in alignment with your divine creative source and able to manifest whatever you desire into form. This is a very clear answer to my question :)
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  12. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    Thank you Monika,
    I often ask Susie about the new home we will enjoy. Hey if, hopefully, we are neighbors you and Michael are welcomed to enjoy our beach, forest, mountain and streams. And our music.
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  13. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Hihi thats lovely! Thank you! We will definitely visit you two! ♡
  14. Jan Wallace

    Jan Wallace New Member

    It's not always those that have passed that you can connect with in dream state though they are the one's you are missing the most. I haven't seen my eldest child for nearly a year neither of us has been able to travel due to various circumstances and a few weeks ago I was wishing I could see her and give a hug. I tend to doze off in the afternoons and on this occasion I dreamed I was sitting in my car and it was surrounded by people like in a carnival parade, I looked out of the left side window and saw my youngest girl and my next thought was if she is here then so is her sister. At that moment the passenger door opened and my eldest girl got in the car leaned over and gave me a massive hug I woke up with my arms wrapped around me with tears in my eyes and an immense feeling of love. It felt so real and when I phoned her later in the day she told me she'd been asleep at the time being on nights and had a dream about me. Again when I had lost my young cat he'd been missing for 3 weeks I was so worried that he was locked in somewhere, during my afternoon doze he jumped through the window straight onto my lap and curled himself into a ball and went straight to sleep like he always did. I woke up crying as I knew he had passed and he came to say good bye.
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  15. Monika

    Monika Active Member

    Hej everyone♡ i would like to share a sign or maybe better to say confirmation from Michel.
    Several days ago our friend called little bit stressed out because she had a little "crash" with her bachelors thesis she is working on. She has not very much time to finish it and was not sure if she will manage. So we spoke and finally she asked if i can ask Michel his opinion. So when i came back home i asked if he thinks that she will succeed even if now this seems to be hardly to reach. His aswer was of course she will if she will work on this. I mean i could not expect different answer from him. So i called my friend and told his message. While we were speaking she said that number 14 just came into her mind and asked if i can check the meaning of it. But i suggested her to do this by her own. Just google and open first site which she felt pushed to open. I thought that if it is Michels message for her so she is the only one who can get it. Not me. So she did and she was reading out loud and were almost screaming from happiness because she was reading just same words i said for her from Michel some minutes before. We both agreed that it was his comfirmation for her about his opinion♡
    To give a little background i must say that this our friend also gets loads of signs from Michel. And she also gets messages for me from him. I think sometimes i am in very sad mood and can not hear him if he wants to say something badly. So he goes to her. For Michel she was like his younger sister and for her he was older brother. They have very strong loving connection till now and i trully believe it will never end♡
  16. Something has broken through because I have had 2 visitation dreams suddenly . First time since he passed. I was really worried they would never happen again . I have had them since I was a child- it doesn't happen with everyone I know who has passed , just some- and it took until I was an adult to control what I said and did in them .Edit : In these dreams the sun is absolutely brilliant outside every time w/blue skies etc . One was very strong the other weak . He appeared and wanted me to look at him ,, I was still a little agitated at him still but he MADE me look at him 3 times , I would turn my head - a complete brat . So he THOUGHT at me - why are you doing this now ?? I thought back - you know why . So he grabbed me by the arm and put the side of my face up next to his chest and I could hear / feel him while he was patting my hair !!! Then he backed away until he vanished . Now I know he is not really breathing nor does his sweet heart beat anymore but I understood what he was saying . He still exists even if in a different form .
    Today on my face book memories , the first one was from him that said I LOVE MY HEN !!!
    I love you too Pea. Everyday .
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  17. Kurt

    Kurt Active Member

    Sometimes I have dreams where A.) the same person visits... its always one of 2 people who are very nice and give me advice (Which if applied makes my life easier to live in). B.) I visit a very amazing landscape & I feel like I have been there before. It is hard to describe what it looks like. I do not know who the people could be. I have guesses but that is pretty much it. So many people have died near me I would have a hard time guessing who is who, since some happened when I was young.
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  18. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    There's no certainty anyway that your helpers are individuals whose deaths you would necessarily know about - they could be linked to times farther back than recent generations.
  19. Like many who have loved ones die , things in the everyday world sometimes have to change too. Whether you want them to or not . Daughter, roommate and I have to move from our home ( apt) to some where else more affordable and nearer my only living relative who is my mentally ill sister who lives in a group home . I have grown children I have not seen in years ( definitely not my choice and I want to be very honest when I speak here ) who have no idea what is going on in my life so sadly I don't count them in this but you may see me speak of them . However since we have begun to pack this house is just alive suddenly . Have any of you all had this happen . I had my very vivid visitation but my daughter and our everlasting housemate have REALLY started to see . Daughter has gotten up twice asking if housemate walked down the hall once saying you don't have to knock , the door is wide open silly ,looking up to JUST see someone dart away ( with long dark hair ) . Nope, roommate is on the other side of the house packing a box . The last 2 nights were very VERY hard for me. 4 month mark of his death. I meditated REALLY deep , I even asked for him and fell asleep in meditation , which I did not mean to do . Next day roommate says he was in your doorway again late , you were really sleeping hard so I did not want to wake you but there was a very bright oblong-ish ball of light in your doorway that stayed 30 sec to 1 minute . He apparently asked," Kat is that you ?" He said when he spoke the light sort of zipped away . The again last night daughter and roommate were packing while I fell really deep in sleep again . This has been so hard that they all let me sleep if I am asleep . They both swear , and these are 2 serious , VERY quiet people -my daughter and roommate swear there was a light in my room and no lamp or TV was on and they just KNEW I would wake but I did not . They thought I was sick or sad again and came to help and instead found me asleep with the room "lit " ??? for about the same amount of time . I have zero recollections of this . My roommate has been with us for 15 years , European , a happy bachelor and stays to himself . He is an aviation mechanic that works alot of the time , very honest, is of the third gender , and has been sensitive since he was very little . My daughter is a very serious Wednesday Addams type of musician. So they are both people not prone to joke around like that . She is finding new pennies under her feet ( The lucky sides up she says ) while sitting at her desk at school and around school . I am finding them as I pack on the floor . It seems like things really ramped up as soon as we began to get ready to depart . Ironically we are moving much closer to the area he died ( and was buried) for totally unrelated reasons . No one can explain how a room can be bright with no light on .Edit : Or where the source of the light was coming from . It just "was".
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  20. Zac

    Zac Member

    I had something unusual happen this morning about 11:20am. I was on the phone with a friend and went upstairs to to get something from my bedroom. While standing near my bed, I heard what sounded like a voice (or voices). I couldn't understand what the voice(s) were saying as it was too faint and was mixed with a buzzing noise at times. This continued for 30 seconds as I searched for the source of the sound. It seemed to come from underneath a blanket that was used by my hound who passed in 2014. I half expected a phone or some electronic device buried under the blanket making that sound, but I looked underneath and found nothing. By then, the sound had stopped. The sound was not loud enough or was not picked up for other reasons by the phone microphone as my friend on the phone could not hear the sound. This is the first time I've ever experienced audible phenomena. For context, I'm the caregiver for my elderly mother who has cognitive problems (some form of dementia) and she was having a bad day today that started at about 9am when she could not find her favorite jacket.

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