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Signs and Messages from the other side

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    I've been having some strange dreams lately. Susie told me a while back, after She transitioned, that some come from me and my uncertainties. For whatever that's worth. I am learning to receive better and She continues to progress in what She and others send to me. If that makes any sense.
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I'm not persuaded we should necessarily take much notice of dreams.
  3. lovehim

    lovehim New Member

    I'd like to know why. I'm just curious. :)
  4. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    I’ve been learning more and more about dreams. I am a precognitive dreamer so many come true for me. Other times, not precognitive, I can tell it’s stuff I need to work on like fears and such. I’ve read that some of the info we receive is from our higher consciousness helping us, guides, sometimes loved ones and sometimes just regular old dream stuff. I’ve found that all to be true for me.

    Lately, my dreams are not dreams. They are real. I suspect I’m projecting. I often wake up with my whole body vibrating or I can feel a pull. It almost feels like a suction at times. First time ever I was again lucid dreaming but this time I actually “felt” something. That has never happened. I could feel the step I had just put my foot on. It startled me so much that I woke myself up. I’ve now had 3 dreams that are truly not dreams. I suspect I’m leaving my body based on the vibrations and pulling sensations I’m experiencing. I’ve been trying to astral project but not really put a ton of effort into it. The only odd things is I’m not having the same experiences others have where they can see around the room they are in. Perhaps that’s on the horizon as I learn more. I’ve been told I have the skill to do this naturally. This explains a lot of what I’ve been experiencing.

    Mac - I do hope you share your knowledge on this as I enjoy reading about different experiences and what you have learned from others.
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Our minds are highly creative and a dream may be nothing more than the result of that creativity.
  6. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I'm flattered by the sentiments in your last sentence but dreams are not something about which I have much understanding; they're not my field.

    Former regular-member poeticblue is someone I would have recommended for comment about dreams but she's not here much nowadays. I consider her an expert but others who are regulars here may also have valuable experience to offer you.
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  7. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Thank you!
  8. Hardball

    Hardball New Member

    Makes sense. You are becoming a more sensitive antennae. You, she and they are becoming more proficient in finding a matching point vibrationally. The dream is a conduit. Dreams have many basis, some are mental housekeeping and experimentation. Beats having nightmares become part of your waking state yet you get the experience without the major downsides. Other dreams are dimensional travels. Some are etheric rechargings. Miss sleep, too bad. Miss dreaming, insanity. Dreams are multi-factorial at least mine are.
  9. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    You, she and they are becoming more proficient in finding a matching point vibrationally.

    That makes a lot of sense hardball. I think we are both, Susie & I working to communicate better. Just last week I smelled Her perfume, first time since She transitioned.

    My grandmothing used to dream of Her husband who would always come t her before the death of a family member or friend. Often they were unexpected deaths so my grandmother was not reading into this. I dreamt of being at my father's funeral the night before his first unexpected heart attack. He survived but it was a wake up call. The dreams that Susie sends are much ore vivid than other dreams.
  10. Nirvana

    Nirvana Member

    Somehow didn't understand what you meant by this until now. My dad said he will tell the mother eventually.

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