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Signs and Messages from the other side

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Member

    Sometimes, but not always, when I talk to my girlfriend's picture, or when I am walking and thinking about her or are talking to her, I get a powerful chill. Of course I can't tell if it's me doing that, or if it's her. I know that other things can cause them - at least with me. It's always that how-can-I-know-for-sure? kind of thing.

    Does anyone else get those kinds of chills/goosebumps when you think of someone who has crossed over?
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  2. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Happens all the time. What's your initial thought when it happens? I refer to that as the truest moment, the moment before anything else begins like analyzing, etc. I've found it, my initial reaction, to be quite accurate. Also, like I've said before, I keep a daily journal. Helps keep perspective too.
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  3. peanutbritt

    peanutbritt New Member

    I received roses, yes. These are significant. The feathers, well I am not so sure...
    I've visited a couple of mediums and while I am convinced all but one of them connected with Albert, either their skills weren't very advanced or he just didn't come through very strongly. I am still looking for a strong evidential medium. I want a clear message from Albert and to KNOW that it is him. I feel like this will help me heal. I am still really struggling with all this as I was expecting to be able to communicate more.

    Can you tell me why Tim Braun was satisfactory? And what do you mean by unpredictable? Did you not connect with whom you were hoping?

    I'll answer the bike question in a private message.
  4. enby

    enby New Member

    i mean finding feathers inside, and multiple times, like that seems pretty definitive. (am i using the right word)

    like sure maybe once you could say was coincidence, but even then how?

    if you have no birds, and no open windows for outside ones to fly in while you're unaware (right? you don't leave any open unscreened windows) how else are these feathers somehow appearing
  5. peanutbritt

    peanutbritt New Member

    Well, there are a lot of birds in this city. Maybe it's just that now I am noticing feathers. As for inside my place, I open the doors on my balcony now and then so it would be possible for little feathers to float in. Though finding that one on my desk really gave me the feeling that it was a sign, so I am hanging on to that.

    I sure wish I could ask Albert about it. I did actually, in a meditation, though I don't know if it was my imagination making up the whole thing. He answered "of course they are! what else?" and then I had the thought come to me that I have bird cages (as decor) all over my house, a few ceramic birds and other images of birds in my place. And...I have a large bird tattoo that covers a third of my back and another bird on my arm. But it was never a "topic" when he was here, it wasn't like, "oh, Britt likes birds". It wasn't anything I ever acknowledged, because I like a lot of things and birds are just symbolic for me. But maybe that fact is my answer right there...
  6. Rassie

    Rassie New Member

    My understanding is that they use what elements are around you. In other words, the feather may have been left by a bird randomly (maybe not ), but it is the thought of the love one that is important.

    While I was caring for my mother, every week when grocery shopping I would purchase a bouquet of flowers for her. After her transition, I continued to purchase flowers to place by her chair.

    It was at my first ever reading that the medium relayed a message to me. Mom said that she appreciated the flowers that I got for her every week, but it was the thought that was more important. That I could in essence give her a bouquet of flowers through my feelings of love. She told me to save my money. :)
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  7. peanutbritt

    peanutbritt New Member

    Who was your medium? I am searching for a good one.
  8. Rassie

    Rassie New Member

    In US - Virginia, Patrick Matthews. a book he wrote, quite literally fell into my hands in a used book store. Never Say Goodbye. (After the death of my father.) Excellent book.

    You can find him on the web. I have been to two of his small group readings. They were very informative and helpful.

    Susanne Wilson is also a wonderful medium. Unfortunately, she is no longer taking new clients. She is focusing on teaching. I will be attending one of her workshops in March.
  9. bill zola

    bill zola Member

  10. peanutbritt

    peanutbritt New Member

    How long did you all wait after your loved one passed until you contacted a medium?
  11. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    I had been in contact with her before my Angel died. We were supposed to have a session together with her to see if she could help us. But the morning of the session she called to say she meditated on it and she could not help at that point. I think it was about as week after She died that I first contacted Shoshanna. I've had 4 sessions so far and my Angel is in contact with me now on a daily basis through the white feathers She puts in my path or that drift out of the sky.
    I also read a great book "Ask Your Guides" by Sonia Choquette which helps put you in touch with the various guides and angels.
    I wish you all the best.
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  12. Zac

    Zac Member

    I've done 15 days, 52 days, and 110 days from date of passing to first sitting. Some spirits were able to communicate better than others regardless of the time interval though new information came across in sittings I had years later. For example, I did a sitting 15 days after passing and another sitting with a different medium this summer, about 2.5 years later. Some remarkable and disturbing (about medical malpractice, possibly intentional) details came through.
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  13. Zac

    Zac Member

    What do you make of this audio recorded inside my house?

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  14. peanutbritt

    peanutbritt New Member

    So, an interesting thing happened to me yesterday morning in a coffee shop. My dad had just left the coffee shop and I stayed behind to write in my journal and just think. I had shed a few tears talking with dad about my late Albert and was still teary.

    A man approached me and sat down. He told me that he and his wife had been observing me and he felt compelled to come over to tell me how beautiful I am, and that I seemed to have a glow about me. He wasn't entirely sure why he felt the tug to come over and tell me. I teared up and thanked him, told him the timing was right. He then said that I am a very special person and loved by many. And asked to give me a hug. Then he introduced his wife as she approached, and they left.

    I don't know if it was Albert, my guides, or someone/something else that nudged him to come tell me all that, but it was very welcome and felt like some kind of message.
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  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    My feeling is that what happened was very much intended as a message for you. Who instigated the delivery of the message we can only guess at but I think you're pretty close with your suggestions. ;):)
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  16. Rassie

    Rassie New Member

    Between working on my family tree and a personal family crisis, I have been away from Internet forums, such as Afterlife.

    However, I have to share something neat with you! I had my reading with the medium, Susanne Wilson. I have been processing all the information - still am - but this is one thing I am truly excited about and wanted to share.

    I am not sure how I want to tell this. I have come to realize that so many things in our lives are interrelated that sometimes it is so hard to separate the facts. And for the person, who is in the middle of this - me - it becomes mind-boggling.

    Several years ago I started having dreams that I believed included my spiritual guide. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that my guide's name was Nathaniel. It was not a name that I was familiar with - like a family name. When I asked the guide's name, Nathaniel was what I received. And when I asked for verification, all of the sudden I was encountering the name Nathaniel throughout the day.

    So when I was in Salt Lake City, I was able to partially break a brick wall in one family line. The weird thing about it, was once I traced back the line to the 1600's I encountered 3 NATHANIELS. Two of the Nathaniels were ministers - one French Huguenot. I was excited about the genealogy aspect of this, but I must admit for one brief second in the back of my mind I thought - "What if one of these Nathaniels was my guide?"

    So at the beginning of my reading, Susanne said that when she was setting up for my reading, my guide stepped in! He was a minister. The description she gave, which I later researched and confirmed, was that of a French Huguenot clergy! She confirmed that his name was Nathaniel

    The information he asked Susanne to pass to me was exactly why I had the reading! I didn't even need to ask the question.
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  17. SashaS

    SashaS New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. My husband passed away last December. I got different signs from him but the first one was in Valentine's day. I got up in the morning and I open the box of contact lenses and i saw a bubble in the perfect shape of heart. I wasn't aware of the day and I asked my son about that. For me and my love that day was always the day of gifts. He also once bought me a necklace with a heart shaped pendant which I wore oftenly. I'm pretty sure that was a sign from him.
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  18. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    SashaS that is very beautiful. My fiance transitioned in June of this year and I am learning everything I can about communicating with Her and seeing very good results. There are so many good book out there on this. Best wished for your ongoing communication.
  19. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Welcome to ALF. :) You've found a thread you can very much relate to.
  20. SashaS

    SashaS New Member

    Thank You Bill and Mac for your welcome! I have days exploring ALF. In reality I have some months exploring about afterlife.
    When my husband passed away I got different signs from him. I got a clear dream in which he told me that the life for him goes on and that he was Ok. Than some other signs and dreams. But after that, some dreams quite the same that he was calling me but we were unable to communicate and later on nothing. That's why I'm trying to find a way. I live in a small country in Europe and we don't have the possibility of a medium or other structures for what I'm looking for. I read some books but I don't know, I see that everything is new for me, also I've two children to grow up, a job to do and a lot of other efforts.
    Anyway, I found different interesting topics here which were helpful to me.

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