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Signs and Messages from the other side

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. mac

    mac host

    Did the "professional medium" give you any information you didn't already know?
  2. Rassie

    Rassie New Member

    Yes, she relayed an incident between my grandfather and father, that I knew nothing about before the reading.
  3. mac

    mac host

    good job!
  4. JCinTX

    JCinTX New Member

    My husband passed 10 months ago. I had to relocate to another city afterward for work. I brought very few things with me as I was moving myself. (No one to help.) One thing I brought was a large portrait of my husband. The picture was the last taken of him, two days before his sudden passing. His friends had it blown up to poster size mounted on a cardboard backing and had it on an easel at his service. I brought it into the new house. All I remember was feeling very exhausted as I carried items from the truck to inside. I remember thinking that I had to put that poster someplace safe where my pets would not knock it over or damage it. But I actually have no further recollection and don't have any idea where I put it. Keep in mind, I was pretty much sleep-walking through this time as I was so dazed from his passing and what I had to do to go forward. Bottom line, I put the picture away and did not see it again, nor did I think of it, or even remember bringing it to the new home. (I am still struggling with grief and stress and sleep deprivation.) A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I woke up and went into the laundry room to feed the kitties. There was the picture, face up, on the floor, right in the doorway. I have no idea how it got there. I live with only my kitties. Here is the poster photo.

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  5. JCinTX

    JCinTX New Member

    I will also relate an event that happened after my mother passed in Dec 2009. My mom, whose name was Sybil, was living in an assisted living community with my dad. She was 80 and had many close calls from poor health. However, she was still very vibrant and engaged with friends and activities. She had made a good friend named Katherine, who was older and a retired college professor. They spent a lot of time together and led a weekly meeting with residents to discuss current events. Sadly, Katherine fell and broke her hip. After surgery, she was in a rehab facility for quite a while getting therapy. While she was there, Mother had a heart attack, and after a couple of weeks of heart and respiratory failure in a different hospital, passed away. Several days later, my sister went to visit Katherine to give her the news but Katherine's family asked her not to mention my mom's passing, as Katherine was very frail and they were afraid it would upset her too much. So my sister just went in to say hello, without telling her of my mom. Katherine had a roommate in a semi-private room. The roommate asked my sister, "Who in the heck is Sybil?" My sister asked why she was asking. The roommate said for the past few nights, Katherine had been up late talking to someone named Sybil, having conversations and laughing. The roommate did not see or hear any other person in the room. She was annoyed that Katherine was keeping her awake. Katherine had no recollection of this when my sister asked her about it.

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