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Signs And Messages 'from The Other Side'

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. bluebird

    bluebird Regular Contributor

    You are truly lucky/blessed.
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  2. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    I want to share a beautiful sign. Yesterday eve I had a friend visiting. He picked up my dad from an airport late eve and satyed to sleep at my place. It was pretty late and we were just laying in my room and speaking. He was a bit worried of how Michel feels about him staying over night at my place. I asured him that i asked Michel with letters and he was completely understanding and fine with that. And still my friend didnt feel completely convinced. And i do understand that it might have been a bit strange for him as i have ashes in my room near my bed and Michels jacket in my bed which i hug and dont let go every evening. Anyway at some point we went silent already as it was very late. After few moments friend said that he asked Michel and doesnt get an answer so maybe better he drives home. But few minutes after i felt he placed his hand on my forehead. As he did that i was speaking to Michel in my mind and it was pretty intense. I suddenly felt goosebumps on one of my legs and like a push. Few more minutes after my friend just shooted forth most strange things. In detail he described Michel. He said "Michel has shoe size 41 but hiking shoes he has of size 43. He has dark green pants with black big pockets. No knife on belt. It must be in his pocket. Then he described Michels outdoor jacket which he used when going fishing. Then he said that Michel carry rods in left hand at its is strange he said because he must be right handed as he holds fishing line with left hand while casting."
    He was completely correct till the last smallest detail. I asked him why he placed his hand on my forehead and he said he wasnt sure by himself. When picture of Michel came into his mind he just felt a need to place hand there and picture became much more clear and not foggy anymore.
    It amazes me as this friend never met Michel. Yes he knows a lot as i constantly speak of him but never to such detail about shoe size, about that he bought 2 size bigger hiking shoes all time, about what clothes he likes to wear (friend even searched for picture on internet of pants and showed me and it was correct) or in which hand he carries his rods.
    All this made me so extremely happy. Because of how some kind of connection they can make. This friend is not a medium or psychic or so. Just a person with open mind and heart.
  3. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    Gosh! I can tell how excited you are about this, and it sounds very thrilling indeed. How amazing that this world may be more wonderful than we think it is. I'm so sorry you're still suffering the loss of Michel so much, understandably, of course, but it's great to hear you have such great close friends up there, Monika. This appearance of Michel must have been very vivid for your friend to get such a detailed picture of clothes. Yet how could he tell about shoe size? Not just from an image. These things are wonderful, but also so frustrating that we can't understand what's happening here!
  4. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    Hej Ruby :) Thank you for such loving comment like ever♡
    At the moment when my friend was looking to Michel shoes number 43 came instantly with knowledge that it is not actual size. Then number 41 appeared in his mind. So from that he knew that 43 was just those hiking shoes. And its true as Michels hiking shoes is 43. He liked them bigger because could put some more socks while going fishing. Its pretty cold up here even in summer.
    And yes, im very happy to have such open hearted friends.
    But many people up here are very open. Once i got checked at doctor because of some memory loss i face from time to time. He questioned me a lot while trying to figure out if im not depressed. He asked how do i manage to cope with such a loss and i said that i speak with Michel daily and this is what helps me to avoid suicide. He didnt think im insane, actually in the description of my health evaluation he wrote that i am easy communicating, dont have anxiety, depression or any other mental imbalance signs and that i cope with my loss communicating with deseased husband. It was written simply like that black on white and no one had any questions about this. Problems with memory was simply because of anemia they found. Back in my country i would have not been let out and untill today would spend my days in mental hospital.
  5. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    Ah, that's so nice to hear. Probably the far north of Sweden will tend to attract rugged individualists, and he's like that too! Still, it was brave to say that to a doctor. He could have sent you to a psychiatrist, as you say!

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