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Signs and Messages from the other side

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Jim, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Jim


    This sticky is a repository for people to describe events that they think are likely messages from the other side.
  2. Jim


    I'll go first...

    Recently I had a meeting in which others suggested I look at Thule, Greenland as a place to pursue my work. I'd never heard of Thule, and had to look it up. Next day, driving into work, someone pulls in front of me with a bike rack with the name Thule on it. First two times I'd ever seen this word. Seems to be a message that Thule may indeed be the right place to pursue my work. This one falls under the category of very long odds against chance. Anyway, I'll be particularly vigilant about opportunities in Thule.
  3. Searching

    Searching New Member

    I got a sign yesterday, from my best friend who passed over Sunday. Silly as it sounds, I had asked for a song from a singer we both love, and have gone to concerts to see. I didn't really expect anything so quickly, but I was at lunch browsing videos on YouTube for our singer, when one in particular caught my eye. I decided to go ahead and watch it. It was from a concert we had been to together. As I was watching, and listening, something passed by quickly on the video. A face. It was Me. And HER. I had to stop the video and rewind, pause, and there we were. No more than one row from whomever was filming us. She and I together at the concert, and I never knew this video existed... WOW...
  4. It seems that it was very different and interesting experience for you.
  5. beadtrader

    beadtrader Member

    Awesome sign Searching!!!
  6. My daughter is sending big white feathers. Also songs. One of the songs explained that what she was doing on earth was not her. She died of an overdose and the song brought tears to all of our eyes.
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  7. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    I love these signs. Love them so, because it is our loved ones trying to connect with us to let us know they are doing well! The loving connection never stops! :)
    It is the lifeline out of the deep pit of grief! I continue to journal my signs and dreams, even after 5 years. :)
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  8. Pinkroses

    Pinkroses Member

    I have received many signs in the form of songs, bumper stickers, license plates, specific animals, etc. The most amazing one for me was when I asked someone who passed to send me a pink rose. About a week or so later, I found a fabric pink rose laying on the ground underneath a park bench I was about to sit down at! The experience gave me chills and filled me with great joy. :)
  9. Just recently I drew a spirit portrait for a friend... she later told me that the eyes are the eyes she sees when she connects to her beloved in spirit and the whole portrait is the essence of him. I have never met her or him in physical form, but I trusted in my spirit artists and was rewarded. :) Humbling.
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  10. Jim


    I went for a long hike yesterday in the mountains. At one point, I decided to dedicate the hike to asking my spirit guide why my son had to be taken. After 20 minutes of nothing, I got choked up. At that point, I stopped to look at some birds (Virginia's Warblers), which supposedly are shy, even for birds. One flittered around from limb to limb, and hopped within 3 and a half feet of me as he looked me over. He stayed there for about 10 seconds before flying away. I have never experienced a wild bird get so close as that, and I attribute this as a sign from my son.
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  11. Last October we have lost our dearly beloved great grandmother, it was hard considering we nursed her through her final days until she left this world peacefully and painlessly. After the funeral Kelly was going to bed and she woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the wall next to the bed, she saw her great grandmother laying right next to her and she said "Don't worry I'm fine now" Smiling, then she disappeared. Was Kelly in a dream like state or was this a sign from her great grandmother? Very surreal experience for her!
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  12. From what I've learned it's often in this dream-like or hypnogogic state that the mind is in the best condition to receive messages from the other side.
  13. I agree!!! That's why so many people practice meditation.
  14. Fudge

    Fudge Member

    When I was by my platonic soulmate's side in hospital when he was making his transition I told him that his dad would be there and I felt him relax. Some days later when I was arranging his funeral (he had no family), I was playing various songs looking for the best one to be played and while I was playing Fare Thee Well by our favourite singer Kate Rusby the speaker sound faded and then boomed right out for the words "THE OLD MAN'S HERE AND HE'S FINE".

    I took that to be a sign that his old man was there and all is well.
    Have to add that I was overdoing things a bit and was up until very early going through different songs and after leaving the room and then returning everything turned off. There was no reason for it to have done that, it wasn't updating itself and I didn't pull any wiring out. I think he was telling me it was time I rested.

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  15. smitty75

    smitty75 New Member

    I'm new here, but I think I'm in the right place.
    Last month, I lost my wife of 50 years. It has been pretty rugged since, as she and I were very close. Last week, I woke up feeling the bed being shaken lightly. I felt the same thing the next morning, but no more since. I'm wondering if it was her, and if so, what was she trying to tell me. We are Catholic, and I know she was "ready" to go, but, I still can't figure out what she was trying to tell me.
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  16. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Are you saying the shaking of the bed is what woke you up, or did the bed shake after you woke up? Can you think of any natural causes as, for example, tremors (earthquake activity)? Do you have any sleep disorder that you know of? I apologize if this sounds like a game of 20 questions, but I always check for "ordinary" explanations first. If it was your wife, perhaps this was her way to let you know she dropped by to see you; perhaps she woke you up to warn you of something? (as, for instance, in case you had a period of apnea, or something of that nature).
    I hope you will receive more signs from her, to let you know she is well; but I am sorry for your loss. I have been married over 35 years and I don't know what I'd do and how I'd feel if I lost my husband after all these years together. You had 50 years together and though she was "ready" to go, it still must have been tough on you.
    Blessings, Smitty75, and welcome to the forum.:)

  17. Celera

    Celera Active Member

    Welcome, Smitty, and I'm very sorry for your loss. Although she was ready to go, I'm sure it's hard to be separated from her after so many years together. Even for fairly independent people, there is so much routine, decision making and your need for intimacy that is wrapped up in one's marriage. I hope you have friends or family that will be there for you in the months ahead.

    I think the significance of a particular sign must be "in the eye of the beholder." At least, I'm sure she wanted you to know she is still with you.
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  18. Hi, I'm new here, my mom passed away this year at the end of March. During the night between mother's day and her birthday I've had a dream in which we were sitting at a table in a room (unfortunately I don't remember details about the room) talking in the same way we used to when she was alive, only I knew that she wasn't. She said to me "I came because I've seen that you're not feeling well and you're worried but you don't have to, you have to stay calm". I was puzzled that she could be there with me so I asked her " you can come like this without a problem?" and she responded "Sure I can". The strange thing is that I wasn't sad nor I was begging her to remain with me instead I asked her "So the things I'm reading about afterlife are true?" she said "Pretty much so". I don't really remember any more than that. Do you think it could be a visit?
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  19. ravensgate

    ravensgate Active Member

    Personally, I believe it was a visit, I've had similar ones, where I received additional info. that I could NOT have known but was later verified. These types of "dreams" are unlike others and for me, they often take place in a room. Funny thing is, the room is usually white, and though I can tell it is a room, it does seem to have no boundaries (like walls, that is). Sometimes in what I call my "visitation dreams", I see some type of barrier between me and those who had died. For example, nearly a year after my mother died, I saw her in a dream; she was telling me that she was doing alright and that I should not worry about her because she was fine. Looked like she was standing behind some sort of window ledge, but there was no building or window present; it's as if I was looking at a blue sky with patches of fog, and here was this "window ledge" and my mother behind it. It was a very clear dream, as all my visitation dreams are. :)

  20. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    Hi Dreamcatcher,
    Welcome to the forums. :) I feel it was a visitation type dream. They will say dreams that are vivid and real to us can be "astral travel" dreams. These dreams definitely can be communication type dreams and we usually remember them well. I have had dreams like you describe and you "feel " like you were truly just with them! Cool experiences for sure! Ravensgate describes a good example as well.
    Mikey defines the "astral " as the "communication dimension" between the realms!

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