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Share your Mystical Experiences Here

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by janef, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Sabrina S

    Sabrina S New Member

    DarthT15, I don't think your experience was tame. I think any experience we have that wakes us up to the fact that that there are other levels and layers we are living in the middle of, most of us without knowing that. I've heard great things about reiki healing, glad you shared what happened to you. Thanks.
  2. ThirdChai

    ThirdChai New Member

    New member. First post.

    *warning: kind of long post lol

    Aside from being able to re-enter lucid dreams at will at a very young age (what I wouldn't give to revive that skill!) these experiences began with an ADC in 2012 featuring my grandfather who passed in 2007.

    I was in bed asleep at my ex's house when suddenly I was in a very clean and sterile, but also very beautiful room with my grandfather. It resembled his hospice room but there was no medical equipment. We spoke telepathically, but I can't remember what he said to me except telling me it was time to "go back" (rather than "wake up"). I began crying maniacally because I did NOT want to go back. I woke up screaming and crying.

    My ex thought I was insane, but thus began my conversation from hard-nosed atheism to "what exactly just happened?"

    Not long after, I stopped into a woo gift shop by my house where I frequently purchased soaps and stuff. The shop owner, who had never suggested such a thing before, mentioned that there was an aura portrait artist upstairs who worked off of donations and to go speak with her.

    I thought, "what the heck, let's see what this is about." We chatted about my crappy relationship that I probably needed to get out of. She accurately described my love for plants and gardening and gave me a blue lace agate stone to help open my throat chakra since I have trouble communicating. It was a neat experience but I didn't subscribe to it as supernatural.

    This reader happened to be there again when I visited some time later, only she was doing tarot readings. I waved and talked to her and decided to go ahead and let her do a readings. She told me several things, but the things that stuck with me was that she was still seeing my love of plants and earth and that I needed some structure in the form of an earth-based path like, perhaps, Native American Spirituality.

    Not even a week later, I was looking for yoga classes near my home and found a shamanic journeying class being hosted at a yoga studio -- right next door to the shop where I had the tarot reading. So, obviously, I decided to see how far this rabbit hole of "coincidence" was going to take me.

    Spoiler alert: It took me far. Like, halfway across the country.

    Long story short, I went to the classes, ended up face-to-face with a Hopi Yei who beat me over the head with a club and told me to watch how I speak to people all while giving me a flash of my then-boyfriend's face as he did it.

    "What?" I thought. "This narcissistic and verbally-abusive jerk? What how 'I' speak to 'him'?"

    I realized that my attitude came from a sort of loathing for him and accepted my fault in the situation. I cleaned up my act and treated him like a king. Here's the thing, though: he got worse. He mocked my involvement in shamanic journeying. He try to publicly shame me for normal human interactions with other people. He was busy faking and injury and would insult my inability to pay both of our bills and pay for his extra-curricular activities like beer and cigarettes which I "should have known could become my responsibility when I started dating him." He told me I wasn't capable of knowing what I want for myself. He told me that women shouldn't have the right to end relationships and he wasn't leaving. He also threatened to have me committed.

    Before my shamanic experience, I would just blame him and stay because something deep down told me I deserved it. By transforming myself into a person who no longer fed into his psychological game, I was finally able to *truly* see that I didn't deserve his treatment.

    During this transformation, I met a new friend on social media. It seemed random at first. A mutual acquaintance of ours made a post about Jungian archetypes. Out of something like 300 responses, he and I was the only two INTP types. He gave me a virtual high five. A few minutes later, I got a friend request.

    Now, I don't normally accept Facebook requests from strangers, but something happened when I saw it. It was like a quick faint electricity surge. I felt an affection toward him that was unexplainable. It made no sense. I had no reason to even be infatuated. His only viewable profile photo at the time was an illustration of Bill Hicks (lol). Needless to say, I accepted the request.

    Our friendship grew over the next few months. I'll leave out all of the wild details, lucid experiences, precognitive dreams that he confirmed, "coincidences", etc... but 6 months later I was moving halfway across the country with him, back to his hometown. Moved into a house. Met his family. Got married. It was like we both just somehow knew it was going to happen. No relationship, especially the ones you're meant to be in, comes without challenges. This one didn't come without warnings, even. I don't know if anyone else has ever awaken to a disembodied "voice" speaking to you telepathically, but this one told me that I needed to support this man, even when things happen that I don't understand.

    This past February, he took his own life.

    I won't cover the grief aspect of the situation, but since then, I've received dreams. Friends and family have received dreams. I've had a couple of spontaneous "visions"(?) -- one seemed like he was allowing me to experience his death and mindset and immediate regret so that I'd understand. The other was him trying to hold and comfort and kiss me and being frustrated that he couldn't. His sister had a visitation dream that same week where she asked him how he was doing and he responded, "I'm frustrated. I can't touch my wife." He also said he was just hanging around to help any way he can.

    Another of the stranger experiences references the time when we first moved into our house together. We basically had nothing, so we'd sit on an air mattress and watch YouTube videos. There was this particular music video that was his favorite and I swear we'd watched it a million times. It was incredibly genius and I ended up kind of obsessed with it (and the band's other videos) too.

    A few days after his passing, a woman I only know online and who my husband never knew existed posted that video on my Facebook wall saying, "I saw this in my newsfeed and felt like I was supposed to share it with you." What a "coincidence", right? I was too flabbergasted and grief stricken to give her much response at the time, but posted the video again myself a few weeks later, explaining to friends that it was his favorite and we'd watched it a million times. She messaged me and told me that she felt like she was overstepping boundaries at the time, so she only posted the video to see how I'd respond. However, she said when she saw it pop up randomly in her own newsfeed, she was overcome with a sense of grief and regret -- followed by a sense of immeasurable love like she'd never experienced. Then she said she got this feeling that she was supposed to tell me that he understood the things I was saying now (which is relevant and there's no way she could have known the context.)

    She also mentioned that she sensed something she'd never seen before, which was a sort of "spirit tribe"... sort of a like a United Nations of orphaned spirits -- and that my husband and I were so connected that she couldn't tell which of us it was coming from. All this from someone who does NOT claim to be a medium. Haha

    Anyway, I think I've written enough for the rest of the century. Thanks for reading.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, ThirdChai! Wow, to me your story is beautiful: it's the tale of someone waking from the sleep of ignorance and beginning a voyage ever more deeply into genuine spiritual life. And I'm sure he will be there for you, each step of the way! Please keep us informed of your journeys. And Godspeed!
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  4. ThirdChai

    ThirdChai New Member

    Thank you, Roberta. I appreciate your words and I hope you are correct. I'm actually kind of concerned because he's gone quiet on me lately. I'm trying not to have too many expectations. It's difficult. :)
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    There can be lots of rea
    There can be lots of reasons why you don't feel that he is as active now, and they don't mean anything. Please just continue to involve him in your life, talk to him, so you're an ongoing presence in HIS life!
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  6. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    vinny, down south, 3 years ago (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...evidence-says-banish-fear-dying.html#comments)

    "Without going into too much detail I too have felt what death feels like and believe me it's the most amazing feeling of peace and happiness a 1000 times better than anything I've experienced " alive " At the time I was conscious & completely drug free, if this is what death really feels like then there is nothing to fear, bring it on."
  7. I like you Nirvana
  8. Nirvana

    Nirvana Active Member

    Thanks, Isabel :)
  9. Hello everyone, I hope that you will be patient as this experience may take time to write down. I have to back to when I was 9 years old, it was early morning when I could hear a lot of commotion coming from my parents room, heard my mother crying my elder brother was saying he's dead mum, referring to my father, I lay in my bed couldn't move so I just kept asking God please don't let my dad be dead, I will do anything I will be good, so I just kept praying thinking it's going to be ok God won't take my dad away, but he did, after his funeral I told God I don't want to know you anymore I don't believe in you. Fast forward to when I was 12 years old. One night in fact it was the middle of the night, I awoke with a tremendous thirst I got out of bed and went to the kitchen sink and began to fill my glass with water, as I was lifting the glass to my mouth I looked out of the large window in front of the sink, I noticed this very bright star which started to morph, suddenly it zoomed to right in front of the window, I couldn't move I saw the most beautiful person whom I believe was Jesus, remember I am only 12 years old at the time so I will tell you from a 12 year old's perception. what I felt is very difficult to explain, I felt that I had known him forever, I felt that he was me and I was him(the oneness) I had no notion of that word then, at the same time I knew everything that ever was and ever could be. past, present, future. it all seemed fair and made sense, I wanted to go with him I felt a love of a magnitude I have never felt before or since, then it was like a mental command to go back to bed, next thing I remember is my mother calling out "who broke the glass which was lying in the sink" bearing in mind the sink was a heavy iron type material, and I remembered that during the vision I felt the glass slide through may hand, but don't recall any sound. That has stayed with me all these years and I will never forget it. After that is when I began my search for God, it has been a long journey and there have been many lessons and many deaths in my family, in fact I have no family left here, and yes I have been suicidal after the loss of my adult son, and my sister, sometimes the emptiness is so overwhelming, but I am still here so far so good. and that my dear friends is one of in fact the most important, of my spiritual experiences.
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  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    That's beautiful, Isabel, and it rings so true! Thank you for sharing it!!

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