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Share your dreams

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by poeticblue, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    I originally wanted to post this on Carol and Mikeys thread, but I figured I would start a new thread just like the old days :) I would like for others to lead the way this go around because it helps a great bit (at least for me) to open up having read other people's experiences.

    I will be very much obliged to know if certain people on this forum have had dreams that were spiritually significant to them and the reason as to why it made an impact on them. This includes OBE's, Lucid Dreams, Regular Dreams et al...

    I know others have posted their experiences on different threads throughout these years but again I figured I would start a new thread. :eek:
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  2. Alexandra

    Alexandra New Member

    Hi Poeticblue,

    I believe I had a dream with spiritual significance for me, just recently. I am still trying to figure out if it was a real communication from my recently departed grandmother or just a regular dream. What I really can tell you is that since I had it (almost a month ago), I can still remember the details of it. After analizing it more deeply I realised something I did not notice at first. I posted the dream in another thread before, but I will post it again below:

    “My sister and I were in the dream. We were in somebody’s house, we didn’t know who, but apparently it was a burial house, though it didn’t look like one, it look like a normal house. We saw two or three unknown men who were sealing a casket. We approached them and I asked: “Where’s my grandmother. Is this her coffin? I am looking for my grandmother”. One of the man answered: “No, this is another coffin. Your grandmother is there”. Then, we went farther in the house, to a backyard that look like a garden, and waited for the men to bring gran. They brought a casket. One of the men asked: Would you like to see her? And my sister and I nodded and replied “Yes”. The men unsealed the coffin lid. The coffin containing her remains was much smaller than the one she was put in once she died in real life. When we saw grandma lying there we started to cry. “Grandma!” I said. “Grandma!” I said one more time, this time louder and touching her chest. There, I saw gran started moving one of her hands. Then, she began raising her hand slowly and touched the edge of the casket. At this point she smiled and opened her eyes. And that’s where I exclaimed “Gran, you’re not dead!”. She made an effort to rise herself and sat in the coffin. I hugged her strongly, and started crying again. And that’s where I woke up and the dream ended.”

    The dream was incredibly vivid, I thought I was actually there until I woke up and realised it was only a dream. I have to say that the dream ended suddenly and that's where I woke up, and I was completely awaken and with my eyes wide open. This has never happened to me in the past, except from one single time about four years ago, after a nightmare and when my grandma was still alive. However, this dream was nothing like a nightmare. I was not scared and felt so happy and calm in it. Years ago, the nightmare demonstrated a symbolism I did not understand at the moment of dreaming it, but a month after the nightmare took place, real events that resembled the dream took place in my life. This made me think the nightmare was actually a premonitory dream which I did not understand at first, but only after the events had taken place in real life. That happened years ago like I said, and no deceased relatives were present in that nightmare so it was not a communication dream.

    This dream I recently had and where my grandma was present really astonished me after some analysis was made by myself. Days after the dream took place I was reviewing the details of it and suddenly I remembered that the hand that my grandmother moved was her left hand. To help herself rise and sit in the coffin, she moved the left arm as well; so her left arm and hand were moving again. In real life, and after suffering a first stroke two and a half years ago, her left arm became disabled. Though she was treated with physiotherapy back then, she was never able to recover the movement of that arm and hand. Now, in the dream, this disability was gone and she moved her left hand again. As I did not realise about this fact at first, after the analysis days later I felt very amazed about the fact that she was moving again that part of her body, and thought to myself that perhaps she was trying to tell me that her arm was perfect again!

    I really wish this could be a message from my gran, but I am still confused about the dream and whether or not it was a real communication dream.
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  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear Alexandra, since it remains so vivid in your mind, that seems indeed to have been a communication dream. I was confused by it for most of your post, since I can't recall another reported dream that was so involved with death symbolism; but then when you said that she had been paralyzed, the meaning seemed a lot clearer to me. She was meeting you where you were in your understanding - Grandma is dead - and taking you to where she is now. Not only is Grandma not dead at all, but now she is healthy and no longer paralyzed! What a lovely gift that is - thank you for sharing it!
  4. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    Yes, thank you for sharing Alexandra. Have you had any other similar experiences like this that was dream related? Perhaps this is something you may want to further continue exploring if you keep the door open.
  5. Alexandra

    Alexandra New Member


    Thanks Roberta and poeticblue for your replies. I was just trying to confirm if it really was a visit dream. It is just quite difficult to believe if there isn't any proof other than just a dream that remains vivid in your mind. Not only this dream remains vivid (specially the last part, the strong hug, I really felt it as a real hug), but it also surprised me days later after the more thourough analysis took place. I did not realize about the left hand-arm moving at first, because everything seemed so natural and events were taking place as if it were normal life in the dream. Small details such as the left hand-arm tend to go unnoticed, until one analyses the entire situation more thoroughly. That's where it hit me - Hey, gran's left-hand was moving! Her arm-hand were disabled in real life, how is that possible?.

    Roberta, I have read your book "The fun of staying in touch". Great piece of work! Congratulations! I have found some of the ways loved ones try to communicate with us after they've passed very interesting, and I actually experienced finding coins and some electric activity in the house after my gran passed away. Right now, I am reading one of the books you suggest for further individual research, "Life in the world unseen" by Anthony Borgia. I find so out-of-this-world (lol, it is actually) and too good to be true (just like you write in your books about the afterlife) the words written in that book! Though what the book narrates is unverifiable, it gives me a sense my gran is super-fine and having the greatest time somewhere in this universe. I wish there could be a concrete evidence about the facts told in this book are true, but I believe Mr. Borgia (the medium who channeled the spirit giving an account of his life after phisycal) passed away long time ago. There are questions I have regarding this book and its content, and wouldn't know where to find the answers.

    Poeticblue, I haven't had any other dream related to my gran apart from the dream mentioned above. Yes, I have had dreams in the past and which remain quite vivid in my mind (just like the nightmare) but they weren't communication dreams, no deceased relatives were in them. I'd love to have more communication dreams from my gran in the future though...
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