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sex 'over there'?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by mac, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    As I've written on other occasions, you pay your money and you take yer chance.....

    Your comfort is what matters to you and as you're feeling better for holding the view you hold then go with it! :) Whatever gets you through the night's, alright, alright.....
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  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    I understand that for younger men in physical bodies this hope springs eternal, but in communications from people who are actually dead - from those who died more than a century ago, right up to our treasured Mikey Morgan - we consistently learn that the bodies we have in the afterlife have no sex drive, so even though they can be equipped with the appropriate organs (this may be optional), almost nobody bothers with genital sex. What they do instead if they want additional closeness with a pleasurable kick is spiritual melding, which is easier, can be done with anyone, and produces much better orgasmic pleasure which reportedly encompasses the whole body. To respond to a few of your highlighted points quickly:

    1) The sex drive is a part of the physical body exclusively. It dies with the physical body. Mikey died at 20, and he is clear in Flying High in Spirit and in his answers to questions that he knows what the sex drive is, and his body there emphatically does not have it.

    2) Jurgen and Cyrus are astral travelers. Therefore everything they describe happened in the astral, where all sorts of insane and aberrant things happen! All NDEs happen in the astral too, and therefore ditto for them. I love both Jurgen and Cyrus - they have been my guests on Seek Reality - and their work is wonderful. I don't doubt for a moment they have witnessed sex in the astral! But many of those who travel in the astral are, like them, people still in earth-bodies, and what they do during OBEs tells you precisely zero about what happens after death. (My primary guide won't let me read Swedenborg, but his work is religion-tinged. No idea where whatever he says may have come from.)

    3) The soldier reported to have had afterlife sex is the exception who proves the no-afterlife-sex rule. He was not an NDE-er. I would never use what happens in an NDE as evidence of anything that happens after death! He died in WWI, and his genitals had been destroyed long enough before he died that he was obsessed with their loss and he couldn't construct a post-death body with genitalia. They will do literally anything after death to help us get over our earth-traumas, so they put him through surgery and sewed on some new genitals. All better! But our post-death bodies have no sex drive, so he had the organs back but nothing was happening :-(. So then they put him in bed with a gorgeous volunteer who took him through the whole sexual act, and everything worked just fine! All of this was done FOR him, and out of love. It is also the only genuine report of sex in the afterlife of which I am aware!

    4) Sex with or between "spirits" is very much the exception. Yes, some loving spouses seem to be able to continue their sex lives now, but this is extremely recent and it seems to be more wonderful evidence that the veil between worlds is thinning. YAYY!! But all the pig-pile astral orgies that I have ever seen described in the literature involved dead people who had not completed their transitions, probably because they were addicted to sex here. The ironies abound, since if they hadn't been addicted to sex they could have transitioned and then had sex if they liked! This sex-addiction explanation covers all the "sexual spirits" that you are hanging your hat on: there are many people who have left their bodies here but not transitioned for various reasons, so those who stayed to feed a sexual obsession will peek will behind shower curtains. They can be seen squirming in gigantic naked piles to no purpose. They even touch people here inappropriately. But all of this is aberrant, it isn't happening in the actual afterlife, and it tells us nothing about what happens in the afterlife after a completed death.

    I urge you to get over this obsession that you seem to have with sex, or you could spend a good part of your eternity as one more forlorn naked body in an astral pig-pile where no satisfaction ever is possible :-(.
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    A superb response, Roberta :)
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    These young uns don't know yet that their sex-drive will almost certainly fade as they grow old, something I used to wonder about in myself in my earlier years. Now I'm definitely in the 'old' category I know how it feels, what it means, and I'm guessing it's how things will feel after I've passed over. An 'admire-without-desire' situation perhaps.....
  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Yes! And oddly, it's only as the physical body loses its hormone nuttiness that I think we relax about sex and put it into perspective. I have been writing a fictional saga forever - Thomas says it relaxes me, so I have my own separate team of guides for it! And forty years ago I couldn't write sex scenes, which used to frustrate me because I wanted to see sex as just another part of life. Now, though, I write sex scenes when needed. And my guides deliver them. No biggie!
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You might argue that it's down SOLELY to our hormones along with 'hard-wiring' that sex is the way it is for humankind. And, of course, its primary purpose is for procreation. (getting ready for howls of protest :eek:)
  7. Hi Roberta Grimes thanks for your answer. I will answer your questions.
    1) The sex drive is a part of the physical body exclusively.
    I disagree.
    2) Jurgen and Cyrus are astral travelers.
    After your transition you will gravitate towards similar souls as yourself so if you have a desire God will help you. This means that some souls gravitate towards the lower astral levels and can engage in sexual activites as we know them on earth.
    3) The soldier reported to have had afterlife sex is the exception who proves the no-afterlife-sex rule.
    Imagining all those little girls who get genitally mutilated just like the soldier. This means many traumatised people will have this option. Also the story about the soldier itself proves that sex in the afterlife is possible.
    4) Sex with or between "spirits" is very much the exception.
    There's a lot of evidence pointing to some ghosts having sex drive so this is true in the afterlife aswell (in the lower astral levels.)
    I urge you to get over this obsession that you seem to have with sex, or you could spend a good part of your eternity as one more forlorn naked body in an astral pig-pile where no satisfaction ever is possible
    Sorry not interested in nakedness. Anyway my reality is my reality and i'm going wherever i want to whatever place i want one day.
    About the other thing (called soul melding).
    Soul melding the thing you and Mikey speaks about also is orgasmic as you said. We know how orgasms feels like, the difference is it will be much stronger throughout the whole body. Also the difference is there is no sex drive on the higher levels, so i agree here with Mikey.

    Post is fixed. :)

    No need to respond to this message because i'm done speaking about this topic.
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  8. trying to fix my previous post its about confusing... hold on
  9. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    Can it be that the discussion comes from different definition for a word "sex" by itself? As for my part I know exactly that I will be able to have sex with Michel when I finally get to go to him. But my own definition for sex is more spiritual than physical. Physical act of sex was never a thing for me. It was just more like a duty in my previous relationship. So I kept wondering why people are going nuts about sex in my age (i was i a relationship with same guy for 9 years from 18). But with Michel i had complete different experience. I do understand that probably it is just a glimpse of what Roberta calls so nicely "spiritual melding" but to reach that while being in physical body while connecting with your one and only partner is also possible even if in lower grades. So after experiencing this and even though i am relatively young in body i have no need at all for sex before meeting Michel again. Thats why i believe everything depends on how we describe this word and this act for ourselves and what we had experienced in life.
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  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    The sense I get is that those who ask about 'sex' mean it purely in the sense of penetrative sexual intercourse.

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