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Self-Guided Afterlife Connection Experiences

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Unexpected, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    Hi, I did. It had been working and then suddenly it didn't.
  2. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    Specific question to you: how soon after the passing did you start connecting? And how many trials did it take?
  3. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    Hi LoveHim,
    Your question wasn't addressed to me but I took Craig's course (as well as others) and I just wanted to reply if it helps or is of interest.Susie transitioned on 6/28/17 and this was before I knew anything about the Spiritualist church or specifically After Death Communication and so many books and websites dedicated to this. My grand mother on my mother's side communicated with her deceased husband and my father and I both had/have precognitive dreams, so it's on both sides of the family.
    Shortly after Susie Transitioned She started sending me white feathers. The more they appeared and the strong feeling I got when I saw them, they were almost an iridescent white, I knew I needed to pay attention. She still sends them but now we communicate, as opposed to just signs, through dowsing and dreams and meditations. I started Craig's work in October, already 4 months after Susie started sending me signs and it has helped a lot to hone my (our) skills. I believe that as much as I try to become a more skilled receiver of Her messages She is becoming a better sender.
    Susie could not talk for several years and She deteriorated physically and mentally to the point that I had to carry Her from bed to the bathroom to the wheelchair and back and forth. It was crushing to see a vibrant person, pianist, dancer, major intellect etc, etc slowly become like an infant. In one of the most powerful meditations/visualizations from Craig's exercises we were standing in our kitchen, where we loved to cook together. She was wearing a dress, looking very hot and said "we are equals again"! Wow! Blew me away.
    In spite of this I continue to grieve every day. She has told me She is no longer human and does not grieve but understands that I do and is concerned about it. But the communications and signs help. For what it's worth I know we will be together again and thinking about Her and others greeting me when I transition makes the pain a little less.
  4. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    Thank you, bill. I appreciate your posts on this site and relate to a lot of what you're going through. I'm going to maybe attend a spiritualist church next week in my city just to check that out as well. I have some powerful experiences in the self guided connections but I can never be sure that it's not my imagination. Of course, this is only my second week trying it, and my grief is "fresh." I've had some success using his ITC technique to try and communicate and have gotten a handful of responses that I know aren't made up, including, "I am here, in spirit," after I said, "I miss you"

    I think knowing we'll be together again is the one thing saving me. My sister thinks I'm crazy for trying these communication techniques and my mother, herself a strict Catholic, would probably think I was summoning demons.

    A few times, though the self guided meditations didn't lead to a connection, it gave me a very nice experience with meditation. I've never been able to meditate well because I can't keep my mind blank, and something about this self guided meditation for connection makes it so that I'm able to at least stay still.
  5. bill zola

    bill zola Member

    Thank You LoveHim.
    Please don't worry if someone thinks you are crazy, they are struggling with their own existence and faith IMO.
    Some people accept what I'm experiencing, some think I'm nuts. No worries. This is strange, unusual and in some cases frightening to some. To me it is beautiful reality.
    Consider that much of what we are indoctrinated with about after life communication is movies or books like poltergeist, dracula, night of the living dead....hahaha...you know really cheery stuff. TPTW (the powers that were) the organized religions, governments, etc need to control us and if we recognize and experience the power of who we really are as spiritual beings we probably won't listening to their BS nor be tuning in to the latest fashions, fads, tv shows etc, etc. at the exclusion of our spiritual lives.
    I was raised roman catholic and much of what I do and believe is blasphemy in their eyes. Yet I feel absolute love from Susie so how could it be wrong.
    Sorry to get political but IMHO we are all one! And when we understand and experience this and the fact that there is no death the power brokers of the world fade away.
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  6. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    I signed up to start the connections right under the 6 month mark after his physical passing. Mine were immdeidate only I didn’t realize it until later after I had more practice. That’s when I realized it was in fact him in the first one.

    From what I’ve read on your posts and my own experience, definitely sounds like you are connecting.

    Just keep practicing. It will get easier.
  7. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    Thank you for the reassurance! I hope I am, and I hope it does.
  8. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    I know it’s tough. His signs started the next day so I had that on my side but trusting what you receive can be challenging. Craig said they are fine with validating it’s them. I kept asking my love a particular question to which he wouldn’t answer. I was perplexed. They are still 100% who they were and he didn’t want to use that one as validation, he instead used something else that proved it was undeniably him. He sent 2 images back to back that were of a personal nature for he and I. That’s when I knew it was him.

    I also didn’t have experiences that others had. The scenes didn’t work well for me. I would get stuck so we did what felt more natural to me which is a conversation where he sends an image, I look at it and asked why or what it is and then the answer came in. I’m sharing that in hopes it helps you trust your connections. Comparison is a tricky thing. It can be helpful but it can also be a hinderence. For example, he’s never one time told me how wonderful it is there. The majority of afterlife communications I read seem to have that and I found it odd so I asked why and he told me it was because I didn’t need that. He does his own thing and knows me well

    Happy to answer whatever. I recall your loved one passed very recently. Sending you a big hug. I love that he told you he was there in spirit.
  9. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    Thank you. The intense grief comes in waves. Not to add too many personal details, but I ended up moving out of our home and across the country to be with my family because I was by myself when it happened.

    I had a reading with one medium and am following up with one you recommended because I need affirmation.

    The ITC communications have really helped me. In one of the self-guided afterlife connections, he got on his bike and told me to get new tires for the bike. I reminded him I don't know how to ride a bike -- something I failed at learning growing up and never pursued as an adult (he knew that), and he said "Trust me, I will help, just get the new tires, I kept meaning to do that."
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  10. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    I’m glad you are with family. Grief, I just have no words most times. I always want to write something yet I know how hard it is so I just send the hugs.

    I almost told you to go check out the mediums post in case that might be of interest. I hope it helps. I love communicating with my love but those mediums helped me so much. They were both worth every dollar.

    Thanks for sharing your bike connection, I love it. For me, those types of connections help me more. It’s like - nothing is different (minus the physical part obviously), still here, still love you, still supporting you. That’s an amazing gift.
  11. mac

    mac ALF member Staff Member

    I'm very impressed by these accounts. :)
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  12. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    I keep saying to everyone - nobody knows what to say.

    Thank you for that recommendation - I'm excited to talk to her this week. The previous connection I had with a medium was very powerful and had me in tears. I had some doubts, so I'm hoping Michelle St. Clair doesn't leave me with any of those.

    Sometimes in the middle of my self guided connections, I find myself a mess of tears. But it's different than normal tears. I start sobbing uncontrollably in the middle of the connection, the minute I "feel" him.

    I just finished listening to my last ITC session, and I didn't remember this but at the end I tell him, "Can you hug me?"

    He says, "OK"

    I keep talking but he's saying, "Start opening up as much as you doubt it"

    This website has really been so miraculous for me. Of course, I'm still grieving the loss of his physical body and sad that I can't "see" him like mediums can but I have faith that it'll get better and that the more we communicate, the better my dear beloved will be able to continue talking to me.

    A friend of mine who believes in the afterlife asked me yesterday, "Shouldn't you let him rest in peace?" I laughed.
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  13. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    I liked using two different mediums. As you read in that post, I felt they were both important in my growth.

    As for the tears during a connection, yes! It’s very powerful to feel them and when I get that push of his true essence (only way I know how to describe it) it completely unravels me. It’s one thing to talk to them telepathically, it’s a whole other experience to truly feel them.

    I agree, this site and those who are devoted to maintaining it are amazing. I was led here and I know why.

    As for your friend, yeah I chuckled reading that. If he didn’t want to communicate with you, he wouldn’t. They have free will, there’s no rule that says they have to do anything. You won’t interfere with his spiritual growth, you can’t. Michelle will reassure you of that too. We all need to choose our own path forward. When I talk to people about the afterlife, I realize these connections, it isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. I think sometimes people think it’s prolonging grief. Um no, it’s the opposite. Mine guides me now, he’s here all the time. It’s not weird but I can appreciate how some people wouldn’t be able to live their life and have this.
  14. mac

    mac ALF member Staff Member

    "It’s not weird but I can appreciate how some people wouldn’t be able to live their life and have this."

    This is a great point. We are each very much individuals and what works for one won't necessarily work for another. Some find they have a connection with a lost loved one without doing anything special or unusual - it just happens for them. Others undertake some form of learning how to communicate - it's not certain we all have the necessary receptiveness or have enough application ability to apply ourselves to the learning process; it might not work even after trying.

    Finally there are the rest of us. ;)
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  15. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Thanks for sharing that Mac. I appreciate your insight and knowledge. I often question everything you spoke to above. If we are all truly psychic then shouldn’t everyone be able to learn? I’m finding not everyone wants to. What opens the door for those who do? Just a desire to grow in that direction? Part of the plan? So many questions I suspect I won’t know until later though
  16. mac

    mac ALF member Staff Member

    Over the past year or so I've reached a similar state of mind and now, as I approach the time when all will again become familiar, I'm much-less interested in searching for answers to the 'stuff' that previously drove me. :)
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  17. Unexpected

    Unexpected Active Member

    Well I hope when you return that you are pleased with the growth you experienced here. I hope you accomplish all you set out to learn!
  18. mac

    mac ALF member Staff Member

    thank you - that's a lovely sentiment. :) I do sometimes wonder just how I will feel when I do look back to assess how things turned out. I probably don't have long to wait and I'm less impatient now.

    Folk might not always think that of me, of course!! :p
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  19. mac

    mac ALF member Staff Member

    But often we want to know, even if we don't need to know..... That's when learning is of help.
  20. mac

    mac ALF member Staff Member

    so what? All states of being are states of being.

    So wanting isn't all you receive from a state of wanting then.... You've mentioned two other things!

    What if you DON'T choose to interpret the situation as "I am not getting what I want."? Then what happens?
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