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Self-Guided Afterlife Connection Experiences

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Unexpected, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Grief is just challenging and that word doesn't even remotely begin to touch it in my opinion. It's to complex to sum up. I hope these connections help to, at some point, lift you up.

    Don't worry if your connections or interactions differ from mine. I'd trust what Craig tells you. Like I said, I don't know if mine were the right way yet connections still happened. So keep at it
  2. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    Yes I agree. But for the past few days I've been feeling numb again. I guess I'm not entirely okay yet, but having connections is helping me "speed up" the grieving process?
  3. Rassie

    Rassie Member

    I am so excited to see this thread.

    I am on stage 7.

    Two of the sessions were extremely productive! I was able to actually talk with my parents. I felt as if one had touched my head. And the scent of my father's pipe tobacco came through. This was somewhat odd since, my father had quit smoking for many years. But then when I saw my parents they were young and right about the age he was smoking.

    The feeling of love was amazing.

    For myself, I have not truly experienced any grief with the passing of my parents. However, for the past few weeks my emotions have been all over the place, along with a short bout of insomnia.

    Lately since working with the sessions, I am actually experiencing some very lucid dreams.
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  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Wow, this is all amazing! Please keep sharing your experiences with us!!
  5. Rassie

    Rassie Member

    Roberta, I always felt bless to have the parents I had growing up. (Susanne said that she rarely met a family such as mine during a reading) I truly can say there had been nothing but love, no major conflicts, no unresolved situations.

    The thing is that our relationship never ended after their transitions, which had me desire to learn more!

    I refuse to the use the word, death. Though I hold no adversion to the word, it sounds so final. And my experiences have proven the contrary.

    I have recorded most of the events that have happened. This week I have started compiling those records. Some things I am still at awe for witnessing. An hour before I had a reading with Susanne I actually saw my father's oil painting slowly unhook from the wall and softly drop to the ground. And this was viewing the action from the side, not head on.

    Shortly after I moved into my new home, I was having self-doubts about the move. It was a blessing to see headon the full body apparition of both parents smiling at me from my bedroom door. They were there to reassure me!

    The self-guided afterlife connection has been a gift. It has allowed me to focus on a better line of communication.

    I will be happy to post the last several journal entries I had submitted.

    I must be honest, I do find these sessions exhausting. So at this point I am only doing one or two sessions a week. However, my curiosity won't let me quit. I am already setting up for a dream visit as outlined by Susanne Wilson in her book, Soul Smart.

    Thank you!
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  6. Rassie

    Rassie Member

    Stage 6 Journal Entry

    So much! I'm not sure if I remember everything clearly it was all coming so

    First, as the voice was guiding me to relaxation two images or experiences
    kept playing. A library I used to go to as a child. I was actually
    experiencing it. Holding a book. Smelling the books! Then I was in my
    childhood church, which also had a small library. I was pulling a book off a
    shelf. Again I could smell the books. And I felt the book I was holding! I
    pulled myself away from the images as I focused on the voice.

    I was then in a park that the family went to during my childhood. I started
    at the side a pond, that I used to call my secret place. It felt warm. I
    could hear birds chirping. I was pulled away from the spot towards the area
    that had picnic tables. At first, my vision was blurry. It was as if I knew
    my parents were there, but I wasn't sure.

    As I set at the table and actually started eating a sandwich, my vision
    cleared. It was my mother and father. They looked about the age of my
    childhood, when I was 9 or 10. I could feel the love. There is so much my
    mother said. I felt my father was more so there for support.

    Mother said that they were proud of me. That I was changing, growing. To
    continue as I am, but do not believe everything I read. That they would
    always be there to guide and support me.

    This is when I noticed a gazebo that was next to the table. There were cloud
    figures on the gazebo. It was like they wouldn't leave the platform. I went
    towards it. One figure became clear. I heard the name Nathaniel and knew
    this was my guide. All I can clearly remember was curly hair. A tall rather
    young man. A second figure moved apart from the others and was partially in
    focus. I heard the name Nadine. I got the impression of chestnut color hair.
    They didn't really speak to me. But I remember feeling/thinking they are so

    I pulled away, back to the picnic table. I was starting to feel exhausted. I
    actually put my head on my mother's lap. I could clearly see the underside
    of the table. Mother said that this was normal. That these sessions take a
    lot of energy.

    As I set up I realized that a good many souls were there, like a family
    reunion. I hugged my father. I felt and saw he was wearing one of the shirts
    he used to wear with a front pocket. And there was his tobacco for his pipe.
    I could smell it. Mother suggested meditating in the morning, before my
    morning coffee. I felt this may have had some effect on the session.

    It was like I was pulling away fast. I was back in my body. Not slowly, but
    rather abruptly.

    You don't have to write anything here, but if something happened between
    sessions involving connections or other mental phenomena, describe them

    After the last session, I suffered a severe bout of insomnia to the point I
    was getting sick. I tried the unguided mediation, and one long mediation. In
    both cases I fell asleep. So I stayed away from this for a bit.

    My sleeping is getting better. I feel more rested. Yet, it is not
    consistent. I cannot seem to experience regular hours of sleeping. I used to
    be able to sleep 7 to 8 hours. The morning before last I was awake at 2:12
    and 3:44. This morning it was 4:44.

    The past week symbols, signs, and synchronicities were coming at me fast. A
    lot of 22's which I have said I considered as signs from my parents. (As I
    am typing this I look up to the clock, it is 9:29) A lot of repetitive

    This weekend an old movie that mother loved, Maytime, was on the television.
    I decided to watch it. When the dying hero told the heroine, "I will always
    be near you!", it clearly was a message to me from my mother. For this is
    what she told me several times before she died.

    So today I felt rested enough to try the meditation again. But first thing
    in the morning, instead of midday. I think that I will stick to the morning
    time. And hold off on the coffee until after the session.

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  7. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Thank you for sharing this! I love reading through all the experiences and I'm really happy people are posting about them!
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  8. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    Haven't been here for awhile, got busy recently because of school work.

    I felt like she was drifting away from me & signs were not coming often & I was always too distracted to talk to her telepathically.

    But on Monday when I was training, my coach changed songs & turned up the music, it was a song that reminded me of her! That song is not a popular song choice that everybody knows about.

    After the workout session, I checked my phone & saw her mum texted me to ask if I'm free. It was the first time she contacted me. Seems more than a coincidence if you ask me.
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  9. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    When I shared things I was starting to notice with Craig, he commented that I was becoming more aware. It's interesting how you do start to realize there's a lot more at play than you thought. I really no longer believe in coincidences.
  10. Rassie

    Rassie Member

    Thank you, Unexpected.

    Just returned from a week of research in Salt Lake City. Trying to rest and adjust back to my time zone. I will be meditating and attempting to contact my guides today. It is been several weeks.

    One thing I can share. I have what a consider a wink from my parents, the number 22. I asked them to be with me durning this trip. After all, it was about our family tree!

    I could not keep track how many times I saw 22. It was so joyful and funny. I mean like my returning flight home left at gate B22. And I had the loading position of A22. I arrived home at 6:22PM.

    I was laughing the entire time.
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  11. peanutbritt

    peanutbritt New Member

    I had some beautiful and unexpected experiences in stage three, which was just about allow a peaceful place to come. I had my dog and my beloved Albert appear much to my surprise! Albert and I spoke and he hugged me and said I am doing great, that everything will be OK and I will see how OK it will be very soon.

    Then, in the next meditation, I had a guide appear and about 20 people, including Albert again. We spoke again and he said some surprising things.

    Now though, I am stuck on stage four. I have tried about five times to have a successful visit with Albert but it feels forced and far away and I get distracted or just start trying to imagine him and what he would say. I can't see a "place of love" which is what the exercise begins with, and then when I am supposed to walk through a door where my loved one is, it is just too distracting. I don't know what it is.

    It's quite disappointing and I wonder if I should just move on to stage five.
  12. Rassie

    Rassie Member

    I would say it wouldn’t hurt to move to stage 5.

    I was unable to meditate. I have been having some late nights. So when I try to meditate I fall asleep.

    So I need to be a bit more rested.

    PS - Worried that the battery power on my iPad was running low. Just checked it. 22%! Love it!
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  13. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    I would suggest that you share with Craig the challenges you are encountering with Stage 4. He will provide you feedback and also let you know if he suggests moving ahead.

    In my experience, I found expectations can present an issue. Especially if I expected one session to be just like the last or expected something in general. Not saying that's your case but wanted to share it just in case.

    I once asked Craig if it was okay to do it everyday. He said yes. I couldn't do it everyday but I did it a lot and it got easier the more I did.
  14. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    The links are missing on the website to the stages. Does anyone know why?
  15. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Hello lovehim! Did you register first? After you register, Craig will provide you with passwords as you complete each step.
  16. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    Hi, I did. It had been working and then suddenly it didn't.
  17. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    Specific question to you: how soon after the passing did you start connecting? And how many trials did it take?
  18. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    Hi LoveHim,
    Your question wasn't addressed to me but I took Craig's course (as well as others) and I just wanted to reply if it helps or is of interest.Susie transitioned on 6/28/17 and this was before I knew anything about the Spiritualist church or specifically After Death Communication and so many books and websites dedicated to this. My grand mother on my mother's side communicated with her deceased husband and my father and I both had/have precognitive dreams, so it's on both sides of the family.
    Shortly after Susie Transitioned She started sending me white feathers. The more they appeared and the strong feeling I got when I saw them, they were almost an iridescent white, I knew I needed to pay attention. She still sends them but now we communicate, as opposed to just signs, through dowsing and dreams and meditations. I started Craig's work in October, already 4 months after Susie started sending me signs and it has helped a lot to hone my (our) skills. I believe that as much as I try to become a more skilled receiver of Her messages She is becoming a better sender.
    Susie could not talk for several years and She deteriorated physically and mentally to the point that I had to carry Her from bed to the bathroom to the wheelchair and back and forth. It was crushing to see a vibrant person, pianist, dancer, major intellect etc, etc slowly become like an infant. In one of the most powerful meditations/visualizations from Craig's exercises we were standing in our kitchen, where we loved to cook together. She was wearing a dress, looking very hot and said "we are equals again"! Wow! Blew me away.
    In spite of this I continue to grieve every day. She has told me She is no longer human and does not grieve but understands that I do and is concerned about it. But the communications and signs help. For what it's worth I know we will be together again and thinking about Her and others greeting me when I transition makes the pain a little less.
  19. lovehim

    lovehim Member

    Thank you, bill. I appreciate your posts on this site and relate to a lot of what you're going through. I'm going to maybe attend a spiritualist church next week in my city just to check that out as well. I have some powerful experiences in the self guided connections but I can never be sure that it's not my imagination. Of course, this is only my second week trying it, and my grief is "fresh." I've had some success using his ITC technique to try and communicate and have gotten a handful of responses that I know aren't made up, including, "I am here, in spirit," after I said, "I miss you"

    I think knowing we'll be together again is the one thing saving me. My sister thinks I'm crazy for trying these communication techniques and my mother, herself a strict Catholic, would probably think I was summoning demons.

    A few times, though the self guided meditations didn't lead to a connection, it gave me a very nice experience with meditation. I've never been able to meditate well because I can't keep my mind blank, and something about this self guided meditation for connection makes it so that I'm able to at least stay still.
  20. Bill Z

    Bill Z Active Member

    Thank You LoveHim.
    Please don't worry if someone thinks you are crazy, they are struggling with their own existence and faith IMO.
    Some people accept what I'm experiencing, some think I'm nuts. No worries. This is strange, unusual and in some cases frightening to some. To me it is beautiful reality.
    Consider that much of what we are indoctrinated with about after life communication is movies or books like poltergeist, dracula, night of the living dead....hahaha...you know really cheery stuff. TPTW (the powers that were) the organized religions, governments, etc need to control us and if we recognize and experience the power of who we really are as spiritual beings we probably won't listening to their BS nor be tuning in to the latest fashions, fads, tv shows etc, etc. at the exclusion of our spiritual lives.
    I was raised roman catholic and much of what I do and believe is blasphemy in their eyes. Yet I feel absolute love from Susie so how could it be wrong.
    Sorry to get political but IMHO we are all one! And when we understand and experience this and the fact that there is no death the power brokers of the world fade away.
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