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Self-Guided Afterlife Connection Experiences

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Unexpected, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    You're hobbled by being in the USA where religiosity, churchianity determines how folk react. Here on ALF you won't find the religious conditioning you're probably used to experiencing elsewhere.

    Religion doesn't affect us here; ALF is a non-religion website. Ask what you want, say what you want, about life, death and what follows. Religion will play no part in the responses.
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  2. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    Hi Mac! I'm actually not American and my friend wasn't Christian. But I'm so glad to hear that from you. :) I don't have to believe what others think and be free to believe that I can still communicate with her.

    While I was riding my motorbike on the way to my destination, I had a conversation with her. It was a very fulfilling one as these days I think my mind has been clouded by stress from school work which made me wonder if my conversations with her were made up by myself. I was talking to her and I asked her if I should give internship a miss today just so I can complete as much school assignments as possible. She said "Just do what you think is more important!", something that I knew I wouldn't tell myself.

    I am also very glad that I found this forum, where I wouldn't be judged as crazy. :)
  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I apologise for my assumption - I'm not an American either. But you did use a number of 'Americanised' terms in your posting and based on what I read I made that assumption. I'm guessing, though, that you live, or have lived, in parts of the USA. :)

    No assumption made there though - I didn't say 'Christian' about your friend. Just pulling you leg - it's all good. :)

    Glad you're here with us. Hope you decide to stay. Quite a few don't....
  4. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    Oh no why dont they stay? I feel it's comforting to share experiences with people who have the same views. Maybe hearing about experiences will make me more aware of my existing connections! Just had another conversation with her not long ago. I would like to know if a person passes on, will he/she still speak to us like how they did? Is it subjective? Because the conversations I had were pretty much like what we had when she was physically here. Yet some people's experiences are just images.
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Why don't they stay? I guess this place doesn't meet their needs.... Not everyone sees this place in the same way I guess.

    You asked if someone who has passed over will still speak in the way they did before. Well, strictly, it's not speech in the way we know it in this world so from that position no, it won't be the same. But when you 'hear' that person she may still 'talk' about the things you used to talk about. Why wouldn't she if she's still interested enough to 'stay around' for you? But that's telepathy even though it feels like you're hearing her. :)

    Others may communicate in different ways. Images may be all they can 'pick up'. Yet others - like myself - won't hear a dicky-bird or see a damned thing. Deaf and blind we labour on! lol (or labor on depending where you live, how you spell...;))
  6. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    Hmm okay. Yeah I was just wondering. I read on this forum about someone who (I think it was this thread's thread starter?) had a conversation back & forth with her husband. I wish my conversations with my friend are always like that. My first few connections by the afterlife connection practice were pretty calm, my friend & I didn't speak much but everything was expressed by actions (Hugs & kisses). Nowadays our conversations seem to be fill with a little more emotions & I can't help but wonder if the connection has gotten stronger hahaha
  7. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Keep at things. Time will tell what happens next.....
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  8. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    Thanks Mac! Very encouraging words to me in times of uncertainty:) I'll continue to work hard towards a stronger connection & hopefully be able to share more :)
  9. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I hope things work out well for both of you. From what I've picked up here on ALF, time and application are of the essence for making progress.

    good luck! :)
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  10. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Welcome and thank you for sharing your experiences! It's quite amazing and such a priceless gift that Craig has provided.

    I would say the same as the others have said, keep practicing. It does get easier but, like everything you want to improve or work towards, requires practice and continuous effort. Craig once told me mediums practice daily. Daily was challenging so I shot for every other day and did the best I could. I just stayed with it and that has paid off.
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  11. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    Hi Unexpected! Your experiences inspired me to want to practice even more till the day I can genuinely have a back and forth conversation with her and know it is her for sure!

    So far, I had a few conversations just like how we used to talk to each other but I honestly can't differentiate much until I had that one sentence that I know wouldn't come from myself at all.
    I had another experience once when I came home one night. Usually, I come home and spend a lot of time looking at stuff on my phone before bathing. That night, she told me to hurry up and go to bathe so I have time to do my assignment hahaha.
    There was also once I was trying to read something and didn't quite understand it. The word 'dyslexia' popped up in bold in my mind, it's the word that she used to tease me with when I couldn't understand something.

    May I know roughly how long did you practice for before you knew that you made a genuine connection?
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  12. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Hello! I'm glad my sharing has helped you so thanks for letting me know that!

    I've had words/sentences unfolded to me since he passedbut they weren't conversational. Could they have been if I felt more confident with it? Possibly, but I wasn't. I'd say after my medium reading I noticed more back and forth and tried to start trusting it. Believe that was 9 months but I had not been doing my connections that much at the time. Could someone do it sooner or take longer? I'm sure it depends on all sorts of things. I'd say just keep doing the action and ignore the timeframe. In my experience, expectations can really mess stuff up.
  13. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    I wish I had the money to go to a medium. I emailed one in my country & haven't gotten a reply yet.

    So do you mean your back & forth conversations were in the form of words, sentences & images popping into your mind, but never in 'audible' conversations where you can really hear his voice?

    I kept wondering if it is possible because so many stuff that I've read say that those who have crossed over communicate with us in another way unlike when they were physically here. But the kind of conversations I have with her vary from hearing her reply to me in her voice, to seeing her image in my mind but she doesn't speak a word but with actions involved & even in the form of reading a whatsapp conversation.

    I just saw the binaural version of the afterlife communication & decided to try it yesterday to see if there was any difference. Should I be starting at stage 4 or go straight to stage 6?
  14. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    Oh no I think I should rephrase my experience a little. My experience of a 'back & forth' conversation was me speaking to her in my mind, & her replies would come telepathically, just like how she used to talk to me when physically around. Not hearing her voice right beside me. So sorry for the confusion. Her replies when I talk to her in my mind, are pretty quick. Sometimes even to the point that before I can complete my sentence, her reply comes!

    I did the binaural version yesterday & had a connection! We were at a reservoir park taking a stroll. She got me to piggyback her around & eventually we cycled (She never knew how to cycle) to the beach & sunbathed.

    Is there any right or wrong in getting connections like that? Because Craig's recordings brings us to the place of great beauty which can turn out differently everytime, I wonder if I'm ever making things up on my own. So far, the places I've been to always have water nearby.
  15. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    I guess you're right about how an answer comes before one can finish asking. I don't think my brain can process a reply fast enough for what I wanna say to her or ask her!

    My conversations with her happened outside of connection practice. But when I really do practice with the music, I have scenes popping out.
    I just finished practicing with the binaural non-narrated music for the first time not long ago. I was brought to a scene on a snowy mountain top overlooking a city! We don't have winter nor snow where we live, so it was pretty amazing that I got there. The place was beautiful! She didn't appear at first, so I asked where is she & why did she bring me here. No replies. She appeared awhile later & led me to build a snowman together. When we finished & sat down, I asked again why are we on a snowy mountain this time (Big change from our usual 'hangouts') & why am I clothed in normal t-shirt & shorts in such a cold place?! She said she knew that I always wanted to go to a place with snow & proceed to cover me with winter clothing. We made snow angels & it started to snow a little. The whole experience was really amazing!

    There were a few times Craig did say that I did not provide enough information for him to tell me anything. But following that, he said my connections are very heartwarming & he has no suggestions for change. But nowadays I'll usually listen to the recording, try to get a connection then when it ends I'll just pause the recording without giving a journal entry. I sent 2 journal entries in recently though, & I'm still waiting for Craig to read through them!
  16. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    Yeah, it's definitely a training program meaning practice helps all of that get easier. I recall always forgetting to ask what I wanted to ask once I would start talking to him. It's easy to do. There's a lot going on.

    Your experiences do sound amazing. I'm happy to hear this is positive for you and that you are able to allow those scenes to unfold like that.

    Good, glad you are sending your experiences to him. I dated mine and sent in a lot weekly or biweekly.
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  17. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    I should probably start to record my experiences in a book too. She introduced me to bullet journalling & we both kind of stopped when we got busy. Should probably start on it again with other things to track! Sometimes I wish my connections are a little bit more realistic like yours though. If it seems too imaginary I might doubt myself...

    Craig has replied me for all my entries. His replies for all are pretty short recently, I hope it's because either I have certain connections or he's really busy!
  18. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    It's probably both! We are one month away from the AREI Symposium now, and he is working overtime on it. Going to be a great one!!
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  19. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    That's great to hear!! Hope all goes well!
  20. Haydenzomg

    Haydenzomg New Member

    I was eating out with my family & they know about my friend's passing.

    My mum asked if I had anything on today, & I said later in the day. She asked "You have nobody else to accompany you since your friend's passing?"

    I couldn't help but feel a little upset because well..... it is true to a certain extent.

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