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Self-Guided Afterlife Connection Experiences

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Unexpected, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

    This new thread has been created for those who would like to share and answer questions regarding their experiences with Mr. Hogan's Self-Guided Afterlife Connections. As for "how" it works and what steps need to be taken, Mr. Hogan would need to answer those questions. The main page of this website has the link for him.

    As I posted in another thread, I use this to help me connect. My loved one was sending the signs but I had no idea how to open that communicate up.

    Mac has asked:
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  2. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

    I'm technically not at the last step but close. I'm in stage 5, part 2 and I've decided to stay here a bit longer while I continue to practice when I can. Experiences have changed along the way as you learn how to allow the unfoldments to come through. Regardless, when I use the music provided I can:

    1-Have a back and forth conversation with him.
    2-I can feel him in the room with me or when he moves in really close or gives me a hug or whatever. Like really feel him. The first time this happened I was in shock. It really caught me off guard.
    3-Feel emotion from him.

    Since I've started doing this, I've started have other experiences with him without the music. I'm more open to recognizing when he's there. Right now, the music helps me to the state I need to be in to chat. Eventually the steps teach you how to do this without music.
  3. mac

    mac long-term contributor

    thanks! nice account - Has the course delivered what you expected it to? It certainly sounds like it. :)
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  4. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

    I didn't know what to expect really. I read the experiences of others but had no idea what would happen for me. So, I guess you could say it's far exceeded anything I could imagine existed or thought possible.
  5. mac

    mac long-term contributor

    It's great that things worked so well for you. :) It should give others confidence to try it for themselves, don't you think?
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  6. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

    Yes. I want to share some things that I hope others find helpful should they try:

    1-Don't place conditions, like thinking you have to have been with someone for years or that you did something wrong in your life and will be punished and unable to connect. I didn't have these but sometimes I read where we, in our physical bodies, create these conditons which I think will be problematic.
    2-Be openminded, like I said above, I didn't know what to expect but expectations are not helpful here. I know what I wanted but who knew if I would get that? I didn't expect anything except I had a little issue from session to session with expecting them to be the same and there are some similarities but they are all different for me which is how is he was when here just as I am now with people here. It's him though.
    3-Let the love you have get you where you need to go. I don't focus on who he could be with now or what. I've said I don't want to know because all I know is what I had here and most definitely has continued on. Just focus on the love, it's a miracle worker

    Side note: sometimes I wonder if Mikey Morgan is teaching him stuff. From the book I read, he (Mikey) likes to work with new arrivals and in one session I got "Minnesota" which was so confusing. He's far from a Minnesota guy. Also the first song he played for me that I knew was from him happened while I was in JoAnns. When I read Flying High I learned he played a song for Carol when she was at Joanns and they are from Minnesota. When I ask him what he's been doing, I get snow, skis, and he loved to snowboard. Who knows? I find it interesting though. JoAnn's must be a hotspot for afterlife communicating. (Kidding).
  7. mac

    mac long-term contributor

    Craig Hogan is a registered member of ALF and it would be nice for him to join us here with a few thoughts. It might help Denver Guy. Whether Craig ever drops in to see what we're talking about on this little website I don't know but it would be nice if someone could give him a nudge. ;)

    Craig is also involved with the ITC experiment (thread elsewhere http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/details-about-the-north-american-station.1984/) and an update on progress might be welcomed by those interested in this topic.
  8. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

    Denver Guy could go ahead and start it. Craig does a really great job of laying out everything up front. He makes the process really easy and provides help throughout.

    He does have an advisory of sorts on what can interfere with connections or conditions someone may have that wouldn't be ideal until they have worked through them. I'd strongly recommend those be followed and not dismissed based on my own experiences.

    I can still appreciate your desire for him to answers questions here though. Guess we shall see
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  9. AmbraADC

    AmbraADC Banned

    Hi Unexpected,
    I have similar experiences to yours, which you might like to read about. My thread is "Can a deceased loved one always be with you every day?" ... Ambra
  10. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hello everyone! I have just sent Craig an email and asked him to check in here if he can find a minute. He is the busiest person I know, but perhaps he will visit us!
  11. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

    Hello Ambra! I have read your thread. I'm happy that your loved one brings you so much joy. Anymore, it's rare to "not" interact with mine on a daily basis. Pretty amazing stuff.
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  12. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

    Since I've started doing these connections, a lot of things have changed so I thought I would share the progression for those who may be interested.

    I'd also like to preface this with saying, I have no idea if others who do these connections have the same experiences or not. If you are using the self-guided connections, I would love it if you would share your experiences in this thread.

    I'm on Step 6 which is practicing connecting without Craig's voice guiding me. I started using the connections at the end of Aug '16.

    1-I receive his unfoldments a lot more frequently outside of the connection (meaning when not doing one). I was told once you start recognizing them, they will do more. So far, this is quite true for me. I get songs and words unfolded to me a lot.

    2-The emotion I feel during a connection has been occurring for awhile outside of it but I now recognize it more easily. It's like a wave or sometimes a shift in my body. The wave is easier to describe than the shift. Again, I'm sure this all differs depending on....well, everything - the person, the loved one, etc. During connections, it was so strong it took my breathe away (in a good way, it's love). I almost couldn't breathe at times and I told him I needed him to step it back a notch. It's an absolutely amazing feeling.

    3-I also have had 4-5 instances where he's sent me images that I have received outside of the connections. This falls into the unfoldment category again but is different to me. When I'm doing a connection, he's always on my left and no idea why. All the images come from the left, the tingling, me feeling him touch my head, etc, always on the left since day 1. There are a few times that I will feel him do this strong tingling waterfall sensation on both sides of my head but that's not the norm during a connection, typically moreso outside of one. Also, outside of the connection, the images come from the right. One time he pushed this emotion to me with the word "no" and that was very strong and from the right.

    4-Frequent ear pops on my left ear, cold chills, and high pitch frequency shifts on the right ear, sometimes the left but not the norm. Craig has stated he gets those during his circles which indicates presence. For me, I typically always know that he is there because he touches the left side of my face or messes with my hair. He also does this thing where he flicks my eyelash which makes me laugh. One time I was so deep in my work that he flicked the left eyelash and I felt it but I was really focused. My mind said that was a flick but I was to busy to acknowledge it so then he did this dramatic flick on my right eyelash and I started to laugh.

    5-Sometimes during the connection, I will be talking back and forth and then he will say something that shows affection. I'm always funny about this because I wonder, did I add that in?, so I'll say send me an image or something so I know I didn't take this over. He will send one. I'll ask what it means and then he sometimes won't answer me. It would perplex me because he always answers me. One time he sent me this image of a gold coin under the water with a hook hanging down towards the coin. I questioned him and no response so I just kept moving forward as Craig suggests. The next day I was working, I had shifted through at least 200 images for something. I found the one I wanted, stopped to right down the number. Something told me to look to the right and I did. It was an image of a gold coin under the water with a hook hanging down towards the coin! I was in awe. He's done that at least 4-5 other times. Typically within the next 24 hours I'll run into whatever it is that he showed me but wouldn't answer me on during the connection. Now that I've caught on, he's switched it up on me. Its quite clever in my opinion. It also reassures me that I am indeed receiving everything correctly. Nailing the communication is what's important to me but having some fun with it brings me joy too.

    I find it interesting that this all feels very natural to me yet also just utterly amazing. I asked him one time why we get this. He showed me a potted plant then placed emphasis on the roots. I asked why and got "growth." I didn't question him further about that, perhaps another time I will.
  13. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    Hi gang: I just started working with the recordings and teaching from Self-guided and am enjoying the relaxation very much. After a while, I began to notice that, since I am a musician, the music was distracting my mind as I unwittingly began to analyze and examine the guitar playing (I play sax) so now I turn off the music after the narrative and continue in silence with all the lights off (at night) so I am not distracted by externals. I'm still at #3 so not much to say other than I've long had "connections" with my late wife, Irene, but not extended conversations or unfoldments which I'd love to do when I am open enough. So far, I do not doubt or second guess it when she comes in but I'd like very much to have longer or deeper connections with her and also my late brother who just crossed a few days ago. I am not at all skeptical or afraid and am hoping to get into longer or more intense connections with at least Irene and my brother, Dave. WOW! It just hit me that my brother, Dave, played guitar so perhaps it's him getting all caught up with the guitar playing in the recordings! Well, maybe I won't turn off the music next time and see if Dave comes through in some way or other! Now that is FUNNY! LOL, stay tuned................
  14. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

    Thanks for sharing Jimrich! I've been hoping someone would. Sounds like you are doing step 7 even though you are on 3. I need the music to focus and block out distractions but I'm working my way up to not using it. I'm excited to hear about your experiences. It's so amazing.
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  15. Unexpected

    Unexpected Member

  16. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    I posted this comment in the wrong thread so here it is again.............
    While working with #3 -#4 last night, I suddenly realized that I can go to into the Afterlife realm as well as having them come into my "real" life realm over here so now, I am going there to meet or be with them as best I can. I am not having one to one, extended talks with anyone but their presence is becoming more real and meaningful now.
    I went to my gig on Sunday and my late wifeIrene and brother Dave were in the car and enjoying the radio music of both oldies rock and classical stuff. My brother, who was a guitar player, particularly loved the work of the guitar/banjo player in our band. Irene likes oldies rock and classical and let's her inner child "conduct" the orchestra during a radio performance. The reality of those in the Afterlife or what I am now calling the Other life is becoming increasingly real to me. Tonight (3-27-17) a driver ran into the back of my car at a stop light and I wondered why nobody, over there, warned me it would happen BUT I am not upset and do not need nor expect forecasts, predictions or warnings before things happen. Perhaps I was given a warning and did not "notice" it. Or perhaps the collision was supposed to be! I'm not hurt and I could use the money! LOL.
  17. DenverGuy

    DenverGuy Member

    I just saw this! I will check it out. Thanks!
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