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Season's greetings

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by mac, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    From myself, and on behalf of ALF if I may, I send season's greetings to all our members and followers and wish you all a healthy and happy new year in 2019. :)

    mac, admin. support
  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    We wish the same for you as well. Thank you for your diligence in helping Roberta run her website.
  3. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    Thanks, mac. Blessed Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Dear wonderful Mac, I am more grateful than you know for your constant diligence and care here!

    Merry Christmas to all, Happy New Year, and may the perfect light of truth dawn everywhere in the year to come!!
    kim likes this.
  5. Convolution

    Convolution Established Member

    Happy holidays to everyone as well :)

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