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science and immaterialism

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Greyportal, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Greyportal

    Greyportal New Member

    For years I embraced the classical materialist perspective of the universe. The indoctrination of which begins in elementary school science. That materialist perspective which leaves no room for fluidity. The materialist perspective where engineers see and work exclusively in three dimensions, in a paradoxical approach that both embraces the mathematician's geometry, all the while denying its infinite dimensional possibilities.

    Yet despite my rigid view of the universe, things kept happening that I could not explain through this materialist view of the universe.

    Imagery and thought, concise, rational, and specific to an individual would seemingly come out of nowhere. Taken as a whole, this information would hold meaning for these individuals in relationship to loved ones who are deceased.

    In these cases, I never knew the deceased. And in most cases, I was only generally acquainted with the individual.

    By all accounts, it was impossible for me to know specific details of their lives--including traumas and events that had happened years earlier to them. Yet I knew these details. There was nothing vague about these details--no generalizations. I knew correct names, exact causes of death, specific traumas/events. Details specific and unique to the individual and their loved ones.

    It finally got to the point where I had to question my belief systems. But these new age explanations were impossible for me to embrace it. Gibberish about vibrations and made up goddesses gracing me with special powers are absurd. These so-called psychics were simply making up characters and powers to fit their scenarios. There was no foundation for any of their explanations. They all had their own set of goddesses; their own set of magical stones; their own set of auras; their own types of vibrations; their own types of demons; their own interpretations of symbols and colors; their own concept of psychic ability. Some claim to see the future; some claim to read your aura and in the process it projects your future; some claim to fly in their dreams to some Wonderland where fairies feed them information. These weren't even good fairytale scripts...10 yr olds have a better grip on the understanding of the universe than a lot of these so called psychics.

    So I turned once again to science. I thought scientists must have observed some things in this universe that demonstrate a fluidity that I was certain existed.

    Enter the physicist.

    Apparently physicists have long understood that the universe is very fluid. There are no absolutes. Rather, probability and possibilities abound in the universe. And most interesting of all nothing ever completely disappears. Rather, energy disperses and evolves.

    Daily we interact in a very limited spatial world. But how we experience events is actually shaped by space and time.

    Not linear time, where we establish a fixed coordinate from which we then count either forward or backward. Rather non-linear time; time in the form of dispersement of energy and the equilibrium state of an object.

    The concept of arrow of time dictates that time is forward and irreversible. It establishes the concept of entropy--the forward irreversible decay of all matter. For a long time we perceived the arrow of time to be a forward, one way process of decay into oblivion, into nothingness.

    But it turns out that is not the case. Time is far more complex than we imagined.

    Physicists and philosophers have discovered an object devolves as it evolves into its surroundings.

    It's a process of quantum entanglement, where two distinct, separate particles become entangled to such a degree their individual characteristics are no longer obvious; they become an observable new whole.

    Decay is not an end process, but an evolution process. A particle goes from its individual pure state to a mixed state, emerging with particles in its surroundings. This new mixed state of the object's particles and the particles of its surroundings form a new whole pure state.

    In other words, as the original object's energy disperses, rather than fade into nothingness, it actually becomes part of its surroundings, and continues to exist in a different form created by the merging of all these particles through quantum entanglement.

    Physicists use a cup of coffee to illustrate this concept. A cup of hot coffee it placed on a table. The coffee is hot. The room is air temperature. Over time the coffee cools. The coffee takes on the characteristics of the air –– the coffee becomes room temperature.

    This change from one state to another is referred to as thermal equilibrium.

    The particles of the hot coffee start out separate from its surrounding. It is in it's pure state.

    But overtime the coffee particles disperses and diffuses into its surrounding. But while the coffee particles devolves they also evolve as they become entangled with air particles.

    The air particles are a different temperature from the coffee particles. Eventually the merging of coffee and air particles reaches a balance. The process then becomes stagnant. The object has reached equilibrium. At that point, a new whole pure state has been created.

    The coffee is still there, but it's the temperature of the air particles. Both the air and coffee particles exist as one indistinguishable whole, exhibiting the characteristics of both the coffee and the air particles.

    While energy disperses it never fades to nothingness. It is there. And we can detect it.

    Experiments in quantum illumination support this. Photons that appear to be completely destroyed in fact leave an imprint. And scientists have been able to detect and record accurate readings of photons that are seemingly gone.

    All of that exists in the universe is made up of matter. Humans, like all things in the universe are matter. If all particles follow this universe law, it follows then that the particles of humans would follow this universe law as well.

    If the particle from coffee can evolve and continue to exist in another form, then a human should also evolve and continue to exist in another form. Everything, humans and coffee included, came from the same cosmic pool of life…from the same cosmic pool of matter.

    As I learned more about quantum entanglement, quantum illumination, superposition, arrow of time, I realized that science did not slam the door shut on the possibility of afterlife. But in fact science opened the door to explaining conscious survival beyond mortality.

    And at the end of the day quantum theory makes far more sense to me then the theory of fairies with pockets full magical pixie dust and magic rocks.
  2. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    Greyportal, this is the path I have started to travel down more in the past 6 months.
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Welcome, Greyportal! I'm curious about this theory-of-fairies-with-pockets-full-of-magical-pixie-dust-and-magical-rocks theory. I've never encountered it before. Please expound further!
  4. Greyportal

    Greyportal New Member

    Hello Roberta, the reference is to a couple of unusual people I met who were offering advise/explanations on a series of encounters I had with a spirit.

    I'm still not sure what this spirit was or what it wanted. Over a month period "He" visited me seven times. I use the the masculine "He" only because it was a very powerful energy that felt masculine. There was no indication this was a human who passed, let alone a male. It's just a very powerful energy.

    Several of the visits came in my dreams. I am not a lucid dreamer. Yet, each time he visited my dreams, I was lucid dreaming. He would show up after I knowledged that I was dreaming. Interesting, even though I don't lucid dream, i some how knew I was suppose to test to confirm I was dreaming. Then after confirmation, he would enter. It was all so different from anything I've experienced with the spirit world. I still don't know how to make sense of it.

    The other visits were during meditation. And I actually felt him enter my being. Initially I was terrified. But once he showed me he didn't mean any harm, I was able to control my fear and tried to interact with him. During one visit I actually ran my hands through his energy. That's when I realized we would not hurt me. But he never communicated who he was or what he wanted. And then one day he was gone.

    If he had not come during meditation, while I was wide-awake, I think I would have written it all off as strange dreams.

    I was telling a couple of people about these encounters with this spirit. I guess because of the lucid dreaming events, they told me about dream lands where you can meet different types of spirits and dream walkers who are seers and fortune tellers. How you'll learn a lot, but you can't trust everyone you meet in these lands. There can be dream invaders who deliberately invade your dreams. There can be very bad demons in those places, who will try to attack my soul. They said I needed stones and crystals and things to ensure a safe journey in these dreams. One guy actually believes he can enter other people's dreams.

    While I was still being visited by the mystery spirit and being bombarded by other spirits, I met an empath. He overheard me telling someone about my experience, then approached me. He apologized for eavesdropping, and said he wanted to assure me I wasn't crazy or imagining this spirit. He gave me a stone. I have no idea what this stone is. He was a genuinely concerned about me. Im an empath, so I read people well. I felt I could trust him. So I accepted his gift. I keep his stone under my pillow. Even with the stone under my pillow, my mystery spirit visited several times. So the stone doesn't work. But I keep it still.

    These places they described sounded like a mix of sci-fi and fairytales. I enjoy dreaming. I refuse to live my life terrified of dreaming.
  5. Greyportal

    Greyportal New Member

    ShiningLight1967, I think there's a lot of us who are discovering that science supports spirituality. There's a place in Arizona called the Windbridge Institute that does scientific research on mediumship. It's run by a woman named Dr. Julie Beischel. She has a Ph.D in pharmacology and toxicology. For the past ten years she has used international scientific standards in researching mediumship. Her reasearch confirms mediumship is real.

    In Petaluma, California the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has been studying consciousness and healing and extended human abilities since the 70's. IONS was founded by Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who walked on the moon. Mitchell started IONS after a very spiritual awakening on a return space flight.

    There are IONS meet up groups all around the world. The group I just joined has monthly discussions on all things related to spirituality. This month's discussion will be about the afterlife.
  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Thanks for your explanation, Greyportal. We typically leave our bodies each night, and while it appears that most of us don't go far, some of us travel astrally without remembering our ever doing it so it's quite possible that you have had encounters with beings who were similarly traveling. We also meet up with friends and associates from our real lives - the lives to which we'll return when these bodies die - and perhaps this being that visited you was one such eternal friend. One problem we all have in sorting this out is that we have access to so little of our eternal minds when we are still in bodies! And as for the stones and crystals, while it is possible for them to be helpful or protective, they are not inherently powerful but rather they are receptors of energies and a lot of their power comes from our own belief in their power. Mind-energy is a much more powerful force than we realize, and is indeed THE source of all power!
  7. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Great recommendations - thank you! Dr. Gary Schwartz, also in Tucson, is someone else who has done great work testing mediums - his The Afterlife Experiments is what first convinced this skeptic in particular that mental mediums are not all charlatans.
  8. Greyportal

    Greyportal New Member

    Oh yes! Dr. Beischel was part of D. Schwartz' VERTIAS Research Program out of the University of Arizona. As you pointed out their work is important to understanding mediumship, as well as lending it credibility. I won't even use the word "medium" to describe myself because the connotations are so negative. I refer to myself as a spiritualist.

    I come from a family very grounded in the sciences, so most write me off as a kook. Interestingly, though not one of them can explain how it is I can know very specific and unique details about people who I am only vaguely acquainted with, or who are strangers--yet they insist it's (I'm) not real.
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    quote: "I won't even use the word "medium" to describe myself because the connotations are so negative. I refer to myself as a spiritualist."

    Interesting. I'm not a medium but I am a long-time Modern Spiritualist and I don't find anything negative in the word 'medium'. But, then, I'm very clear what I mean when I speak about a 'medium' and I know that others may mean very different things. As you don't care to use the word in connection with yourself, what would someone else being a medium mean for you?

    You might, incidentally, be interested in this thread http://afterlifeforums.com/threads/psychic-or-medium.2293/#post-45084
  10. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    thanks for this Greyportal.... will look into it in greater detail.

    I have found it interesting that as I have traveled down the road of the afterlife that I have taken the scientific/physics route more than anything else. I guess you could say that if science can explain it, then it" is true.

    I have so many questions... and not a lot of answers... so I keep searching.

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