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Revisting Physcial Mediumship

Discussion in 'Afterlife Evidence' started by Matty Mo, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. In January 2013 I started a post regarding one of history's better know physical mediums named Leslie Flint. I know for a time my curiosity was piqued by Mr. Flint but after doing a little more research on him I was led to believe that Mr. Flint was possibly a fraud. Now, mind you, I am probably one of the biggest skeptics on these boards when it comes to believing in mediumship as I have an inherent mistrust of many people using deception for their own gain, most of the time it's monetary. I'm one of those people that would need a personal reading from one and have unique things divulged to me before I could fully buy into it.

    Anyway, I just listened to Roberta's most recent podcast with Donna Smith-Moncrieffe who goes into detail about her experiences with a present day physical medium, sorry but the name eludes me. As most all of Roberta's guests seem, she sounds very level headed and intelligent. She also seems very curious and tries to investigate things from all aspects, taking a very skeptical but open approach.

    With this in mind I am curious as to other people's opinions on physical mediumship? Forgive me for rehashing this since it was covered well a few years back, but there are also new people on the site since then so I always love to hear fresh perspectives. It still personally intrigues me but there's always apart of me that keeps falling back on my inherent mistrust of many that claim to have such abilities.
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  2. janef

    janef Moderator

    I listened to the interview as well, and it was pretty convincing. Although I'm not sure if I would want to go to a seance. I have been trying to find the detailed report she said would be available on her website but I cant find it. I emailed Roberta to see if she knows how to get it. I am interested in hearing more what that doctor (spirit) who came thru has to say about Healing tips for us humans. Donna said some of the attendees had been healed when she followed up with them.
  3. I've been investigating and taking part in physical mediumship for twenty years. As a retired technologist, I have been convinced, by the evidence I have experienced, that it can be genuine. I would not expect anyone else to believe my experiences as evidence; you have to investigate yourself and make your own mind up.
  4. I hadn't a chance to visit her site yet, I'd also be interested in hearing more about her findings. As she mentioned at the end of the podcast, if the medium is just a great ventriloquist he needs to go to Hollywood as he's a fabulous voice actor. :) The hardest thing for me to accept is the whole ectoplasm thing. I guess I've just not known it to be a legitimate thing. Probably from all the phony mediums in the past that used to do things like regurgitating things like cheese cloth pretending it to be ectoplasm. However, Donna's comment about how it was shown to her, after asking about it in a seance, has me questioning it a bit more given that she was pretty skeptical about it herself. She seems intelligent enough not to be duped by some sort of trickery.

    See, that's what I love. You've been "investigating" it for years and have come to the conclusion that you think it's authentic. You are correct, my need to experience things would only allow me to find something valid if I experienced it myself but I also take heed in people, like yourself, that have investigated and witnessed such phenomenon and find it to be genuine. Would you mind sharing a few reasons why you've found it to be genuine from time to time? Thanks for your input, normy.
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  5. I am convinced that there have always been people who had the ability to communicate with those who have departed. Though there have always been those who were frauds. Some of the frauds were well-intentioned whose abilities were more wishful thinking than genuine; they fool themselves more than they fool others. Even those with genuine abilities are not accurate or may not be able to connect with the departed all the time. Some with genuine ability may even resort to fraud at times, as fame and fortune get the better of them, especially if they find that their abilities start to wane and they have a backlog of paying clients. But even if 97% of it is baloney, the 3% is worth investigating.

    When I was doing research on mediums I ran across a few who, if they could not connect with the departed person, would either schedule another session or refund the client's money.

    My sister-in-law recently ran into a woman who did a spontaneous reading for her in her driveway while picking up her child from a playdate. She was quite shocked by how accurate the information was about her departed family members. Details the woman could have never known. I am going to see if I can contact her. I've had after death communications (ADCs) from most of my departed relatives, except for one that I would like to find out about. I'll give you an update if I follow through.

    Nice to see you back, Matty!
  6. janef

    janef Moderator

    Vic, I believe what you say is true. Even the best well intentioned sometimes have a bad day, or confuse their own beliefs/prejudices into the reading. How fortunate for your sister in law...Those spontaneous readings are the best... as "Spirit" just shows up at the right moment to give a message. That is what I like about "Long Island Medium"
  7. Lisa Williams did this too(spontaneous readings). It was neat to watch.
  8. janef

    janef Moderator

    I haven't heard of her, will look her up on youtube. thanks.
  9. One is always on a loser defending physical mediumship, as it's only rational for others to keep asking more and more questions about the conditions, if you weren't there to satisfy yourself all is genuine. There are two kinds of physical mediumship; what might be called paranormal phenomena, and survival evidence.
    I have proved to myself that table tilting and movement can be caused by physical mediums without normal forces being applied. I have taken part in this many times, and sometimes no hands were actually touching the table at all. This was in good light so I could see everything and check for any cheating. If you know of Sir William Crookes scientific work with mediums, you will know that he identified what he called a 'psychic force' which could move physical objects, so I am in good company! This kind of experiment may be spirit-induced as some think, or somehow just provided by the medium's energy, but there is no scientific evidence this can happen on the macro scale.
    Survival evidence, if genuine, can be provided by direct voice, which I've heard myself from through trumpets, and also in mid-air, in both light and darkness. Personal identity was provided to people I knew well and trusted as truth-seekers.
    I also came across a physical medium in 2009 when I was still a bit sceptical, and I was able to ask her any question I liked and check out witnesses to her experiences in seances, over several years.
    Other evidence has been transfiguration and photography of spirit "extras" which I've been involved in.
    I was once on a sceptics forum, which dismissed what I had done as scientifically as possible with table movement. They came up with ridiculous possible explanations, not involving the paranormal, but refused to attend a workshop to try it out for themselves with their own investigation and sensible controls. I trust my own ability to assess evidence scientifically in my own terms, but realise I am in a small minority, it's a waste of effort to involve mainstream scientists and parapsychologists.
  10. She was popular a couple years ago, she used to have a show. People have mixed feelings about her but when she did street readings it seemed genuine. Her website: http://www.lisawilliams.com/
  11. janef

    janef Moderator

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  12. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Member

    I agree that these things should be investigated and researched for yourself where possible. Being sceptical is fine if you are also being open minded about tying to look at this from a 360 degree perspective and not just from one rigid line of thinking. I find myself questioning both my own experiences and others experiences to see what common factors they might share but also I try and read to see what other explanations might also be possible to try and give as balanced a view where possible.

    I have always been interested in healing (spiritual healing/ energy healing) and this is also a controversial subject where it is often explained off as a placebo technique or imaginary. Years ago, I went on healing courses over the duration of some years on and off (NFSH- National Federation of Spiritual Healers) as I wanted to understand more for myself how this might work. Along the way, I was introduced to an animal healer called Hilary who worked with one of my cats who had a heart condition (medication taken). Watching the healing process with Hilary and my cat was for me very evidential. Hilary without even touching or being too close to my cat had such a strong connection that as she passed her hands above him (not touching), my cat's back would visibly arch and wave over each time. This was not something my cat had ever done before or after, only with healing. My cat also 'showed' areas of his body to the healer in an obvious manner that was neither coincidence nor subtle. There was also other evidence provided with the healing sessions that I am now certain that there are indeed hidden energies that exist that can alter and do affect the physical. I was not delusional or hallucinating during these sessions and I do not believe that my cat was acting under any placebo effect which might be a possibility on occasion with people. A healing session was also observed one time independently by a reporter and photographer for a UK magazine. Unfortunately I didn't have access to phone video cameras in those days and this is a real pity as it would have been wonderful to record this evidence.

    In regards physical mediumship, this is also something I would be interested in reading more about and if possible one day attending a session (hopefully with a reputable medium) so that I can have my own observations. It's good reading normy's experiences as he seems to approach this subject with a down to earth attitude but also being aware to look at what controls there are to eliminate possibilities of fraudulent behaviour. The same goes for Donna Smith-Moncrieff and Waller who also seem to approach physical mediumship with a similar attitude.
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  13. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member


    How was your cat's heart condition (and other ailments) afterwards?
  14. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Member

    My cat appeared more energetic and physically his coat shone whereas beforehand it appeared dull. My cat's life expectancy was, I believe, much improved and this was verified by my vet who I had not told about the complementary healing work. My cat remained on medication and when he eventually passed away ( he also had kidney/ bladder cystitis issues), my vet actually told me he was very surprised he had lived for as long as he had even with medication. Before my cat passed away, I asked Hilary to come over to see us as I was concerned that Blue was looking frail again. Hilary did tell me on what was his last session that she felt she could tell through his eyes that my cat wanted to leave soon. It's actually making me feel sad to think about it now but when I looked at him, I could tell that he was going to leave soon as his eyes looked quite flat. I was always aware to make sure that my cat saw the vet regularly and the healing was working complementary to the medication and vet care.
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  15. marmaladecat

    marmaladecat Member

    Although I would definitely find the paranormal phenomena fascinating, for me I think the potential survival evidence such as what you have mentioned would be the most valuable proof in establishing that we survive death.
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  16. Just so, paranormal phenomena does not prove, or even strongly demonstrate, that we survive physical death. It needs a lot more than that, and there are many ways to obtain survival evidence to go together with physical mediumship in my opinion.
  17. I've been doing distance spiritual/energy healing as a hobby primarily on cats for 3 years, ever since being written up on naturalcatcareblog.com. Some cats and a person or two have responded miraculously from cancer and chronic symptoms, others respond partially, others don't respond at all (not sure why). I believe that healing is an innate ability that anyone who puts the time in can learn, sort of like playing the piano.
  18. That is so cool. I've been able to stave off/lessen some chronic health problems by just changing/ adding certain things to my diet, plus taking certain supplements.When I meditate it brings about certain healing properties as well. My sister who has cancer is on a special diet and she says it has given her more energy. She had a whole list of supplements she is taking, I saw it and it is a lot! One of the surprising things on there was baking soda. She was eating powdered seaweed from a bowl when I saw her this weekend. Yech. But if it helps why not. She believes it is helping and I think belief is half the battle. The distance healing is a wonderful thing to do that is so great that you are doing that. I would love to do remote healing maybe I can learn. I'll look at the blog.
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  19. janef

    janef Moderator

    This is very interesting Vic. Do you still do it? I have been interested in taking a Healing course myself for quite sometime, but haven't found one in my area. In 1995 the director of the Hypnosis training center told me she had seen her future life, (future life progression) where everyone was healing each other with their hands.
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  20. Vic I see from the blog you helped a lot of those cats! Thanks for sharing the link.
  21. Highlander

    Highlander Member

    Here is the premise for the baking soda regimen: Most people have a highly acidic system brought on by poor diet, lack of deep breathing low exercise levels. On the Ph (percent of hydrogen) scale, which ranges from highly acidic, 0 to highly alkaline 14, with water being 7, the human body thrives in the slightly alkaline 7 to 7.3 range. So, this theory says cancer is a result of candida albicans fungus (think yeast) which naturally is in all of us, feeding on the excess sugar or acidity in the body resulting in cancer. It's a bit more complex, but that's it in a nutshell.
  22. Yeah she tried to explain it to me but what you are saying sounds right. Too much acidity in the body which feeds cancer cells like you said. She's taking a few things I've never even heard of. But she has more energy than when I saw her last. When I saw her the time before that she was always tired not able to do anything, now she is even able to work a bit. It is hard for people to wrap their minds around the fact you don't have to always take the traditional route with medicine. I still have to take some pharmaceuticals, but it's way down from what it used to be.
  23. janef

    janef Moderator

    Highlander, how do you know what your acidic/alkaline level is? or do you just use the baking soda daily as a precaution? how much?

    I researched it.. thanks.
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  24. Highlander

    Highlander Member

    Great. I can't dispense medical advice since I'm not a doctor. There is much information and theory on line. Will email you.
  25. Yes. There is even conflicting info about the baking soda. My sister also has a traditional dr that she consults, so she can't even go totally natural on her treatment. I would always tell a doc about any supplement/ natural treatment to make sure it doesn't conflict with any med you are taking. Also it's important to keep in mind some natural supplements can cause allergic reactions. I can't take some because of this.
  26. Yes, I do about a half dozen sessions each week for about ten cats and people. Just as a hobby. William Bengston PhD has a great book about his healing. What he has done in healing is the equivalent of landing a UFO on the White House lawn (and how many people have heard of him?) The book also teaches his method. I've read lots of books about healing, they all have their favorite methodologies. Mostly I think that it's positive intention, putting the time in and finding some methodology that you feel comfortable with. Dr. Daniel Benor has a four volume set of research on healing that he's compiled. I re-read a few pages daily to keep myself inspired. It's been a rewarding hobby for me, I encourage you to try it out.

    ilovelearning, thank-you, as always, for your interest and supportive feedback.
  27. Vic, you are putting positive energy into the world by doing this work. Most people don't give self-healing and distance healing enough credit. Thanks for making us more aware of it.
  28. janef

    janef Moderator

    Thanks Vic, I am going to order his book.
  29. Great points, it's easy for a skeptic to dismiss the entire phenomenon due to the shady ones. The old saying, "One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch" applies here. Good to be back by the way, even though I still don't have a ton of time to contribute so I'll try as I can. :)

    Thanks Janef

    I've also seen a few of her readings and she seems to have some genuine abilities. However, she's also one of those that used to have a t.v. show, much like Teresa Caputo does now. It always makes me wonder how many misses these people had that never get aired. The things they did show seemed pretty uncanny but, again, if they were wrong 90% of the time and we never see it, any of them can look great.

    Normy, thanks for the details of your experiences as well.

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